Jeopardy Review
7th grade – Physical Science (waves and matter)
Tools of
Types of
Parts of
the Wave
Mixed Bag
100 100 100 100 100 100
200 200 200 200 200 200
300 300 300 300 300 300
400 400 400 400 400 400
500 500 500 500 500 500
Tools of Science - 100
This tool is used to
measure the mass of an
Tools of Science - 200
A graduated cylinder is
used to measure what?
Tools of Science – 300
In science we always
measure using this system
of measurement.
Tools of Science - 400
What tool would I use to observe cells
Tools of Science - 500
A spring scale is used in
science to measure…
Chemical or Physical? - 100
When paper burns
Chemical or Physical? - 200
The color of an object
Chemical or Physical? - 300
An objects melting point
Chemical or Physical? - 400
What is the density of an
object mean?
Chemical or Physical? - 500
Why does a penny turn
green? Physical or
chemical change?
The Periodic Table - 100
All substances on the
periodic table are called
The Periodic Table - 200
Most elements on the periodic
table are these, shiny and
good conductors…
The Periodic Table - 300
When two or more elements
physically combine, this is
The Periodic Table - 400
Give an example of a
The Periodic Table - 500
When elements are broken
down into their tiniest pieces,
they are called this…
Types of Waves - 100
These types of waves do not
need a medium to travel, like light
Types of Waves - 200
These types of waves do
need a medium to travel, like
sound waves.
Types of Waves - 300
The sun gives off these two
types of waves.
Types of Waves - 400
These types of waves are so
powerful, they can go through
human skin.
Types of Waves - 500
These types of waves occur when
large amounts of energy move
through the ground ( use the scientific
term )
Parts of a Wave - 100
In a transverse wave, this is
what we call the tops of the
Parts of a Wave - 200
What is the scientific word we
use to describe the height of a
transverse wave?
Parts of a Wave - 300
In a transverse wave, what do we
call the dashed line which
represents a wave with no energy
moving through it?
Parts of a Wave - 400
How do you measure the
wavelength of a wave?
Parts of a Wave - 500
A longitudinal wave is
made up of what two
Mixed Bag – 100
What heats the earth?
Mixed Bag – 200
What happens to speed over
Mixed Bag - 300
How is the periodic table
Mixed Bag- 400
Give one real life
example of refraction…
Mixed Bag- 500
What is the atomic number of this

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