A.S.C. Details - Nmart Retails

N mart retails offers ASC in different
areas and city with a motive to be in service
of its customer and also being resourceful to
the holders of such ASC. An agreement will
be made between ASC and company. The
company have kept very basic requirements
for startup of an ASC understanding the
consequences of growth of business.
Any person can become a holder of ASC by
fulfilling the minimum requirements of the N
mart retails as prescribed below.
Minimum requirements to be fulfilled by ASC holder.
A Office with Minimum space of 300 Sq. Ft. in his city.
2 computers with internet facility, printers.
Manpower as per requirement
Telephone landline
Basic infrastructure arrangements.
Registers to be maintained.
Visit of customer to ASC.
Terms & Conditions of Direct Seller agreement to be explained properly.
Registration to N mart.
Selection of premium products from portal of ASC.
Payment will be accepted by credit card, debit card , NEFT & RTGS or E
wallet, directly from the customer’s account through payment gateway
which is available on the site.
Online purchase order to be created in front of customer and a receipt of
order and payment to be handed over to customer.
Scan copy of KYC docs of customers to be emailed.
Records to be maintained in registers of customer list , registration,
payment received, delivery of products etc. with customer sign in order to
avoid future discrepancies with the company.
Company will deliver the products within 4 week subject to realization of
payment in company’s account.
Doorstep delivery will be made by the company free of charge - subject to
the condition that products purchased should be of rs.3000/- and more,
or else it will be chargeable.
Demo kit of premium products on MRP.
Online portal
Delivery of premium products to the
Basic training as and when company deems
Customer Care help
4.5% incentive on MRP of each Products.
TDS will be deducted as applicable .
Part purchase of products is allowed – subject
to limitation of one month period from the
day of first bill of purchase .
Benefit of Doorstep delivery will be availed
free of charge only if products purchased is
of rs.3000/- and more, or else it will be
A permanent Customer of N mart have to
submit KYC documents:Valid Photo ID Proof
Valid Residence Proof
2 passport size photographs
All documents should be self-attested. After a
confirmation from N mart, a customer will be
considered as permanent customer or else his
subscription is subject to cancellation on non-receipt of
1. If customers/Direct sellers are not having
credit card, Debit card, NEFT, RTGS facility
then how they complete the billings?
Authorized Support Center(ASC) can deposit
the amount in company account the same will
be Credited to his E-Wallet, By using E-Wllet
Balance ASC can complete the billing. ASC
can collect the cash from customers/Direct
Sellers of the Invoice Value.

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