Ski trip information evening presentation 2015 (II)

St Paul’s Ski Trip
Austria 2015
Jon Steed
Martin Twist
Laura Boyle
Lisa Newton
Before we go
• Ski trip lessons for beginners
• Ski Plex – Basingstoke, Chiswick & Reading
• Snow dome – Hemel Hempstead,Milton keynes
• Artificial slopes
• Ski Exercises
Before we go: Passport
• Passport must be handed in to Miss Newton
by Fri 6th March
Before we go: EHIC
• Check expiry date as well - most only last 3 years
• All party members covered by Endesleigh winter sport
insurance but EHIC cards are a necessity
• EHIC cards to be handed into Miss Newton with
• EHIC cards are free of charge on
• We must be notified of any allergies
• Medicines must be placed in a clear plastic envelope with
name and dosage and handed in to Miss Newton on the day
we leave
• This includes non-prescription, over the counter products
and travel sickness pills
• The only exception is inhalers. These must be clearly
The Journey Out
• Leaving St Paul’s on the 27th Mar at approx.
• Ferry from Dover to Calais and then through
Europe to Austria
• Arrive at the resort the next day (14 hours
from Calais)
The Journey Out: What you need
Pack lunch, snacks and drinks
Warm clothes and your ski jacket
Small rucksack for belongings
Medium sized bag for the hold (preferably not
a rigid bag)
• Optional pillow and sleeping bag
• Ski socks for fitting upon arrival
• Euros for stops on the journey (total trip
money should not exceed £100)
The Journey Out: Entertainment
DVDs (certificate 16 or under)
Revision Books
Things You Will Need for Skiing
Hire or buy:
Day 1 - Arrival day
• Ski Fit - make sure that you have a pair of ski socks
with you
• Rooming - same gender, some choice available
• Fire Drill
• Dinner
Days 2 - 7
• Breakfast at the hotel
• 4 hours of Ski lessons by a qualified instructor; with
an hour break for lunch
• Ski groups on ability not age. Opportunity to swap
groups throughout the week
• Return to hotel for shower and dinner
• Evening entertainment
• Bed and lights out at set time
Evening Entertainments
Homeward Bound
• Departing on the Friday 3rd April; travelling back through the
night and aiming to arrive back at St Paul’s during the
afternoon of the 4th April.
• Times are subject to crossing times and will be confirmed at a
later date.
• Parents will be given as much notice as possible for expected
arrival time.
I will not smoke
If I am under 18 I will not buy or consume alcohol
I will not bring or buy any drugs or weapons
I understand that I must wear a seat belt at all times while on
the coach. I also agree to put litter in the bin and clear up
after myself on the coach
I will attend all tour activities, unless medically excused.
I will only enter someone’s room with the permission of the
I will remain in my room after a set time each evening as
requested by members of staff.
I will be punctual to all activities.
• I will attend all meals; If I suspect my friends are not eating
enough I will let a member of staff know. Sports tours are
physically demanding and pupils will need energy if they are
to get the most out of the trip.
• I will participate in all the extra activities. You will not be able
to remain in your room on your own.
• I will behave sensibly at all times, you are representing
yourself, your school and your country.
• I will be courteous to all members of staff, other pupils and
people met whilst on the tour.
• I will look after all the equipment I am given and for safety
reasons only use the equipment I have been given. Respect
each others belongings.
Contact when we are away
• School mobile: 07966 441754
• School Website
• School Comms
• We will contact you in an emergency
72 days to go!!!!

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