Persuasive Essay PPT

Steps for Writing
I. H. Kempner High School
English II
READ the prompt. Circle the most important
word in the prompt (the subject).
Should school librarians ban inappropriate
books from the school library?
Brainstorm a list of reasons for and
against the issue or position.
Against banning books:
For banning books:
--students are too young to
make decisions about what
they read
--librarians don’t want parents
mad at them
--students should only read
about pleasant and noncontroversial topics
--the Constitution allows us the
freedom of speech, freedom of
--students need to learn to make
responsible choices about what
they read
--students should not be sheltered
from controversial world news
--students can find inappropriate
material on the Internet
--the question of appropriate
reading is debatable, it cannot be
determined by one individual
Choose the position you want to
Either “Yes, school libraries should
censor books” OR
“No, school libraries should not
censor books.”
Choose the two “reasons” for
which you can write the best
--One “reason” for each body paragraph
Before you write anything else, focus on
answering the prompt by writing a position
statement, also known as a thesis statement.
Rearrange words from the prompt into a
statement, then follow it with “because” and then
add two reasons. (This is the road map for the
rest of your essay!)
School librarians should not ban books from the
school library because students need to learn to
choose for themselves and it goes against the
American Constitution.
Now go back and create the introductory paragraph
and plug the thesis statement into the end.
a. The first sentence is the “hook.” Re-read the information
before the prompt to find the general subject. Think
general and broad. How does this topic affect “the
world” or “life”? Question what would happen
--What would the world be like without books?
b. The second sentence must “draw a line” from the hook
to the thesis. Think of what the two have in common,
which is usually the end of the hook.
--While books are very important, it can be difficult to
overlook the value of books that have disagreeable or
inappropriate subjects.
Put the three sentences together to make the Intro Paragraph.
Introductory Paragraph
Hook: What would the world be like
Sinker (Position/Thesis Statement): State your position on the
argument *because* <<reason 1>> and <<reason 2>>.
Persuasive Phrases
Include these phrases to ensure the persuasive nature of your
It is certain that…
The logical conclusion is…
The fact is…
The truth is…
The correct perspective is…
Common sense reveals that…
The bottom line is…
In reality,…
The essential idea is…
With certainty, a person can say that…
In the majority of cases…
Body Paragraph 1
Topic Sentence: <<Reason 1>>.
The truth is, students need to learn to
think independently and make
decisions for themselves and if
libraries ban objectionable books,
students will not be able to do so.
Commentary/explanation/example for
<<Reason 1>>:
Imagine that a young girl reads The
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and is
outraged at the treatment of slaves in the
novel. Because of reading this objectionable
material, she decides to become a human
rights activist and influences society in a
profound way. If a librarian had taken away
this option, the young girl might not have
made that important decision about her life’s
Add Counter Argument
 Add
a counter argument to spice things
 Go
back to your list of “For & Against” and
pick one you can argue against that goes
well with your 1st reason.
 This
gets you a better score!
 Critics
argue students are too young to
make decisions about what they choose
to read. While it may be true in some
cases, choosing books is what helps
create a love for reading. Love for
reading helps develop vocabulary skills
and better knowledge of the world.
Body Paragraph 2
Topic sentence: <<Reason 2>>.
Also, an essential idea is that limiting
students’ access to controversial writing
is a breach of their freedom under the
Commentary for <<Reason 2>>:
 For
example, the Constitution of the
United States of America proclaims
certain “inalienable rights” for its citizens
that include freedom of speech and
freedom of press. If a student (who is, in
fact, a citizen) is not allowed to pursue
certain information banned by a library,
that is limiting his or her freedom. It is also
suppressing the freedom that authors
have to distribute their ideas, beliefs, and
Conclusion Paragraph
Restate your position/thesis
statement in a different
Your Turn!
In groups of 3-4, write a Persuasive Essay on:
“A pint of examples is worth a gallon of advice.” -Unknown
Think about the multitude of advice you have received as well as
the people you would consider role models in your life. Which has
been more important and useful to you?
Write an essay stating your position on whether good advice or a
good role model is more important in a person’s life.
You will be scoring each group’s essay so be sure to write your best!

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