Should school uniforms be banned?

Should school
uniforms be
By Maya G xxx
Should school uniform
be banned?
People have different views of this argument, for
and against. Some may believe children will
educate better being more comfortable, and
others may think bullying about clothes will start
to happen. So,
Do you believe school uniform
should be banned or not?
• Children will educate better, feeling more
comfortable in their normal clothes.
• Pupils will have a better freedom of choice
and creativity by choosing their own outfits.
• Children having their own independence.
• Bullying and hurting people’s feeling may
occur because other pupils may not like
someone else’s clothes.
• Messing around in class with tassels and
buttons on their clothes – not concentrating in
• Won’t look smart or neat, scruffy.
What do you
If I have missed out any points
that you have thought of –
don’t hesitate to comment!
Also please comment if you
think school uniform should be
banned or not.

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