TEST REVIEW: *The Story-Teller* *The Medicine Bag*

The test is Monday, December 20th, 2010.
Where does “The Story-Teller” take place?
How do we know the aunt is having trouble
keeping the children under control?
What word does she repeat?
What word do the children repeat?
What is the initial attitude of the bachelor
toward the aunt and the children?
How do the children react to the aunt’s
What don’t they like about it?
Why does the bachelor use the phrase,
“horribly good,” to describe Bertha?
What is that phrase’s effect on the
How can you summarize the theme of “The
What is it about the bachelor’s story that the
children admire but that the aunt criticizes?
Which of these is accurate of “The Story-Teller”?
The best way for adults to deal with children is by:
upholding very high standards of goodness.
not holding them to unrealistically high
standards of goodness.
Who narrates “The Medicine Bag”?
What does Martin’s embarrassment about
his grandfather tell us about him?
Why does Grandpa collapse after arriving at
Martin’s house?
What is Grandpa’s main reason for his
surprise visit to his family?
When Martin’s friends are expected to visit
Grandpa, why does he dress in fancy
Based on what Grandpa tells Martin about
their family history, in Sioux culture, the
vision quest is what?
To whom is the medicine bag passed along
through the tribe’s generations?
Which of these statements more accurately
reflects the theme of “The Medicine Bag”?
The younger generation can never fully appreciate
the wisdom of a bygone era.
Ancient spiritual truths can be powerful enough
to overcome major differences in culture and
What does the word punctuality mean?
What does the word reluctantly mean?
Which of these words is spelled incorrectly?
What is a complex sentence? (remember:
simple, compound, complex, etc.)
Why is the bachelor’s story in “The Story-Teller” more appealing
to the children than the aunt’s? Give specific reasons/examples,
and include why the children like the phrase “horribly good”
and the ending of the story so much.
In “The Medicine Bag,” Martin is conflicted about being proud
of Grandpa and also embarrassed by him. Explain the reasons
for Martin’s conflicting feelings and what we can tell about his
character from them. Give specific reasons/examples from the
EXTRA CREDIT ESSAY: Both stories address the way in which
adults fail to communicate with young people. Compare and
contrast the way the two stories address this theme, and give
specific reasons/examples from both stories.

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