Tikkun Olam Curriculum

Wornick All-School Tikkun Olam Program
March 15, 2012
Overview / Goals
Formalize the value of Tikkun Olam within the Wornick
Give students, families and staff the opportunity to make a
difference in the broader community
Consistent, continuous, on-going from year to year
Students, families, staff will know what to expect and will be
able to look forward to the year to year opportunities
Classroom based learning and integration into the
Gives teachers the opportunity to work with Tikkun Olam
themes and organizations that they are passionate about
Gives students hands-on service learning opportunities
Formalize Tikkun Olam for marketing and development
Program Details
 Grade-appropriate
Tikkun Olam themes, and related
Jewish values that will remain consistent year to year
 Each grade partners with an organization that relates to
that grade’s theme
 Tikkun Olam incorporated into the curriculum (General,
Jewish and Hebrew studies) throughout school year
 In-class educational programs with community
 Service learning hands-on experiences with community
Program Details (continued)
 Students
share their experiences through in class
presentations, as well as presentations during
Havdalah, T’fillah and Kabbalat Shabbat programs
 Tikkun Olam incorporated into school communications,
development and marketing materials
 Work with both Jewish and secular organizations
 No fundraising involved (with exception of 7th grade
tzedakah program and 5th grade AJWS involvement)
 The
all school tikkun olam program is a partnership
between PTO and Wornick.
Vice President, Tikkun Olam
 PTO Tikkun Olam representatives
 Wornick
 Jewish Studies administrative team (I. Kuba, J.
 Tikkun Olam teacher representatives
Tikkun Olam: Kindergarten
 Empathy / care for animals
Jewish Values
 Tza’ar Balei Chayim (suffering of animals)
Proposed Organization / Project
 CuriOdyssey at Coyote Point museum
 Art project related to theme to display in local
community (F.C. library, CuriOdyssey)
Tikkun Olam: 1st Grade
 Relationships and respect for elderly
Jewish Values
 Kibud Zekayim (honor elders)
 Kibud Av v’Em (honor mother and father)
Proposed Organization / Project
 Get Up and Go program at PJCC or Jewish Home in
San Francisco
 Activities with senior group, singing, games,
interviews for possible video project
Tikkun Olam: 2nd Grade
 Homelessness, caring for disadvantaged
Jewish Values
 Vahavta l’Reiecha Kamocha (love your neighbor as
 Ahavat HaGer (love the stranger)
Proposed Organization / Project
 JFCS, Shelter Network
 In-class educational program on homelessness in our
local community
 Tour and interactive program to volunteer at a local
Tikkun Olam: 3rd Grade
 Protect and care for our local environment
Jewish Values
 Bal Taschit (not wasting)
 Tikkun Olam (fixing the world, environmental
Proposed Organization / Project
 Marine Science Institute educational field trip
 Native Plant Restoration Project
 Non-native plant removal so native plants can grow
in a healthy and sustainable environment
Tikkun Olam: 4th Grade
 Environmental sustainability / renewal
Jewish Values
 Bal Taschit (not wasting)
 Tikkun Olam (fixing the world, environmental healing)
 Lo Tiphrosh Min HaTzibur (do not separate yourself from
the community)
Proposed Organization / Project
 Hazon (Deborah Newbrun)
 Project with Hazon involving local farming, healthy
nutrition, feeding those in need, environmental
Tikkun Olam: 5th Grade
 Helping global ‘neighbors’ in need
Jewish Values
 Lo ta’amod al dam rei’echa (do not stand idly by the blood of
your neighbor)
 Vahavta l”Reiecha Kamocha (love your neighbor as yourself)
 Lo Tiphrosh Min HaTzibur (do not separate yourself from the
Proposed Organization / Project
 AJWS (fundraising)
 Urban Adamah hands-on working program on the farm
focused on sustainable agriculture and environmental
stewardship. Emphasis on sustaining our community of
‘neighbors’ through local farming, etc.
Tikkun Olam: 6th Grade
 Relationships and respect for special needs youth
Jewish Values
 Vahavta l’Reiecha Kamocha (love your neighbor as
 Lo Tiphrosh Min Ha’Tzibur (do not separate yourself from
the community)
Proposed Organization / Project
 Bureau of Jewish Education, Special Needs Programs &
Services (David Neufeld)
 BJE in-class educational program on special needs
 Student led social event for with local special needs
Tikkun Olam: 8th Grade
 Healthy relationships (self, family, friends, community)
Jewish Values
 Sh’lom Bayit (peace in the home)
 Shmirat HaGuf (protecting the body)
 Kol Yisrael Aravim Ze’Be’Ze (all of Israel is responsible for
each other)
Proposed Organization / Project
 Shalom Bayit
 In-school educational program on healthy relationships
 Student service learning experience to be determined
 Service learning experience with Reali students (in U.S. and
Looking to 2012-2013
 First
full school year roll-out for Tikkun Olam program
 Continue all-school opportunities
Thanksgiving food drive
 Chanukah gift donations
 Seder sacks for JFCS
 Various other drives/donation opportunities
 Grow
all-school opportunities, such as:
Community Mitzvah Day
 Additional student opportunities to build tikkun olam
projects (individual, group)
 Fundraising basics to set foundation for 7th grade
Tzedakah program
 Response to global crisis situations as they arise
 Other?
 Questions?
Vice President, Tikkun Olam
Lisa Wachtell
 415.505.6037
 [email protected]

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