VMI Annual Employee & Cadet Training 2013

The annual distribution of the following information is required by the Higher
Education Opportunity Act.
The VMI Institute Alcohol and Other Drug Committee would like to stress the
importance of your knowledge regarding alcohol and drug related policies, health
risks associated with use, and your local resources. Your increased awareness will
equip you to make informed decisions to avoid negative consequences that may
result in undesired career and personal implications.
For your convenience there are links attached to this presentation. By clicking
the links you can review the information provided therein as well as gain
additional insight into policy and procedures regarding Alcohol and Other Drugs
at VMI.
Please be aware that there will be a Post-Test at the end
of this training. Taking notes and utilizing the links is
advised for thorough comprehension of material.
•VMI adheres to a zero tolerance policy
regarding illegal drug use and
inappropriate use of prescription drugs.
•Even if a cadet is 21 years of age or
older, alcohol may not be stored,
distributed, or consumed anywhere on
•The Commonwealth of Virginia laws
regarding drug and alcohol use apply to
•Tobacco may only be used in
authorized locations.
•The Blue Book applies to cadets during
the entire cadetship, not solely when
classes are in session.
The Blue Book provides details about these rules and
includes the penalties you will receive if you are in
Please click:
Blue Book Chapter 22 - Drugs, Alcohol & Tobacco
to read the full chapter.
• VMI is Commonwealth of Virginia property and is
subject to its law concerning consumption of alcohol
and controlled substances.
employees shall not consume alcohol while on
duty, during work hours, and/or while in the
workplace, including while on meal breaks. The
workplace consists of any state owned or leased
property or any site where state employees are
performing official duties. Employees may not be
impaired by or under the influence of alcohol while
• Alcohol consumption on Post, regardless of age, is
not allowed. Exceptions for special events for noncadet guests must be approved by the Superintendent.
For more information, please click the following link:
General Order Number 2
• Any permits for events Off-Post that involve any
combination of cadets, faculty/staff, and the use of alcohol
must be approved by the Superintendent through the Chief
of Staff.
• The possession or consumption of controlled substances
On-Post or during any VMI sanctioned activity by anyone
is strictly prohibited. Employees may not participate in the
unlawful use of controlled substances and may not be
impaired by controlled substances while working.
• VMI will impose sanctions on cadets and employees,
consistent with local, state, and federal law, up to and
including dismissal or termination of employment.
For more information, please click the following
link: General Order Number 2
Drug Testing Policy
Any activity involving controlled substances or drug
paraphernalia is strictly prohibited.
VMI’s drug testing program allows the Institute to randomly
test members of the Corps of Cadets periodically for the
presence of illegal drugs and other controlled substances.
Agreeing to participate in this program is a condition of matriculation at
Virginia Military Institute, and submitting to testing when required under
this program is a condition for remaining a VMI cadet.
The Commandant may direct members of the Corps of Cadets
to be tested when a reasonable suspicion of drug use exists.
For more information, please click the following link:
General Order Number 53
Approximately 8.5% of
adults within the general
U.S. population have an
alcohol use disorder
34.1 million out of an
estimated 110 million
patients treated in
emergency rooms are
treated due to alcohol use
50% of severely injured
trauma patients screen
positive for alcohol
25% of college students
experience academic
consequences as a result
of alcohol use
599,000 students between
the ages of 18-24
experience unintentional
alcohol-related injuries
each year
1,700 college students die
annually from alcoholrelated injuries
Source- US National Library of Medicine; National Institute On Drug Abuse;
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration
Mental Health
HIV, Hepatitis &
Other Infectious
Other Health Effects
Might you or someone you know have a substance abuse problem?
(If so, feel free to check the below links)
Click, Free Online Screening , for a short, anonymous screening tool to learn more about your
relationship with alcohol and other drugs.
Click, Rethinking Drinking, to learn more about your relationship with alcohol.
Cadet Counseling (540.464.7667) http://www.vmi.edu/counseling
• Free and Confidential Substance Abuse Assessments
• Individual Counseling and Referrals for off- Post Treatment Providers
Rockbridge Area Community Services (540.463.3141) http://www.racsb.org/
• Serves both uninsured (sliding scale fees) and insured
• Outpatient Treatment and Referrals for Detox/Inpatient Treatment
Anthem Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Anthem EAP Program
Referrals and Information Regarding Free Sessions for You and/or
Family Member(s)
Rockbridge Area Community Services
(540-463-3141) http://www.racsb.org/
• Serves both uninsured (sliding scale fees) and insured
• Outpatient Treatment and Referrals for Detox/Inpatient Treatment
1.) The Commonwealth of Virginia’s policy 1.05 on alcohol and other drugs states that which of the following
acts by employees is /are prohibited:
A. Consumption of alcohol during duty hours
B. Use of unlawful controlled substances
C. Use of prescription drugs and/or medication
D. Manufacturing, distributing, dispensing or possessing illegal drugs in the workplace
E. A,B and D
2.) VMI can impose which of the following sanctions on employees for violating the Alcohol and Controlled
Substance Policy (General Order #2):
A. Dismissal/termination
B. Jail time
C. Referral for prosecution
D. Required satisfactory participation in an appropriate rehabilitation program
E. A,C and D
3.) Alcohol may be permitted on- Post during:
A. Certain events hosted by VMI agencies and those associated with VMI where there is no cadet
involvement, or where cadets are present as dinner guests, ushers, or escorts but are not served alcohol.
B. Events which are governed by the Alumni Association’s policy and practice which limit the provisions and
consumption of alcohol to the interior, porches and balconies of Moody Hall.
C. Events hosted by members of the VMI community living on the Post .
D. Any event approved by the Superintendent through the Chief of Staff.
E. All the above.
4.) A misdemeanor conviction with the punishment of “confinement in jail up to 12 months, a fine of up to $2,500, either
or both” applies to:
A. A 21 year old cadet drinking at a bar in town.
B. Any cadet caught with alcohol on post
C. Any person purchasing or possessing alcohol in Virginia under the age of 21
D. Any person selling alcohol to someone in Virginia under the age of 21
E. B and C
F. C and D
5.) Who has the ability to approve a permit for an off-Post event involving a combination of cadets, faculty, staff and
alumni, and alcohol is being served:
A. Commandant
B. Superintendent
C. Athletic director (if sports related)
D. Chaplain
6.) Having any container with traces of alcohol is considered possession:
A. True
B. False
7.) Possessing or consuming alcohol on-Post, or conduct unbecoming of a cadet as a consequence of drinking alcoholwhether on or off- Post, results in a minimum of:
A. 15 demerits, 4 months of confinement, and 60 penalty tours
B. Suspension from VMI
C. Mandatory alcohol assessment
D. Conduct probation
E. Academic probation
F. A,C and D
G. All of the above
8.) Cadet use, possession, or distribution of unauthorized drugs will result in a dismissal from VMI:
A. True
B. False
9.) Cadets may not possess, distribute, or use any substance designed/synthesized to imitate the effects of prohibited
illicit drugs at VMI such as Spice or K2:
A. True
B. False
10.) Drug testing at VMI may be:
A. Unannounced/ Random
B. Based on reasonable suspicion of use
C. Accomplished using blood, urine or hair follicle
D. Reason for dismissal if refused
E. All of the above
11. ) Cadets must keep all prescription drugs in a lock box:
A. True
B. False
12.) Cadets and Employees can receive confidential consultation, substance abuse assessments, and referral information
through Cadet Counseling.
A. True
B. False

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