High School 101 - Ashley Ridge High School

High School 101
Drugs, Tobacco, and e-cigs
Wednesday, August 20th, 5th period
High School 101: Drugs
• According to the South Carolina Law Enforcement,
a drug is classified as:
o a substance intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment,
or prevention of disease in man and animals,
o other than food intoned to affect the structure or any function of the
body of man and animals
High School 101: Drugs
and Tobacco
• Drugs and Tobacco are strictly prohibited at Ashley
Ridge and on any Dorchester District Two property
• E-cigarettes are considered tobacco and are also
High School 101: Drugs
• Any student in possession (on his/her person, in
his/her belongings, locker, car, etc.)of drugs will be
recommended for expulsion
• Any student in possession of drugs in any of these
places will also be arrested by the School Resource
High School 101: Lookalikes
• District policy states that “no students will market or
distribute any substance which is represented to be
or is substantially similar in color, shape, size or
markings of a controlled substance in any of the
circumstances listed above. Look-alike substances
or substances that mimic the effect of drugs will be
treated as illegal substances.”
• You will still be recommended for expulsion for a
look-alike drug
High School 101: “Over
the counter medication”
• “Over the counter medication” is not permitted at
Ashley Ridge
o Examples include, but are not limited to: Tylenol (Acetaminophen),
Ibuprofen, Nyquil/Dayquil, Allergy medication, etc.
• Any medication that is necessary for a student must
be turned into the nurse by a parent/guardian
• Any medication found on a student (person, locker,
car, etc.) will carry a consequence of out of school
suspension, at the very minimum
High School 101: Tobacco
• Tobacco is not permitted on Ashley Ridge campus
• Tobacco includes chewing tobacco (dip),
cigarettes, and electronic cigarettes (e-cigs)
• These items will be confiscated if found
• The consequence for the first offense is ISS
• The consequence for the second and each sub
sequential offense(s) is OSS
High School 101: Electronic
Cigarettes (e-cigs)
• E-cigs are NOT considered an electronic device
under the District Electronic Device policy
• They are considered contraband
• They will be treated as tobacco and will be
• First Offense: ISS
• 2nd Offense: OSS
High School 101: Tobacco
• Watch this short video clip on smoking
• http://arhs.morning.ddtwo.org
High School 101: Drugs,
Tobacco, E-cigs
• Follow the rules involving substances
• Your life and your freedom depend on it!

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