WORKSHOP : 2012. 7. 30(Mon.) ~ 8. 4(Sat.)
TOUR : 2012. 8.5(Mon.) ~ 8.11(Sat.)
Department of Architecture, Pusan National University, Korea
Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Oita University, Japan
Department of Architecture, Pusan National University, KOREA
Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Oita University, JAPAN
Department of Architecture & Urban Design, Kyushu University, JAPAN
School of Architecture & Urban Planning, Tongji University, CHINA
2012. 7. 30(Mon.)
16:30-17:00 : Check-in(Dormitory,PNU)
17:30-18:30 : Orientation(Lecture RM/930)
18:30-20:00 : Opening Ceremony & Welcome party(Design Studio1/935)
2012. 7. 31(Tue.)
07:30-08:30 : Breakfast
09:30-10:30 : Keynote(Lecture RM/930)
Think of again and again/東道西器 Prof. LEE Dong-Eon/Pusan
National University
10:40-11:30 : Site-visit(Mirinae Valley)
12:00-13:00 : Lunch
14:00-15:30 : Lectures(Auditorium/3F.)
15:30-18:00 : Workshop(Design Studio1/935)
18:00-19:00 : Dinner
19:00- : Workshop
2012. 8. 1(Wed.)
09:00-10:00 : Workshop
10:00-11:20 : Lecture(Prof. SATO Seiji, Prof. LEE Hoyeol)
11:30: Workshop
2012. 8. 2(Thu.)
09:00-15:00 : Workshop
15:00-18:00 : Presentation & Critique
18:00-19:00 : Dinner
19:00- : Workshop
2012. 8. 3(Fri.)
09:00: Workshop
2012. 8. 4(Sat.)
09:00-16:00: Workshop
16:00-17:00 : Exhibition
17:00-18:00 : Closing Ceremony
18:00-20:00 : Farewell party
2012. 8. 5(Sun.) - 2012. 8. 11(Sat.) : Post-workshop Tour
THEME - Think of 東道西器 again and again
An urban architecture, a folly, originated from the French folie, 'foolishness', also
known as eye catcher, can be described as 'a costly, generally nonfunctional building
that was erected to enhance a natural landscape.'
Why do we seem to believe that the definition of the folly is determined and
fixed although everything is changeable? According to Laotzu(老子), everything in
the earth is changing, because the world is changing permanently and constantly.
"There are ways but the Way is uncharted": there names but not nature in world:
Names indeed is source of creation. In order to be re-created all in the world is in
deconstruction and recreation. Therefore everything is transforming into something.
Often, folly's appearance is its only purpose in the western culture. The meaning of a
folly is stable. However, in the east the meaning of folly is indeterminable. For
example the Gwangju(光州) Design Biennale 2011 an Urban Folly is defined as an
architecture that can contributes to urban regeneration with a function of a public
space beyond the function entailed in the original definition of a folly. Urban Folly, an
exhibition presented as part of the Gwangju Design Biennale 2011.
The appearance of follies is in no longer their sole purpose but indeterminable
purposes. We can affirm that the indeterminable meanings of folly come from
combining Tao with a folly in Limitless situations.
In conclusion this project is to combine Tao with a folly located at one - five
points along Mirinae(Milky) Valley. Consider the materials that are handed out to you.
You can express the theme in your own unique and creative way. The
presentation shall be on a presentation panel with a scaled model.
[Design Program]
A design shall propose a folly or a cluster(or series) of follies located at one
-five points along Mirinae(Milky) Valley.
[Final Presentation Panel]
The size of the presentation panel is 600 ×900 (㎜ ㎜ one panel per team).
In principal, texts on the panel shall be written in English. The team number
should be in the upper right-hand corner of the panel. Sketches with various
kinds of pens and inks as well as computer generated images are highly
recommended in the presentation. The presentation method will be not
limited but open to your own unique and creative way. Foam boards and
drawing sheets for the presentation panel will be available at the workshop.
[Model Presentation]
The basic materials for model will be available. You can bring your own
materials for model. The size of the model presentation is smaller than 600
Prof. SATO Seiji佐藤誠治・M・Department of Architecture・Oita Univ.
Prof. SAKAI Takeru坂井猛・M・Department of Architecture・Kyushu Univ.
