Welcome to CMI - Chartered Management Institute

Welcome to CMI Familiarisation Day
Welcome and Overview
• Overview and how we work
• Support available to centres and students
• Using our resources – Management Direct
• Our Qualification portfolio
• Quality Assurance and compliance
• Our approval process
• Approval workshop & final Q&A
• Close
please ask questions at any time
Our Vision
...better led and better managed organisations
and Mission
increasing the number and standard of professionally
qualified managers and leaders
improved personal and corporate performance, national
productivity and social well being
We are...
the only chartered professional body dedicated to
raising standards of management and leadership
across all sectors of UK commerce and industry.
By setting professional management standards – built
into our qualifications, membership and content – we
recognise individual capability and give employers
confidence in their managers’ performance.
Our Values and Brand Personality
We want people to
engage with
us because we are
about making a
difference about
the quality of
and leaders
Our accumulated
knowledge and
experience makes
us quick to
respond by
dealing with things
smartly, sensibly
and in a way
which is
grounded in the
real world
We look
and believe
things can be
done better
High standards
authoritative and
accountable and
adhering to our
code of conduct
and practice
Our Internal Structure
Insight &
Finance &
2 out of 5 managers are not up to scratch
Effective Managers & Leaders
Build Business
Attract and Retain Talent
Boosts Management & Team Performance & Delivers
Creates Well-Being
MLD Builds Business
Organisational performance
People performance
Three Megatrends Will Help
The three management megatrends that will help you
become a better manager:
1. From exclusive to inclusive
2. From controlling to coaching
3. From competitive to collaborative
CMI - Products/Markets
Training and
Supporting You to Achieve
Our team are here to help you get the most from CMI
• Your Quality Manager – compliance and quality assurance
• Your supporting Quality Team moderation
• Your Customer Service team first contact incl. registrations,
certification, marketing and system/process support
• Your Markers and Moderators via our Hub system
• Invited to events including Training and Development Days
• Regular updates of news and any changes and sharing good
CMI Support for Centres and
Their Learners
Main Elements of the Support Offer
1. Benefits of CMI membership, particularly ManagementDirect
̶ available to nominated Centre staff (of which you can nominate
six per centre)
̶ available to your students who are studying a CMI qualification
Main Elements of the Support Offer
2. Option to purchase CMI learning materials
̶ Pathways print and PDF
̶ E-learning
̶ Group learning toolkits
Benefits of Membership
Membership of CMI pays for itself many times over, not only in monetary
terms but also the incalculable effect it has on your career –
• Increase your marketability
Membership of the CMI says more about your professional standing and
ability than qualifications alone – and gives you the recognition that comes
with letters after your name and the opportunity to become a Chartered
• Perform better
Offering a wide range of practical professional resources, CMI membership
will not only enhance your employability, but help take your professional
practice to the next level and beyond.
• Access professional networks
The CMI gives you plenty of networking opportunities, face-to-face at our
frequent local and national events, in online forums and through our
professional networks
Benefits of Membership
• Professional recognition
- Postnominals, qualifications, Chartered Manager
• Magazines
- Professional Manager and Management Today*
• Regular communications
- Keeping you up to date with the latest management news
and thinking
• Information Services
- ManagementDirect, Content helpline, CMI Library
• Professional development
- CPD, Career support, Find a job, Redundancy support
*Professional Manager is supplied in electronic format for some types of membership. Affiliate members must pay an
additional fee if they wish to receive Management Today
Benefits of Membership
• Practical tools
- Legal helpline, BusinessHR, PI insurance
• Networking opportunities
- National, regional & branch events, plus online
networking and social media
• Opportunity to be a Chartered Manager via a range of
routes including through completion of specific CMI
• Benefits available during studies and can be continued as
an invaluable asset to boost career progression
Key benefits for Centres and your students
• Resources for both teaching and learning
• High quality information – it isn’t trying to sell you anything
• Resources to suit all learning styles
- Multimedia: videos, podcasts, e-learning
- Documents: checklists, document outlines, management models
- Library resources: books, journal articles
• Demonstrable value: other managers are using these resources!
- 112,000+ checklists downloaded in the last 12 months
• CMI Library – the book you need posted to you the same day free of
• Direct access to other CMI services, e.g. CPD, Content helpline, CMI
Content Helpline
Key benefits
• An experienced researcher, available to help you 9.00am 5.00pm Monday to Friday on the phone or 24/7 via the
• Quality of response – our researchers have in excess of 60 years
experience between them of identifying the best information on
M&L, whether from CMI’s own resources or from the wider web
• Speed of response – within one working day and usually the
same day.
Continuing Professional
Development (CPD)
Key benefits
• We record the CPD you do with CMI so that you don’t have to.
- You can then focus on the most important aspect of CPD –
the learning outcomes and impact at work
• Self assessment tests to identify your development needs
against the National Occupational Standards for Management
and Leadership
• Easy to produce activity reports to use at appraisals, to show
potential employers, to support study or as personal learning log
• Can support studying members with units relating to personal
Career Support
Key benefits
There are over 1,000 websites advertising vacancies in the
UK. Where do I start looking?
