for Green Corporate Events…

Fresh Trends in Corporate Events
An Invitation to Rejuvenation
Bring a Fresh Fun Feel to Your Next Corporate Event
With Raw, Local and Organic Juice/Smoothie Bars,
Living Elixirs Cocktails, ECO-Lunches Boxes, Raw Desserts,
Gifted Dehydrated Snacks and Detox Education
*Specializing in custom designed events that cater to
VIP clientele with specific dietary needs.
The Art of Liquid Catering
A Healthy “New Twist”
for Green Corporate Events…
Introducing: Earthly
Juice Bars
 Fresh Pressed Juices - Energy without the Crash
 Morning Blend Ups - Bottled Smoothies & Blended Creations
 Living Elixirs - Appetizer Shots, Cocktails & Mock-Tails
 Gourmet Box-Lunches - Wraps, Salads & Healthy Snacks
 Raw Living Deserts - Vegan Cheese-cakes, Puddings & Sorbets
 VIP/Sponsor Edible Gift Bags - Dehydrated Snacks
 Detox Education Chats - Juicing 101,Green Smoothies, Body Basics
Eco Juice Bars – “Shabby-Chic” Style
Custom Crafted Menus
Designer Juice & Smoothies
for 50 to 500 Attendees
Earthly Morning Smoothie Bar
Morning Blend Up’s
Fresh Custom Blends Bar’s plus
Easy Grab and Go Bottled Smoothies
Afternoon Liquid Appetizer Party
Cocktails and “Mock-tails”
to Rawk Your Next Event
Trey Passed
Juices &
Smoothie Shots
Old Meets New
Gourmet Eco-Lunchbox
Our custom designed Gourmet Eco-Lunchbox is great for executive
outings or edible support during long meetings. Includes a variety of
living entrée’s, a 16oz. Juice, a dehydrated snack and a raw dessert.
Raw/Vegan “Guilt-Free” Desserts
Our Raw and Vegan GUILT-FREE dessert
buffet’s are a wonderful compliment to
an afternoon juice bar.
These tasty bits can be:
gluten free, dairy-free, and even nut
We create custom raw cakes, decadent
guilt-free pies, gourmet raw truffles,
As well as super food puddings, probiotic
pop-cycles and “real juice” sorbets,
- for that extra-special touch.
These are gourmet desserts 2-LIVE-4
VIP/Sponsor Gifts
Everybody loves unique gifts
found in the event welcome bag or the
departing shwagg bag.
When guests arrive they can be greeted
with a mini-fridge stocked with 16oz. living
juices and a basket of healthy dehydrated
Our dehydrated Earthly treats make for
excellent parting gifts for guest. We have
the ability to private label or to co-brand
all packaged snack items for your specific
Detox Education Talks
Education & Eco-Lifestyle Inspiration
One of the things that makes Earthly
Juices different is that we are a group
of Detox Professional Chefs, Vegan
Athletes and Somatic Counselors.
For your next event, consider a 30minute to 2 hour detox education
experience as part of your event
Earthly Juices Client Testimonials
“The juices made our 300 person
event fantastic. I was so happy with
the results…my client was very
pleased with the event.”
Executive Chef Darin Russell
My world on a plate
“The bi-lingual Juicing 101 class and the
juicy appetizer party was an amazing
success. Thank you so much for your
participation in our Wellness Fair.”
“Thank you so much for all your hard work
and for doing such a great job… this year
was even better then last year..especially
since we jumped from 300 to 500 guests.”
Heidi Berenjfoorosh
Event Planner HEP Event –EME
“Thank you so much for creating our lunch
and learn event…all the participants really
enjoyed the food, juices and detox
Rebecca Andrews
Hr Representative for Cleveland Golf
Kathy Thornberg
Orange County Women’s Real Estate Assoc.
“Thank you so much…your Mok-tails
were fantastic, from here on in you
are my go to girls…for fresh pressed
juices for our fundraising events.”
“You really created a powerful vibe at
Love-stock this year...thank you for
running the juice bar with such
dedication to excellence.”
Andrew Kegean
Full Circle Spiritual Community
Life coach Kute Blackson
Lovestock, Event at Club Avalon
Earthly Juices identity
Earthly Juices Estimated Pricing
Liquid Event Pricing Matrix
estimate a liquid event price we
calculate one 8oz. serving an hour
consumed by each guest times the
number of hours the bar is open. Each
serving is approximately $5 to $8
depending on ingredients.
Event Staff: $25 a hour for all necessary
members of the event production team
providing services on site.
Design is usually included unless
extremely elaborate, which will require a
10% event design fee.
Fresh Juice and Smoothie Cocktails
are $15.00 a quart and serve
approximately 6 to 8 servings.
If Bartenders are needed for serving
these mixers they are billed at $35
an hour. We do not posses a liquor
license and will have to acquire
outside staffing and insurance for
this kind of event service.
Event Rentals Fees are paid directly
by the client.
Sponsor Gift Pricing
quarts in glass: $8
•3oz. packed dehydrated snacks $6
•Eco-Box-Lunches $15 to $20
•Raw Desserts by the piece $4 to $6
Detox Educational Experience
$50 to $75 a person depending on the
complexity of the class.
We must have a
minimum of 10 students
to create an event.
Earthly Juices Contact
We Compost for You.

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