Connecticut Plane Spotters

Connecticut Plane
June 24, 2014
Dennis Michaud
John Jauchler
Who are we? Why are we here today?
 Informal group of aviation enthusiasts and photographers –
approximately 200 members
 We’ve been photographing at Bradley for years
 Many teens in our group, some of them aspiring air traffic
controllers and pilots – we should encourage their interests
 We continue to see security notched up, to our detriment:
Route 20 / Runway 6 lot closed by owner
Perimeter Road now off-limits
CSP tells us photography inside the terminal is not permitted
Bradley has made it clear that we’re not welcome
Why we’re important
 We’re capturing history
 Security – when we’re out, the airport has another set
of eyes and ears
 Good publicity! Literally millions of views of our
Bradley photographs on sites like and from people around the world
Phil Orlandella, former Director of Communications, Logan
“We ask them to assist us and even if they catch one
sometimes, it’s a plus and it’s worth having them up there,”
Orlandella said.
Orlandella is referring to his recent decision to allow a group
of area plane spotters to photograph from the upper levels of
the central garage, with the runways in plain view.
“It’s my opinion that if the so-called bad guy wanted to take
different pictures at the airport then they wouldn’t be so
obvious,” Orlandella said.
Matt Brelis continues this relationship
What other airports are doing
 Miami – “The Holes” – lens holes in fence installed by airport authority in an otherwise
unimproved area of airport property
 Barnes Airport – Viewing deck, even with military Aerospace Control Alert mission there
 Grand Rapids – fine airport-sponsored spotting park adjacent to runway
 Atlanta – photography from airport property allowed, including parking garages
 Charlotte – same
 Las Vegas – same
 Portland – spotters welcome to use parking deck
 Phoenix – same
 Memphis - same
 Fort Lauderdale – same
 BWI – spotter’s park on airport perimeter road & viewing deck inside airport
 MSP – viewing deck inside airport
 Manchester – viewing deck inside airport
And many others…
Miami International KMIA “The Holes”
Charlotte KCLT “Airport Overlook”
Fort Lauderdale KFLL
Grand Rapids KGRR
Baltimore/Washington KBWI
“Observation Gallery”
Las Vegas KLAS
Europe – Spotter’s Paradise!
Amsterdam Schipol
So, why is the Runway 24 /
Perimeter Road angle
important to us?
A Little Context… Runway 6
…And the “Runway 24 Difference”
Perimeter Road Issue
 It’s been explained to us by CSP that the main issue is parking on the roadway
• Lieutenant William R. Baldwin, CSP: “The issue is parking alongside the public
roadway or on the grassy areas of the perimeter of the airport.”
 Fine, no problem – it’s OK with us to park offsite and walk in, we need the exercise!
 But the issue continues to evolve:
• First, it was 9/11 security concerns
• We seemingly got past that; parking along the road became the next issue
• We have a good solution for that, now “liability” is the reason we can’t be there
 With no proper outlet for people to view BDL activity, there actually is a safety problem
out on the Perimeter Road – people stop their cars in the middle of the road to watch
the planes
• The general public thinks aviation is as cool as we do!
So, where exactly do we stand at
 Why the sudden issue with liability?
• Has something happened out there to raise concerns?
• Overall chances of getting injured while taking photos along the
Perimeter Road can’t be any higher than dog walking, jogging, biking,
etc. – all seemingly permitted activities in that area
 If we stay on the Perimeter Road shoulder vs. on the grassy areas, can we
be out there?
 What areas on BDL property are OK? Mr. Waldron proposed the cell phone
lot, which unfortunately is a poor spot for photography.
• Parking garage?
• Sheraton corridor inside the airport?
• Elsewhere within the public areas in the terminal?
 Other larger airports have no problem with our activities,
why is this such an issue at Bradley?
 We’re capturing history – and if we have a good relationship
with the airport, we’re happy to share our work
 Next steps
Above all, thank you for your
time and willingness to meet
with us.
Dennis Michaud
[email protected]
860 989 7344
John Jauchler
[email protected]
203 623 1281

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