STAAR Alt 2 Training

STAAR Alt 2 Training
February 2015
Training does not
take the place of
reading the test
O All sections of the manual
must be read and followed
O All test preparations and
administration procedures
must be followed exactly.
What is STAAR Alt 2?
O An assessment based on alternate academic standards
designed for students with significant cognitive disabilities
O A standardized paper-based assessment administered
individually to each eligible student
O The individual student responses are transcribed by the test
administrator into a TestNav online transcription form.
STAAR Alt 2 Tests
Subjects Assessed
Grade 3
Math and Reading
Grade 4
Math, Reading, and Writing
Grade 5
Math, Reading, and Science
Grade 6
Math and Reading
Grade 7
Math, Reading, and Writing
Grade 8
Math, Reading, Science, and Social Studies
Alg. I, Eng. I, Eng. II, Bio., & U.S. History
Important Dates
O Preview Window: Jan. 23rd – Feb. 6th
O Test administrators may be allowed access to secure testing
materials for purposes of applying accommodations
O Test Administration Window: Feb. 9th – 27th
O Student scores must entered online by Mar. 2nd
O Materials Return: March 6th
Who can administer STAAR Alt 2?
O The test administrator should be:
O The student’s teacher for the subject being tested
O Must have a high level of familiarity with the student so that
testing accommodations can be prepared appropriately and
the student’s typical response modes can be understood
Test Administrator Roles
O Maintain security of test materials while in their possession
O Preparing test materials for each administration
O Implementing test administration processes and procedures as
stated in the manual
O Transcribing student responses into TestNav
O Returning test materials to the campus coordinator
What is a test administrator assistant?
O The test administrator assist can provide assistance including:
O Preparing allowable accommodations as directed
O Manipulating test materials during the test session
O Translating or signing information for the student
O Managing student behavior
STAAR Alt 2 Test Security
O Test security involves accounting for all secure materials and confidential
student information before, during, and after the test administration.
O STAAR Alt 2 standardized test administration materials are considered
secure, which includes:
O Test administration manuals
O Student test booklets
O Scoring documents
O Photocopies of secure test materials, if needed
STAAR Alt 2 Test Security
O Test administrator for STAAR Alt 2 must be aware that they
are viewing secure content and that discussing the content
of the test is strictly prohibited.
O Test administrators are required to sign the bottom section
of the test administrator’s oath
Testing Irregularities
O Each person participating in the Texas student assessment
program is responsible for reporting any violation or suspected
violation of test security or confidentiality.
O Campus staff should notify their CTC if they witness an
irregularity or suspect one occurred.
Test Administration Process
O Preview Test Materials
O Plan and Prepare Accommodations
O Consider Timing Options
O Administer the Assessment
O Repeating the Presentation Instructions
Previewing Test Materials
O Once test administrators have been trained and have signed their oath,
they need to preview the STAAR Alt 2 test materials to become familiar
with the test and to prepare any necessary accommodations.
O Test materials (test administrator manuals and student booklets) are
considered secure and the campus coordinator must check them to the
test administrator using a preview materials control form
O Test administrators must be given at least one of the following during the
preview period:
O Test administrator manual
O Student test booklet
O Scoring document
Previewing Test Materials
O Test administrators may preview the test material upon receipt and
inventory at the campus.
O Accommodations should be prepared during the preview window.
O Testing materials should be checked out during the preview period only
when needed by the test administrator to become familiar with the test
and prepare accommodations.
O At the end of each day, all materials, including photocopied pages from
the student booklet, must be returned to the campus test coordinator.
Preview Materials Control Form
Previewing Test Materials
O The test administrator should use the time to:
O Preview the “Guidelines for STAAR Alternate 2 Test Administrator Instructions” and
“Scoring” sections of the manual
O Practice reading the script and following the presentation instructions for actual
questions WHILE maintaining the secure content
O Review the “Scoring Instructions” for actual questions and plan teacher assistance for
specific questions
O Preview the student booklet to plan and prepare accommodations for any student that
may need an accommodation according to the guidelines in the “Accommodations”
section of the manual
O At no time during the preview period should anyone who is not a trained test
administrator have access to test materials.
