Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection (CAUTI): A Prevention Plan

Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection
A Prevention Plan
Utilizing the Electronic
Health Record (EHR) to
ensure patient safety and
improve patient
Education created by
Kristi Noble MSN RN OCN
Clinical EHR Educator
September, 2014
Goal Of CAUTI Prevention
Educate nursing assistants on preventing and
reducing the incidence of a CAUTI by:
• Correct placement of the catheter drainage bag
during transport.
• Empty the catheter drainage bag every 8 hours,
if 2/3 full, and prior to transporting the patient.
• Using the EHR to document care and output of
the urinary catheter.
Objectives for CAUTI
Recall how often to empty the indwelling urinary
catheter drainage bag.
Identify how often peri and catheter care should be
completed and documented on a patient with and
indwelling urinary catheter.
Identify where the indwelling urinary catheter bag
should be placed at all times.
Regulations and Reporting
Did you know?
Since 2008 the Centers for Medicaid
and Medicare Services have not
reimbursed the cost of Hospital
Acquired infections, such as CAUTI.
The estimated cost of treating a
CAUTI that develops while in the
hospital ranges from $1200 to $2800
per patient.
Importance of using the EHR
for documentation
• Improve patient outcomes
• Increase patient safety
• Standardized documentation
across multiple departments
and affiliates within Munson
• Standardize care and
maintenance of an indwelling
urinary catheter
Twice a day PAL task for
Peri and Catheter care
By right clicking and selecting
Chart Details you will go
directly to I-view for charting.
How to the change the
I-view Task from PAL
To change the
time of the task
must select this
NA’s will be tasked
twice a day to the PAL
for Peri or Catheter
care. Must remember
to chart the time that
care was completed
Placing the
cursor in the
date box and
hitting T, will
bring in
current date
and time
Documenting output and care
Output documented
every 8 hours and as
Peri-care and catheter
care documented twice
a day and as needed
Task will be on the PAL twice a day. Will take user directly to I-view
Preventing a Catheter
Associated Urinary Tract
Empty the catheter drainage bag every 8
hours, if 2/3 full, and prior to transporting
the patient.
Document peri and catheter care in I-view
twice a day and as needed.
Place the catheter drainage bag below
bladder at all times.
Assess for a securement device, i.e., Stat
lock, on the patients upper thigh, right or
Document the catheter output in I-view.
Your involvement in ensuring our
patients are safe and free from catheter
associated urinary tract infections is
appreciated, and your care to our
patients is invaluable.

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