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Field Clinic
Rule 12
Gilbert Rosario
October 19, 2013
National Federation of State
High School Association
Rule 12 Misconduct
As Amended Per 2013-14
Florida High School Athletic
Association Officials Guidebook
Rule 12 Section 8 Misconduct
Article 1 - A player, coach or bench personnel shall be cautioned (Yellow
Card) for:
Entering or leaving the field of play (except through the normal course
of play) without the permission of an official.
Persistent infringement of any of the rules of the game.
Objecting by word of mouth or action to any decision given by an
official (Dissent).
Any incidental use of vulgar or profane language. Note: Hillsborough
Zero Tolerance Ruling, which requires a disqualification.
Any use of electronic communication devices with on-field players
during play. Examples: amplifying devices, wireless communication
devices such as cell phones, headphones, personal digital assistant,
Note: A coach may engage in verbal communications with his or her
own team during play.
Rule 12 Section 8 Misconduct
Article 1 - A player, coach or bench personnel shall be cautioned (Yellow
Card) for:
Unsporting conduct (e.g., coaching outside the team area, holding,
unnecessary delay, deliberate tactical foul, faking an injury, illegally
equipped player, excessive celebration, denial of a goal scoring
opportunity by handling or foul, and the goal is scored, etc.).
Use of any tobacco products at the game site during the period of the
jurisdiction of the officials (i.e., 15 minutes prior to the start of the
game and end with their leaving the field of play and its immediate
surroundings). Per FHSAA “the use of alcohol, tobacco or tobaccolike products by student-athletes, coaches and officials is prohibited.”
The student-athlete, coach or bench personnel will be disqualified.
Additionally, the official must report to the FHSAA Office any violation of this
policy within 24 hours using form AT6 “Unsporting Conduct Incident Report.”
Penalty: A cautioned player shall leave the field and may be
replaced. Should the team with the cautioned player elect to play
shorthanded, the cautioned player may not re-enter nor be
replaced until the next legal substitution opportunity.
Rule 12 Section 8 Misconduct
Article 2 - A player, coach or bench personnel shall be disqualified (red card)
Exhibiting violent conduct.
Taunting – use of word or act to incite or degrade an opposing player,
coach, referee or other individual.
Subsequent caution. Per FHSAA: Official shows player a yellow card
with one hand raised and indicate with the other hand that it is a 2nd
yellow card by forming a “V” with the index and middle fingers (no AT6
report required). For coach or bench personnel, official shows a yellow
card immediately followed by a red card to show disqualification (AT6
Report required). Adults must leave vicinity of playing area. Players
and non-adult bench personnel are restricted to team area.
Committing serious foul play, that is any play in which the player
commits one of the offenses punishable with a direct free kick (or
penalty kick if the offense takes place by a defender in the penalty area)
and uses disproportionate and unnecessary force against an opponent
while playing for the ball
Rule 12 Section 8 Misconduct
Serious foul play also includes the following:
A player (other than a goalkeeper within his/her own penalty area)
deliberately handles a ball, attempting to prevent a goal and the goal is not
scored. Per FHSAA The player shall be issued a blue card.
A player commits a foul, attempting to deny an obvious goal scoring
opportunity, and the goal is not scored.
Spitting at an opponent, teammate or game official.
Using insulting, offensive or abusive language or gestures.
Leaving the team area to enter the field where a fight or altercation is
taking place unless summoned by an official.
Penalty: A player, coach or bench personnel guilty of items a through g
shall be issued a red or blue card, shall be disqualified (ejected)
from further participation in the game and the player shall not be
replaced on the field with a substitute.
Rule 12 Section 8 Misconduct
Article 3 - Coach responsibility:
The head coach shall be responsible for ensuring that each of his/her
player (s) is properly and legally equipped. The head coach shall
receive the first caution issued for an illegally equipped player.
Subsequent cautions are issued to the offending players.
The coach may be cautioned or disqualified either for team
misconduct or for bench misconduct that can not be attributed to a
specific individual.
A coach who is disqualified shall leave the vicinity of the playing area
immediately and is prohibited from any contact, direct or indirect, with
the team during the remainder of the game. Failure to comply shall
result in termination of the game. Need another coach or school
official for match to continue.
Misconduct-Penalty Chart
Yellow Card
Red Card/
Player Blue
Bench Personnel
 Must leave field until next legal
substitution opportunity
 May be substituted or play short
 Substitute (non-player)
remains in team area until
next legal substitution
 Other bench personnel
remain in team area
Must leave field
May not return
May not be substituted/must play short
Restricted to team area
Restricted to team area for
substitutes or other students
Adult bench personnel must
leave vicinity of playing area
Remains in team area
Must leave the vicinity
of playing area

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