Plan and Prepare Accommodations
O The accommodations must:
O maintain the integrity of the
O avoid leading to or providing the
student a direct answer,
O be used routinely in instruction,
O reflect the student’s learning styles,
O allow a student to respond using a
mode that is appropriate for the
Accommodations Information
O The test administrator must present the accommodations uniformly so that
the correct answer is not emphasized over the other answer choices.
O Routinely used accommodations for positioning and behavioral supports can
be provided for any student to ensure that the student can physically access
the stimuli provided and maintain focus throughout the testing session.
O It is appropriate to add language that encourages the student to stay on
O It is NOT appropriate to add language about the content of the question
Assistive Technology
O AT that is documented in the student’s IEP and is used routinely in
instruction may be used to provide the student access to the
O The use of technology should be primarily for communicating an answer
by the student or presenting answer choices by the test administrator
O Following are instances where a device would not be allowed:
O Tablets or computer with Internet access that cannot be turned off
O Inputting answer choices into a device that has stored memory that
cannot be erased
Photocopying Guidelines (pg. 23-24)
O The stimuli provided in the student booklet may need to be
altered in some way to allow access for students.
O The student booklet cannot be disassembled.
Photocopying Guidelines (pg. 23-24)
O The following guidelines must be followed when photocopying the student
O Maintain test security and confidentiality
O Photocopying must be done by a trained test administrator who has signed an oath
O If a mathematics test is photocopied but not enlarged, the copier must be set to copy
at 100% and the scaling option set to “no scaling” or “zero” to ensure that graphics
result in the intended measurement
O The memory on the copier must be cleared after photocopying secure student
O All photocopied pages of the test questions need to be returned with the non-
scorable shipment after testing
Consider Timing Options
O STAAR Alternate 2 is an untimed assessment and may take as long
as necessary to be completed within the testing window. Some
timing options include:
O administering the assessment at a time that is most appropriate for an
individual student
O allowing breaks, as necessary
O administering the test over several days with several sessions per day
O administering the test over several days, one session each day
Test Schedule
O A test schedule MUST be submitted by the test administrator to the CTC prior to
the start of the testing window.
O The schedule should include the following information:
O Test Dates
O Grade level/Subjects Assessed
O Students to be tested
Administer the Assessment
O All assessments must be administered within the testing window. Individual student
administrations may be started or stopped at any time within the testing window.
O The test does not have to be given in one session if the student is not able to maintain
stamina or focus.
O Test items must be administered in the order they appear in the student booklet.
O The test is designed in clusters of four items that build on one another and assess a
targeted essence statement.
If the test is not administered in one session, TEA recommends that the test be stopped between
At no time may a student go back to previously answered items, including after an administration
has been stopped and resumed for an emergency.
Administer the Assessment
O Each test is individually administered.
O Students are not expected to read, write, or manipulate the
test booklet.
O The test administrator is given directions to present the item,
specifically what to direct the student to, and what to
communicate to the student.
Administer the Assessment
O During a STAAR Alt 2 testing session, each question is presented to
the student using instructions that are outlined in the secure “Test
Administrator Instructions” section of the manual.
O The instructions are standardized and must be adhered to as
written to ensure a valid assessment.
O When italicized words (present, direct, and communicate) are
indicated, the test administrator should refer to the secure “Test
Administrator Instructions” section of the manual for guidance.
Administer the Assessment
Presenting the Test Questions
O The presentation of the test question and testing materials as they
are first introduced should be appropriate based on methods that
have been successful during instruction and are documented in
the student’s IEP.
