Ms. Rola Khazen`s presentation

Successful partnerships for the environment
The Partnership with Banks
EcOrient conference
June 7,2012
By Rola Khazen
Senior Marketing advisor
UNDP EE Programme
• The UNDP Energy and Environment programme aims to
help the country meet its Millennium Development
Goals(MDGs), more specifically Goal 7, which relates to
environmental sustainability, and all the international
environmental conventions to which the Government of
Lebanon is committed.
• The programme collaborates with a variety of donors
and partners, including NGOs, the private sector, and
academia, to ensure that environment and energy
considerations are mainstreamed into national agendas.
UNDP E&E and the Private Sector
UNDP Strategic Plan: Support to equitable and
sustainable economic growth through the Private
Sector  Achieve development goals, MDGs, and
eradicate poverty
The private sector is a vital partner of UNDP to
achieve objectives of the programmatic areas
UNDP’s Private Sector strategy is centered on
Promoting Inclusive Market Development
E&E Private Sector partnerships
Many partnerships with the PS have been done some
of which:
M&C Saatchi
UNDP E&E Libanpost partnership
• 90,000 outgoing mails with Energy Saving Tips
• 22,000 Energy Saving brochures distributed
UNDP E&E MEDCO Partnership
• “Energy Efficiency House
Doctor: How to make your
house energy-efficient and
save money”.
• First of its kind in the Middle
East, this initiative helped
home-owners reduce their
utility bills, by offering them
a free of charge,
customized analysis of their
household’s water and
electric use patterns.
UNDP E&E MEDCO Partnership
UNDP E&E M&C SAATCHI Partnership
• More than 3 million dollar worth communication
campaigns implemented free of charge through
partnerships with the media as well
• 7 National corporate and tactical campaigns
targeting the general public and specialized sectors
• Campaign recall ranging between 72% and 75%
• 85% of the Lebanese population willing to adopt
energy saving measures
• Development of newsletters ,websites for various EE
UNDP E&E Partnership with Banks
Banque du Liban (BDL)
Bank MED
UNDP E&E Partnership with BDL
• Under the direct guidance of the Ministry of
Energy and Water and the Central Bank of
Lebanon (BDL)
• Development of new financing mechanisms
for solar water heaters and the National
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Action (NEEREA)
Consists of
“Financing energy efficiency, renewable energy, or
green building projects through Lebanese Banks
with 0% interest rate and a repayment period of 5
The Estimated Potential ..And Benefits
This partnership will leverage investments of around
100 Million USD in the coming 5 years resulting in:
• Direct money savings to the energy bill of
• Direct money savings to EDL
• Direct environmental benefits to Lebanon
• Creation of new job opportunities
• Creation of a national momentum in a new market
UNDP E&E with Bank MED
• UNDP and Bank Med signed a Memorandum of
Understanding to create an
“Environmentally friendly village pilot project in a
small Lebanese village”
• Bank Med will be promoting the project through the
establishment of the appropriate marketing and
advertising campaigns; however, UNDP will be
managing the execution of the project technically
and financially and monitoring its implementation
UNDP E&E Partnership with BLF
UNDP, Banque Libano-Française and MasterCard
partnered to launch a unique card on the
Lebanese market made of ecofriendly material
UNDP - BLF Goal…
• The goal of the UNDP partnership with BLF, is to
enhance the environmental situation of Lebanon by
engaging every citizen wishing to take part in this
Earth Card holders will help preserve the
environment while using it to pay for purchases
• A percentage of the profits generated by their card
will be transferred to fund environmental projects in
Lebanon which are managed by UNDP-Lebanon.
The Theme for 2012
The theme agreed on for 2011-2012 is:
“Towards Sustainable Energy”
This theme will change every year, The aim is to
– Encourage cardholders to become eco-friendly.
– Support environmental sustainability and education.
– Support energy projects focusing on:
• Energy saving.
• Renewable energy.
• Energy efficiency.
Environmental Projects “Towards Sustainable Energy”
A Competition was launched over a 5-year period to
enable stakeholders to implement projects addressing
energy and environment.
BLF and the UNDP invited stakeholders from the below
groups to submit proposals that promote Green energy.
Eligible groups for proposal submission:
Youth groups.
Local communities.
National and local NGOs
Academic institutions including schools (private or public).
Environmental Projects “Towards Sustainable Energy”
A panel of experts reviewed the proposals to
select the most promising ones for
implementation within each year based on the
following criteria
Evaluation criteria
Target beneficiaries
19 environment project applications were
Winning Environmental projects
LED lighting in college des St Coeur Batroun
Center for Development Democracy and
Green Roof Project at Canadian Modern School
located in Rashaya Alwadi
Energy efficient street lighting in Assia
• Finally with the pushing climate change
threats, Corporate Social Responsibility CSR
has become a major component in the
corporate strategies of most advanced
companies and businesses.
UNDP will always seek private sector
partners which like to include CSR in their
core businesses specially in the fields of
Energy and Environment.

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