A better safeguard of liberty than a standing army.
A progressive discovery of our own ignorance.
An ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity.
Simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.
The ability to listen to almost anything without
losing your temper or your self confidence .
The movement from darkness to light.
Not preparation for life but ita is life itself.
Bitter Truth of Education in India:Less than half of India's children between the age 6 and 14 go to school.
More than 50 per cent of girls fail to enrol in school; those that do are likely to drop out by the age of 12.
At least 35 million children aged 6 - 14 years do not attend school.
53% of girls in the age group of 5 to 9 years are illiterate.
In nearly 60% of schools, there are less than two teachers to teach Classes I to V.
High cost of private education and need to work to support their families and little interest in studies
are the reasons given by 3 in every four drop-outs as the reason they leave.
Various Points of Concern:Population
Child Labour
Population:According to 1981 census our population is about 68.5
crore , which is about three times in USA, having three
fold size. Compared to the natural and human
resources of the country India is definitely
overpopulated. The reason of overpopulation may be
defined as lack of awareness among the uneducated
class of the society which binds the nation from being
developed. According to U.N. projections, India’s
population certainly cuts much of the fruits of
Factors Responsible:• Lack of proper education
• Being superstitious by nature, Indians regard children
as the gift of nature.
• They know very little about the modern methods of
population control.
• They do not realise the importance of better standards
of living.
Suggestions for Population control: Social Legislation prohibiting early marriage.
 Improvement in the percentage of literacy.
 Family norms should be implemented so that they
are made aware of the consequences of large families
and that is possible only because of EDUCATION.
India has made a remarkable progress almost in every field after independence. But she
is still in the grip of various socials evils. The dowry system is one of them. It is a
curse to the society on the whole. Poor and lower class parents find it very difficult to
select a good match for their daughters. They have to borrow money from money
lenders to meet the high demands of dowry which makes their life a hell. Another
serious aspect of the dowry is that lack of dowry leads brides to undergo all sorts of
sufferings. They are insulted, abused and beaten.
Suggestion to cope up:The only power which can eradicate this devilish act
from its root is only and only education as this is
the sword which fights with leaden points. The
spread of education among the rural class will
help them understand the feelings of women and
the circumstances they go through. Not only this it
will also prevent female foeticide and empower
Casteism:-• Caste system is based on the principle of inequality. It believes that some people are higher
than others. They are not fit to live with the high caste people.
• They are to be deprived of all privileges and facilities.
• They are denied high posts and positions they can’t man these.
• Their educational backwardness stood on the way of their consciousness, on the way of
social justice.
• Once backward in educational field they had least share in bureaucracy and decision
making process,to their own advantage.
Caste and community profile people below poverty
line in India
Schedule Tribes
Schedule Caste
Other Backward Castes
Muslim Upper Castes
Hindu Upper Castes
Christian Upper Castes
Upper Castes Sikhs
Other Upper Castes
All group
Child Labour:Child labour refers to the employment of children under 18 years at regular and
sustained labour. Childhood is considered to be the golden period of one’s life. As
every coin has two side, there are several children who are tormented and wish to
quit their childhood. To escape the torture they suffer persistently they would go for
anything under the sky. Some manage to get out and get a better life, but many
continue to be where they are, not out of choice, but force. This is the true story of
child labour.
Measures to Cope Up:• Getting a child educated
• Teaching children around you.
• Being more active to the happenings around, can make
a big difference in the current situation and condition
of children of India.
"You have to love your children unselfishly. That is hard.
But it is the only way."
Poverty:Poverty is the prime source of practically all evils ,
whether political , social or economic . a poverty –
stricken land is an easy prey to its greedy and jealous
neighbours . Poverty has brought about political
revolutions, moral degeneration and economic
upheavals. A nation of hungry and starving millions
cannot preserve its integrity and independence for long.
• Milton Friedman rightly said ‘’ My major
problem with the world is a problem of
scarcity in the midst of plenty ... of
people starving while there are unused
resources ... people having skills which
are not being used.’’
• "There are people in the world so hungry
that God cannot appear to them except
in the form of bread."
Suggestions:• Education is the only means by which all such problems can be
sorted. The pros and cons of this plight are the government
continues to introduce the policies which remain merely on
papers and are exempted from being implemented.
• If “education for all” prevails in the country to the zenith, then
the development trap which is created can be eradicated. But
being used to spoon feeding will not work what makes a
difference is we at individual level join hands and pull up our
socks so that we overcome the problems in the race of life.
“This would require huge
investments both from the
private sector as well as
the public sector to keep a
stumbled block in the path
of such holocaust to avoid
great peril.”
Our Efforts may include:• Help a poor child to acquire proficiency in language
• Monthly support for a Village Tuition Centre that provides
supplementary learning to school going children
• Provide Rehabilitation of the socially retarded and the youth
• Sponsor the education of a girl for one year
• Support 1 month tuition expenses for 20 poor Grade students.
• Sponsor a 2 month Functional literacy program through Computer
for poor Dalit women
• Educate a disabled child for a year
• Sponsor a child's education (inclusive of fees, books, uniforms,
supplementary nutrition and medical check up)
• Donate a bicycle to a poor school going child
• Education, transportation and medical expenses can be provided.
• Part sponsor a year’s college education of a needy student
• 1 month Computer Training expenses for 48 Poor Tribal students
“An educational system
isn't worth a great deal
if it teaches young
people how to make a
living but doesn't teach
them how
to make a life.”
"Education's purpose is
to replace an empty mind
with an open one."

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