It*s in the Bag

It’s in the Bag
Nursing Division
Skills Lab Bag
Students are required to
purchase a skills lab bag for
Skills lab bag is created with
supplies needed for learning
all fundamental nursing
skills in 1118
Cost is approximately $88.00
ACEN Standard 4.8
 Criterion
4.8: Practice learning
environments are appropriate for student
learning and support the achievement of
student learning and program outcomes.
4.8 Standard – Operational
 4.8
- A practice learning environment is
any situation selected by faculty whereby
the student can practice nursing
behaviors that leads to meet course
objectives and nursing program
outcomes. The clinical reflect current best
practices and national health and safety
goals. Overall evaluation results below “3”
on a Likerd scale or comments warranted
by faculty will warrant an action plan.
 Skills
labs are assessed/evaluated by
students at the end of the semester or
immediately after skills simulation
exercises. is utilized by the
nursing division for
 All assessment/evaluation data must be
kept on file in paper form for ACEN and
OBN to support reported results
Assessment of Skills Lab – Fall
Review of
Assessment/Evaluation Data
 Faculty
did not know of any concerns until
end of 1118 concerning lab skills bags that
was purchased in August 2012
 Further assessment needed from 2012
assessment/evaluation reporting
Identifying the Problem
Through Further Assessment
DON to visit with freshmen faculty and
Visited with freshmen faculty to address why
student concerns were not brought to DON and
other faculty in a timely manner
Students instructed to bring skills lab bags and
time allotted to address student concerns
Identified certain bags with gold lettering was
missing some materials
Students voiced that they told some instructors
about the problem early on
Action Plan Intervention/Outcome
Action Plan:
Meet with A. Martinez from the EOSC bookstore and
review items missing from skills bag.
Students and instructors will review skills lab kit list and
instructors will provide orientation time for skill lab kits
to be checked per contents list.
Outcome: Ali Martinez returned all lab bags that had
“dark gold” writing and will provide an itemized list of
supplies in bag for fall 2013 for review of supplies during
orientation day.
Outcome: Completed per 2013 fall orientation
Instructors will be notified of need to inform DON of
any student missing equipment/supplies. Students will
be sent to EOSC bookstore with contents list of
missing items before EOSC return date policy.
Outcome – All instructors were notified of need to voice
any student concerns
Action Plan
Closing the Loop –
 All
freshmen students were required to
bring skills lab bag to orientation
 Each student was required to attend skill
lab bag checklist break out session
Each student was given check list
Instructor reviewed each item on checklist and
student had to account for items listed on
Student signed checklist and returned to
Each checklist has been filed in student file
Closing the Loop –
 Fall
2013 Freshmen student orientation
evaluation results = 4.4
Closing the Loop –
 Student
 No concerns about skills lab supplies
Closing the Loop –

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