O Introduce the stimuli with needed accommodations
O Options may include:
O Pairing with like tactile symbols or objects
O Highlighting, coloring, or enlarging
O Pointing and gesturing
Administer the Assessment
Direct Students to the Stimulus
O After the initial presentation, the student will need to be
directed to certain parts of the stimulus as the instructions
are communicated.
O Focus the student on certain parts of the stimulus
O Options may include:
O Alerting orally or through signing
O Pointing to, highlighting or covering up sections until addressed
O Guiding the student’s hand to specific places in the stimuli
Administer the Assessment
O Text printed in bold in the test administrator instructions must be
communicated to the student exactly as written.
O Options may include:
O Stating, signing, or translating into another language
O Providing in written form
O Pairing with tactile or picture symbols
O The word “find” for the last bullet in the test administrator instructions can be
replaced with
Show me
Point to
Tell me
Administer the Assessment
O The “find” statement can also be reconstructed into a
question, but the same words have to be used
O For example, “Find the circle on the house” can become
“Where is the circle on the house?”
O The information in the “communicate” text cannot be
paraphrased, simplified or shortened.
Repeating the Presentation Instructions
O Students can be directed back to the stimulus any time if the student
loses focus.
O Students can be provided verbal encouragement to stay focused.
O Students can request to have information repeated but not defined or
O If the student is distracted during the presentation, the test
administrator can repeat sections of the presentation instructions
without a student request up until the answer choices and “find”
statement are given.
Repeating the Presentation Instructions
O Once the answer choices and “find” statement are given, the test
administrator must wait for the student to respond.
O If no response is given after a reasonable wait time, the answer
choices and “find” statement can be repeated once.
O Once an answer is given, the test administrator must follow the
scoring instructions to determine how to proceed.
Administer the Assessment
O Presenting Reading Passages
O Test administrators have the option of starting a reading passage over
and repeating the text from earlier questions in a cluster if they feel
that the student needs to hear the previous sections
O Options include
O Turning back to previous questions in the cluster and read the selections
for the student from the test administrator manual without the student
looking at the text
O Photocopying previous sections of the text to combine with the next section
of the passage
Administer the Assessment
O Returning to Previous Questions
O Students cannot request to go back to previous test questions
in the student booklet and change their answer after the
question has been scored and the student has moved to the
next item.
Administer the Assessment
O Scoring Instructions
O An asterisk (*) next to a section on the stimulus image or a boxed
answer indicates the correct answer
O The test administrator must refer to the scoring instructions for each
question to determine how to proceed once the student has
responded to the “find” statement
O Each question has a unique set of scoring instructions
O During testing, the test administrator should not place the manual in
the student’s line of sight because the correct answer is indicated.
Recording the Student Responses
O A STAAR Alt 2 scoring document is provided for recording the
student’s score for each question and applied
O Once the assessment is completed and information is
recorded, the test administrator will enter the scoring
information into an online transcription form in TestNav
O After the scoring information has been entered, the scoring
document should be returned to the campus coordinator
Recording student responses
O The test administrator
records the student’s
responses on the STAAR
Alternate 2 Scoring
Document based on
scoring information
provided for each item.
Student Response Modes
O Every student should be given an opportunity to respond using a
mode that is appropriate for him or her
O The student may respond using his or her primary mode of
communication, or any other mode of communication appropriate
at the time of testing
O The critical issue is not how the student responds but that the
student clearly communicates the preferred answer choice to the
test administrator
Texas Assessment Management System Tasks:
Test Administrators
O Transcribe student responses into TestNav
O Submit tests to be scored
O Enter accommodations information
Transcribe Student Responses into
O After student authorizations have been printed, student responses can
be added into TestNav.
O The test administrator will log in to TestNav using the student’s
authorization ticket and transcribe student responses.
