Chapter 8 - Liberty Union High School District

Chapter 8:
Presented by: Brett Royers and
Hector Barron
Lesson 1
Safe and Healthy
Warm-up #1
What does it mean to you when someone
says they have a healthy and or unhealthy
relationship with another person? Would you
say YOU maintain healthy relationships?
Platonic Friendship: a friendship with a member of
the opposite gender in which there is affection,
but the two people are not considered a couple.
Clique: a small circle of friends, usually with
similar backgrounds or tastes, who exclude people
viewed as outsiders.
Building Strong Partnerships: Casual
People who meet in an environment become associates.
Then, if they continue to associate amongst one another,
they may form a casual friendship. This is a friendship
where people have similar interests and socialize on a daily
basis, but are not connected in any deep, emotional way.
Building Strong Partnerships:
Close Friends
As you get to know a casual friend better,
your relationship may develop into a close
friendship. These type of relationships
involve people who share personal thoughts
and feelings with one another. These are
people who you feel most comfortable with
expressing thoughts.
Recognizing Problems in Friendships
Friendships aren't always a good thing. It can lead to bad
situations if you are influenced into doing bad or illegal
things. To avoid this and other unhealthy friend ships, you
must recognize when a friendship may or has become harmful
to you.
Cliques (Clicks spelled weird) -.A Clique is a small group of friends with a similar background or interests
who exclude others they deem as “outsiders”. Cliques may provide their
members with a sense of belonging. BUT, cliques may also exclude and
discourage individuals with their prejudices.
Can you think of any
cliques at Freedom?
If so what are they?
Are YOU a part of a
clique? If so do you
think you’ve ever
excluded someone?
Lesson 2
Peer Pressure and refusal
Warm-up #2
Write down a short narrative on how you
would say “No (or yes, we don`t judge)”
to drugs if your best friend was offering.
Peer pressure: the influence that people your
age may have on you.
Harassment: persistently annoying others.
Manipulation: indirect, dishonest way to
control or influence people.
Peer pressure can be both positive and negative. When
your peers inspire or encourage you to get out of your
personal comfort zone and try new activities, such as a
sport or club, it is a good thing. But when they are
pressuring you to do things you know in your heart and
mind to be bad, wrong or illegal then it becomes negative.
You should practice saying no to these influences and
carry around a tazer and maybe pepper spray? Or nah…
Resisting Negative Peer Pressure
To resist negative peer pressure, there are many things you
can do. You can befriend people who share your positive
interests and values. This can take you away from peer
pressure scenarios. You can also use valid excuses to avoid
doing bad things that your peers are pressuring you to do.
Lesson 3
Warm-up #3
What are the side effects and possible
consequences of sex (protected or not).
Are there any consequences to abstinence?
And now a joke to ponder while you write:
Sex is like a misdemeanor, the more I miss it, da
meaner I get.
Dating Decisions
• Dating can be a great way to know another person
• Provides opportunities to develop social skills, discover
new interests, and reaffirm personal values
• Some teens decided not to date for personal reasons such
as other priorities (goals, tasks, values, and activities that
you judge to be more important then others) such as
grades, a sport or family matters.
• When choosing if or not you're ready to date talk to a
trusted adult (unless said adult is a shotgun wielding
father lol)
Establishing expectations and
setting limits
Both parties treated with respect
Be yourself and communicate
Don’t get pressured into doing anything you don’t want to
Set limits guys and gals.
Do I really have to get into it? ._. Fine….
Parents or guardians may set boundaries, they're their to protect you
Curfews may be set
Set an age limit on the people you date. (Personally I suggest the rule of
• Also, you can set limits on where you go, how you get there and what you're
going to do there.
• By setting expectations an limits you ensure a fun time and that you and
date you're on the same level as each other.
• By choosing abstinence, you are taking responsibility for
your own well-being
• Intimacy: a closeness between two people that develops
over time
• You can still express closeness and intimacy while still
staying abstinent
• Remember not to confuse affection and intimacy with
Infatuation (exaggerated feelings of passion)
• Abstinence requires self-control (a person`s ability to use
responsibility to override emotions)
 The following tips can help you maintain self-control
and stay firm in your decision to practice abstinence
• Set limits for expressing affection
• Communicate with your partner
• Talk with a trusted adult
• Seek low-pressure dating situations
• Date someone who respects and shares your values
Considering the consequences
 Effects on Physical health
¤ Unplanned Pregnancy
• Every year in the U.S about 1 million teenage girls become
• You can bet your sweet giblits most of those girls aren’t
ready for a child and neither are their partners
¤ Sexually Transmitted Diseases, A.K.A STD,s (Sexually
transmitted diseases are infectious diseases spread from
person to person through sexual contact
• Each year about half of diagnosed STDs occur among teens
and young adults between the ages of 15 and 24
• Many STDs are incurable and can lead to infertility or even
Q: Two potatos are standing on a corner, how
can you tell which one is a prostitute?
A: The one that says IDAHO!
Guys, never google image the word “STD”.. I've seen some things man.. ;-;
Effects of Mental / Emotional
¤ Teens who engage in sexual activity before reaching
emotional maturity may experience:
• Pain from partners that are not committed as in a
martial relationship
• Guilt from lying to parents about sexual activity
• Loss of self respect
• Regret and anxiety when it turns out bae`s pregnant
with you love child and you have a weird rash on your
crotch that just wont go away
 Effects on Social Health
¤ Sexual activity can negatively affect a
teens relationships with other people
• They may deprive themselves of the
opportunity to pursue new interests and
• May harm family relationships
• May lead to family tension
• Unplanned pregnancy may lead to putting
your career and education on hold
Thanks for making it this
long! Here`s a joke as a
reward :D Now prepare for
the quiz….. -__How do you make your girlfriend cry while
having sex?...Phone her!
Documentary time!!!!

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