Research Paper Outline

Natalie Martin
I. Animal cruelty for the use of fur in the fashion
industry shows little regard to the animals that are
abused. It’s use and the effects may not balance the
need. Although animal extremists go too far at times,
something must be done to prevent the imaginable
fur factory farms—dismal, often filthy places where thousands of animals are usually
kept in wire cages for their entire lives
There are various types of traps, including snares, underwater traps, and Conibear
traps, but the steel-jaw trap is the most widely use
The most common animals used for fur are raccoons, chinchillas, dogs, cats, seals,
minks, beavers, fox, and bears.
Waste from fur farms are poisoning our waterways.
In Denmark, where more than 2 million minks are killed for their fur annually, more
than 8,000 pounds of ammonia is released into the atmosphere each year.
Producing a fur coat from ranch-raised animals takes more than 15 times as much
energy as does producing a faux-fur coat.
Stylist’s often will lie about he fur being real or not to try and
get a model to wear it.
Many people wear fur for the warmth, but we live in a time
where we do not need to resort to animal fur for warmth with
all of the fibers and materials available to us today.
Looking at it from the other side, is it okay to use the fur if the
animal is already going to be killed for food?
Fur is used in the Fashion Industry merely for vanity.
Our planet is going down the tube and we are worried about
fashion? This is the reason for the extinction of so many
animals and a cause of pollution.
The following companies are known to sell
mislabeled faux fur coats. DKNY, Lord and Taylor,
Ross, D.E.M.O, Rocawear, Macy's, Baby Phat, J.C.
Penney and Burlington Coat Factory.
2) The garments that are supposedly faux fur are
usually dog and cat fur.
1) This is a petition that is trying to shut down fur farms
and no longer contribute to the use of fur in the fashion
Norway made a great impact by being the first
country to ban fur from it’s Oslo Fashion Week.
2) A large majority of large names in Fashion Week use
real fur for their clothing, which prevented many of
them from showing their collection in Norway’s
Fashion Week.
Animals are tortured and skinned alive for their fur,
even after they are skinned most still remain alive for
quite some time and suffer a slow, painful death,
then they are just thrown into a pile like they are
2) On the fur farms the animals are kept in tiny cages
for months or sometimes years, living their lives
without being able to even move an inch.
3) A lot of the animals resort to cannibalism because
they are so rarely fed and malnourished.

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