O A student’s transcribed responses are automatically scored when the
Final Submit button is clicked at the end of the test. It is not necessary to
make a selection in the Score Code menu for student responses to be
O A designated area for entering test scores into TestNav will be identified
Steps to Transcribe
O Use the student
authorizations provided to
you by the campus test
coordinator to access
Steps to Transcribe
O In a new browser window, type the TestNav URL from the student authorization into
the address bar and press the Enter key. You should now see the TestNav Login
screen. If you do not, check that you have entered the URL exactly as printed.
O Using the information found on the student authorization, type the username and test
code in the Username and Test Code fields and log in.
Steps to Transcribe
O After logging in, you
should now see a screen
with the appropriate
grade, subject, and form
O If you do not, check that
you have entered the
username and test code
exactly as printed.
O Make sure the
student’s name
appears in the top right
corner of the screen.
Steps to Transcribe
O Each screen will
have one question.
O On the screen for
each question, enter
the student response
by selecting the
appropriate bubble.
Steps to Transcribe
O Click the Next button to navigate to the next question. Continue
entering the student’s scores until you reach the last question.
O On the last question, click the Next button to go to the Section
Review screen. Make sure that scores for every test question have
been transcribed.
O Click the Continue to Test Overview button to go to the Test
Overview screen.
Steps to Transcribe
O On the Test Overview screen, click the Submit and Exit Test
button. Select “I am finished with this test and I want to submit my
final answers” in the pop-up box then click the Final Submit button
to submit student responses and exit TestNav.
Steps to Transcribe
O Once you have exited TestNav, verify with your campus test
coordinator that the students are in “Completed” status.
DRAFT Texas Education
Agency - Student
Assessment Division
Enter Accommodations Information
O Additionally, test administrators or other campus personnel
will complete the accommodations information for each
assessment after the student responses have been
Enter Accommodations Information
O If a student was provided accommodations,
the accommodations must be indicated in
the accommodations drop-down menus on
the Student Test Details screen.
O On the Student Test Details screen, indicate
the accommodations that were used during
the assessment by selecting “Yes” from the
drop-down menu next to the
O If an accommodation was not used, the field
should be left in the “No” position.
O You will only be able to indicate the
accommodations that were used during the
assessment after the student’s responses
have been submitted through TestNav.
Return Test Materials to the Campus
O After each test session, the test administrator must return all test materials to the
campus coordinator. As appropriate, test materials will be redistributed before the
next test session.
O Return the following materials to your campus coordinator:
O STAAR Alternate 2 Test Administrator Manuals, student booklets, STAAR Alternate 2
Scoring Documents, photocopies of secure test materials, if needed.
O Any accompanying pictures, objects, textured materials, or instructional tools do not
need to be returned.
O Your campus coordinator will verify that you have returned all test materials
assigned to you, as recorded on the STAAR Alternate 2 Materials Control Form,
and will then initial the “In” box.
Materials (continued)
O Return non-scorable materials:
student test booklets grouped by grade for grades 3–8
student test booklets grouped by course for EOC assessments
secure Alternate 2 test administrator manuals
photocopies of secure test materials, if any were created
O Pack STAAR Alternate 2 materials either by campus or by district. If you are packing by
campus, be sure that all the materials for a single campus are grouped together and packed
in the box before adding materials from another campus.
O Do not mix STAAR Alternate 2 materials with STAAR or TELPAS materials in the same shipment.
Test Results
O Score reports will include the individual performance level ratings
of students, scale scores, and number of questions answered
correctly within each reporting category for each of the assessed
grades and content areas.
O Score reports are due in district:
5/20/2015 (Grades 3 – 8)
• Educator Guide for STAAR A and STAAR Alternate 2
• User’s Guide for the Texas Assessment Management System
• 2015 District and Campus Coordinator Manual
• STAAR Alternate 2 Test Administrator Manuals
• STAAR Alternate 2 Sample Items
• STAAR Alternate 2 Administration Participation Collection (broadcast e-mail)
• STAAR Alternate 2 Medical Exception Eligibility Requirements
• STAAR Alternate 2 No Authentic Academic Response Eligibility Requirements
• Texas Education Agency:

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