06_Student Paper Competition

Student Paper Competition
Summary of Papers
– 13 Structures Student papers were reviewed
– Scores for the paper judging ranged from 91 to 63.
Top 5 were 91-89 (next highest score was 83)
– Presentation scores were 91-89. Top scores: 91, 90, 83.
Top 2 presentations were winners
• Lockheed Martin Award:
–Andrew Thurber (Va Tech)
• Harry Hilton Award:
–Broderick Coburn (U of Bristol)
Observations and Recommendations
• Subcommittee organization is very helpful
– Look at # of volunteers it took to make student paper judging successful
• For ASC –Composite paper, need more direction to choose top
Composite paper
– Of the top 6 finalist papers, they were ‘word searched’ for the word
“composite” and 2 were found, so no other composite paper was added for
• One of the 2 papers only stated “Composites would be looked at in future work”. So,
ASC award was given to the other paper … may not have been a strong presentation.
– Suggest ASC select 2 papers to be have presentation judged
• Will provide next year deadlines for papers when available
• Would encourage all professors to encourage students to participate
• Understand that separate judging of presentations may need to happen
when award needs to be defined by COB Monday of conference.
– Have seen difference in presentations, but that’s the only way at this time.
THANKS to ALL who Judged
Brandon Wegge
Scott Norwood
Michael Wolff
Peter Gustafson
Rob Taylor
Alex Selvarathinam
Chiara Bisagni
Ho-Jun Lee
Ali Najafi
John Wang
David Wieland
Pravin Aggarwal
Mike Ross
Harry Hilton
Stephen Clay
Jeff Umland
Olesya Zhupanska
Michael Enright

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