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PayByPhone at Galveston Seawall
Diane Burgess, Senior Sales Manager
• Problems at Seawall
• Solutions
• Implementation
• Enforcement
About PayByPhone
• Founded in 2001 in Vancouver, Canada
• Recognized leader in mobile parking
payments in USA, Canada, UK & France:
San Francisco, Miami, Seattle, Dallas, New York
Vancouver, Ottawa, London, Paris
• C. 7.5 million registered users:
Over 100,000 new users added every month
120 million payments processed in parking
• Continued development:
API to allow non parking payments
Les Taxis Bleus (2nd largest taxi co. in Paris)
transactions in 2013
The Parking Industry (USA) – our estimate of the market
• Estimated market: 4.5bn parking sessions; $22bn per year
• Over 70 cities with 250,000 plus people & 10,000+ parking
spaces; there are more than 40,000 parking facilities in the US
• Long term potential to capture 75% of market via mobile payments
• Translates to 1.7bn transactions p.a.
• The top 5 states generate 51% of industry revenue: California;
New York; Texas; Florida; Illinois
Project Background
Galveston Seawall Parking
• Free Parking before 2013
• Revenues to Fund Amenities - Bathrooms and Sea Showers
• Planners estimate the project would earn $1.55 million.
• City had not previously charged for
Parking at the Seawall
• Merchants voiced concerns about
charging for parking
• Costs to install Parking Meters would
have run into millions
• Installing PayByPhone signage and
educating parkers
• Drivers offered a convenient cashless
option – at no cost to the city
• No expensive hardware
• Immediate Revenue for City
• Unique PayByPhone ‘Location #’
• Pay via smartphone app or IVR
• Enforcement Integration: time paid is
displayed on the enforcement officer’s
handheld device
• $0.35 convenience fee per transaction
• PayByPhone is both a producer of
transaction data & a consumer of rate
update data
• Using Local Police Force
• LPR Enforcement Technique
• Success or Incomplete?
The Launch
“In 160 days, more than 50,000
successful transactions have taken
place on Seawall Boulevard during
an end-of-season time period.
Additionally, the use of the
PayByPhone for Parking
option has skyrocketed for
downtown parking.”
– Lewis Rosen
City of Galveston, Texas
The Ugly
$0.25 Convenience Fee
• Added to the price of parking
The Bad
Changing Habits
• People are not used to paying
• Most consumers only learn about PayByPhone at the sign
• Trusting the system: ‘How does the officer know I’ve paid?’
The Good – Galveston loves it
Massive uptick in revenue for Galveston
• 34,000 new users in first three months with PayByPhone
• $230,000 parking revenue as of February 2014
• 62,000 PayByPhone transactions as of February 2014
• 100% of Galveston’s Seawall parking revenue is from
PayByPhone transactions
The Good – consumers love it
• In spite of the convenience fee, users
LOVE the service
• Favorite features include:
Text message reminder before meter
 Ability
to add more time without
returning to the meter
 Online & Email receipts (for T&E)
 Managing multiple
vehicles on a
single account – corporate & fleet
Next phase: In-app messaging & advertising
• messages can be triggered by parking or sent to all users
• can be configured to a specific area or location
• offer content can be intelligent, based on previous responses
“We feel great accomplishment in
seeing this parking plan launch,”
“This project has been complex
and is the culmination of many
staff hours and cooperation. We
worked diligently to find the best
solution and carry out the wishes
of our voters and look forward to
realizing the Seawall
improvements in the future.”
- commented Galveston Police
Department Chief Henry S.

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