• ‘Find a Job’ - Immediate access to over 200,000 vacancies
• Represents about 1 in 3 of all jobs advertised online
• Easy to use search engine enables you to find jobs near you
• Option to upload CVs for employers to browse
Legal Helpline
01536 207400
Key benefits
• Confidential callback within an hour from an advisor
specialising in the field of law you require
• All advisors are qualified lawyers with at least 5 years
• Covers most areas of UK law (excludes commercial property
and immigration issues)
• Would cost £35 a call to access independently – free of
charge to members
• Practical tools, templates and guidance
• Monthly e-newsletter on legislative changes
• Free “HR Audit” to assess risk
• Ideal benefit for SMEs – would cost £360 to buy
independently – free of charge to members
CMI Community & Social Media
• CMI community features include:
̶ Discussion forums
̶ Professional Networks
̶ Branch networks at http://www.managers.org.uk/CMIacrosstheUK
• You can also find us at:
CMI Learning Materials
• Strategic aim is to support Institute qualifications with
comprehensive learning materials where commercially feasible
• Multiple formats:
- Print workbooks
- PDF licences (for own printing)
- Interactive e-learning
- Group Learning Toolkits
• Flexible buying options
• Intended to support blended learning delivery
• ManagementDirect and other membership services
• Research-informed development
- Centre users (e.g. Level 7 research, regular questionnaires)
- L&D market generally
Core Management and Leadership
Qualifications - What’s Available?
Level 3
Level 5
Level 7
(not VLE)
Group Learning
Print Workbooks
• Coverage of learning outcomes
• Clear and accessible format to encourage selfdevelopment
• Reflective activities
• Scenario-based activities
• Self-assessment tests
• Tutor Guide
• Student Guide
• Extracts available to inspect on website
PDF Licences
• Annually renewable licence
• Enables printing of own co-branded versions (Centre
and/or client logos)
• Permits combination with own materials
• May provide flexibility and cost advantage
• Permits load into secure LMS/VLE (not L7)
• Pricing by user band
Group Learning Toolkits
• Plans and resources to support group learning activities and blended
learning for CMI qualifications, including:
- Guidance on Group induction and pre-workshop activities and
- A full outline for a one-day workshop programme
- A set of customisable Powerpoint slides for use in the workshop
- Handouts and reflective exercises for use both in the workshop
and beyond
- In total, around 50 pages of PDF content and 30-40 Powerpoint
slides plus guidance on customisation (adding your own logo)
• Initially available for all 16 units of the Level 5: Management and
• High value content assets specifically created to meet the learning
outcomes of CMI qualifications (rather than being generic materials)
• Tried and tested with CMI’s own employer clients having received
high client and learner satisfaction ratings
Group Learning Toolkits
Professionalising Management
Chartered Manager
• Gives independent recognition of management skills:
“Chartered Manager broadens the perspective of our managers, many of whom are
highly skilled in a technical occupation. It helps us offer them career development
across a range of roles and lets them know that the business values them and is
investing in them”
Stuart Godden, Engineering and Commissioning Director of BAE Systems Maritime –
• One of the top three most effective ways to develop abilities
• Demonstrates commitment to professional development & helps
retain talent
• Pays Out: Chartered managers deliver an average of £362K to their
For More Information....
For more information on the resources available to
centres, how to promote your centre, and
Chartered Manager status, please contact your
Account Manager.
Qualifications and Standards
CMI Qualifications Portfolio
CMI Qualifications Portfolio
and Frameworks
Credit Framework
Scottish Credit
Framework &
National Framework
of qualifications for
CMI Qualifications Portfolio
and Qualification Sizes
CMI Qualifications
Development Cycle
CMI Qualifications Development
and Review Cycle
CMI will give
centres a 12
month transition
from an old
ending and the
new starting
Qualifications Target Market
Level 2
Level 5
Level 3
Level 4
Level 6
Level 5
Level 6
Level 8
Level 7
Level 8
Level 10
CMI – Optional Units
CMI Extended Diplomas
Flexibility in the Optional Units
Management & Leadership
Qualifications (NVQ)
CMI offers NVQ qualifications. These these qualifications
were developed with CfA (Council for Administration).
The qualifications are based on the National Occupational
Standards in Management and Leadership.
Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Team Leading
Level 3 NVQ Certificate in Management
Level 5 NVQ Diploma in Management
Level 7 NVQ Diploma in Management
Management & Leadership
Apprenticeship Level 2
Competence Qualification
CMI Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Team Leading
Knowledge Qualification
CMI Level 2 Certificate in Team Leading
Key Skills
Functional Skills
Level 1 Key Skill in
Level 1 Key Skill in
Mathematics/Application of Number
Level 1 Key Skill in ICT
Level 1 Functional Skill in
Level 1 Functional Skill in
Mathematics/Application of Number
Level 1 Functional Skill in ICT
Guided Learning Hours
The total on- and off-the-job GLH for the framework is 535 hours
The total off-the-job GLH is 260 hours (49% of total GLH) for the
framework, which takes an average of 12 months to complete
Specialist Qualifications
CMI Marking Service
• Ensures CMI endorsement
• Team of qualified markers
• Six week service level
• £30 per assignment
CMI Quality Assurance
CMI Approved Centre Contacts
Each CMI Approved Centre will have the following dedicated
Account Manager
Advises on:
CMI products &
Quality Manager
Customer Data
Advises on:
Registrations &
Routine enquiries
Monitors centre
and advises on:
Learning &
The Quality Assurance Process
The role of the Approved Centre is to ensure:
• That all administration and assurance processes are to a quality
• All information received is communicated to the relevant people
• Marketing and promotion of CMI qualifications
• Training of Centre staff
• Advise CMI of any changes to Centre staff
CMI Approved Centre Roles
Internal Verifier
The Quality Assurance Process
The Programme Director must:
• Oversee the delivery, assessment and internal verification of CMI
• Ensure quality assurance to CMI requirements
• Be the main point of contact for the Centre
• Keep all centre staff informed of any CMI updates
The Quality Assurance Process
The Deliverers/Lecturers/Tutors must be:
• Qualified teachers or hold a CMI approved teaching qualification
• Qualified to the level they are delivering to or above
• Occupationally competent to teach the unit they are delivering
• Familiar with CMI units and qualifications
• Actively maintaining their occupational competence
The Quality Assurance Process
The Assessor must be:
• Qualified
And ensure:• They are occupationally competent to assess in the subject they
are assessing
• Familiar with CMI units and qualifications
• Actively maintaining their occupational competence
• Qualified to the level they are delivering to or above
The Quality Assurance Process
The Internal Verifier must:
• Hold Verification qualifications
And ensure:• The assessment is valid and consistent
• Consistent monitoring and sampling of assessment
• Accurate records of assessment and verification are kept
• Qualified to the level they are delivering to or above
CMI Quality Assurance
The role of an Awarding Body is to ensure:
• Units and qualifications meet regulatory requirements
• The delivery and assessment of its qualifications are compliant with
• CMI approved centres are meeting CMI requirements
CMI Quality Assurance (1)
The role of a Quality Manager is to ensure:
• The quality and consistency of CMI qualifications
• The centre are meeting the regulatory bodies quality and
monitoring requirements
• Approving Centre Staff
• If standards fall below CMI requirements an action plan will be
issued and a deadline agreed
CMI Quality Assurance (2)
The Quality Manager will:
• Be your main point of contact
• Visit your centre at least once a year
• Conduct an on-site audit using standardised pro formas
• Create an action plan for your centre
• Advise on Teaching, Learning and Assessment
• Work with you to ensure compliance with Awarding Body
CMI Quality Assurance Team
Quality Manager
Lead Moderator
Marking Process: Internally Marked/
IV’d by Centre & Moderated by CMI
Centre selects optional
units in PAR
Centre adds cohort
ready to upload
assessment for
Centre uploads
assessment brief, IV
feedback, learner
assesment and
assessor feedback
Moderator is alerted
that assessment has
been uploaded for
Moderator reviews
documents and either
agrees or disagrees
with Centre marking
If agreed, Centre is
alerted that
assessment has been
moderated and results
are signed off on PAR
If disagreed, Centre is alerted that
assessment has been moderated and
disagreed. Centre addresses issues based
on Moderator feedback
Marking Process Externally Set
and Externally Marked by CMI
CMI Approved Centre
sends assignment to be
marked externally
Assignment sent from
CMI to Regional Marker
for assessment
Marker assesses
assignment and sends to
Lead Moderator for
Results returned to CMI
Results returned to
Centre via email to
Centre Contact
Results updated
internally. Certificate
printed and posted as
Workshop – BDMs & QMs
Centre Support Documentation
All CMI Approved Centres have access to the following
support documents:
CMI Approved Centre Handbook
Assignment Briefs
Assessor Templates
IV Templates
HUB Guidance for each process
Learner Authenticity Statements
CMI Approved Centre Handbook
• http://www.managers.org.uk/sites/default/files/u47529/C
• This handbook gives guidance to help you to develop
your centre and helps to ensure that you are complying
with the requirements of both CMI and the regulatory
• It provides useful links to forms and policies on our
website to support your centre
• CMI contact details
• We recommend that you refer to this manual regularly as
many of our common queries are answered within it
On-line Approval Process
Sections 3 – 8 to be Completed
• Web based system – “The HUB”
• Allocated CMI Quality Manager to provide guidance
• Complimentary membership whilst completing the approval
• Supported by Customer Data Administrator – technical queries
• Guidance notes
Confirmation of Approval
• Email confirming approval agreed, followed by:
• Letter and declaration of approval
• Partnership agreement
• Group membership form
• Invoice
• Centre plaque
Approval Headings
1. Introduction and Guidance
2. Centre Details – please check for accuracy
3. Centre Management and Quality Assurance Systems
4. Centre Staff and Resources
5. Equality, Diversity, Health and Safety Related Policies
6. Learner Support
7. Programme, Assessment and Verification Plans
8. Staff Details and CV’s
Thank You and Welcome to CMI!

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