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It’s in the bag
Proper bag technique
Type of Bag
Inside compartments for supplies
Outside pockets
Impervious or waterproof barrier
Goal to prevent spread of infection and
protect health care worker.
Styles to suit your needs
Hopkins medical supply
City Tote diaper bag
Hopkins medical supply
• Dressing supplies
• Patient record
• BP cuff
• Stethoscope
• Thermometer
• Pulse oximeter
• Measuring tape
• Barrier Pad
• Hand Gel
• Garbage Bags
• Gloves
• Antiseptic wipes
In the home
Take out barrier place in work area
Set down bag on edge of barrier , unzip
Set out garbage bag outside edge of bag
Clean hands
Apply gloves
Remove needed supplies place on barrier
Close bag
After Care
Discard soiled items, dressings in garbage bag
Remove dirty gloves, discard
Cleanse hands
Apply clean gloves
Wipe down items to return to bag BP cuff, dropping
them into the bag as soon as you clean them
• Wipe off barrier, replace in bag
• Remove gloves discard
• Wash hands
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