Dr. HIMENO Yuka姫野由香・F・Department of Architecture・Oita Univ.
Dr. MINOURA Eiko箕浦永子・F・Department of Architecture・Kyushu Univ.
Prof. Chen Jing陈静・F・Department of Landscape Architecture・Tongji Univ.
Miss. Ding Xuesong丁雪松・F・CAUP・Tongji Univ.
Prof. PARK Chang-bae, Department of Architecture, Pusan National Univ. /Dean
Prof. LEE Inhee, Department of Architecture, Pusan National Univ. /Coordinator
[JAPAN ] Oita+Kyushu Univ.
ISHIKAWA Yuki石川友樹・M・M2・[email protected]・Oita University
OKAMOTO Masaru岡本大・M・M1・[email protected]・Oita University
NAKADA Tatsuya中田達也・M・M1・[email protected]・Kyushu University
ISEKI Takayuki井関崇之・M・M2・[email protected]・Oita University
DOBASHI Yoshiaki土橋義章・M・M1・[email protected]・Oita University
KOJIMA Yuki兒島有紀・M・M1・[email protected]・Kyushu University
IWATA Kazuya岩田和哉・M・M2・[email protected]・Oita University
HIGUCHI Natsuki樋口夏希・F・M1・[email protected]・Oita University
SUEYOSHI Yuki末吉祐樹・M・M2・[email protected]・Kyushu University
MORISHITA Yasutaka森下泰敬・M・M2・[email protected]・Oita University
MATSUMOTO Ayaka松本彩花・F・M1・[email protected]・Oita University・manager
MISAKI Teruhiro三崎輝寛・M・M1・[email protected]・Kyushu University
AOYAGI Naoki青柳直希・M・M1・[email protected]・Oita University
HATANAKA Shinji畑中信二・M・M1・[email protected] ・Oita University
MIYOSHI Kazuki三吉和希・M・M1・[email protected]・Kyushu University
[CHINA ] Tongji Univ.
YANG Ting杨汀・F・1・[email protected]・Urban Planning・Tongji University
ZHANG Pu张谱・F・3・[email protected]・Architecture・Tongji University
YANG Gejun杨戈骏・M・3・[email protected]・Landscape Architecture・Tongji University
ZHANG Lu张璐・F・2・[email protected]・Urban Planning・Tongji University
GUAN Jinjin管金谨・F・3・[email protected]・Landscape Architecture・Tongji University
HU Hongyuan胡鸿远・M・3・[email protected]・Architecture・Tongji University
PAN Si潘思・M・2・[email protected]・Architecture・Tongji University
HE Yumeng何宇梦・F・3・[email protected]・Urban Planning・Tongji University
HUANG Shiqi黄诗琪・F・3・[email protected]・Landscape Architecture・Tongji University
ZHANG Lina章丽娜・F・3・[email protected]・Urban Planning・Tongji University
AN Qi安琪・F・2・[email protected]・Landscape Architecture・Tongji University
LU Zhengyang卢政阳・F・3・[email protected]・Architecture・Tongji University
[KOREA ] Pusan National Univ.
Choi Hyun-jin・F・4・010 3423 4023・[email protected]・Pusan National University
Cha Seong-wook・M・3・010 8746 4678・[email protected]・Pusan National University
Kim Yeon-ho・M・3・010 3342 1781・[email protected]・Pusan National University
Park Ji-youn・F・4・010 4830 0343・[email protected]・Pusan National University
Ha Mi-won・F・3・010 2887 4035・[email protected]・Pusan National University
Pyo Ji-eun・F・3・010 3151 4190・[email protected]・Pusan National University
Wang Wei・M・3・010 4168 1860・[email protected]・Pusan National University
Kang Ki-hoon・M・3・010 9606 5042・[email protected]・Pusan National University
Kim Ji-eun・F・4・010 7156 5229 [email protected]・Pusan National University
Jung Ah-reum・F・3・010 4788 8676・[email protected]・Pusan National University
Park Jeong-hoon・M・3・010 5767 8132・[email protected]・Pusan National University
Kim Eun-seon・F・3・010 4503 6747・[email protected]・Pusan National University
Park Jee-eun・F・3・010 2553 6706・[email protected]・Pusan National University
Kim Min-ju・F・3・010.8521.7386・[email protected]・Pusan National University
BYEON Hwa-um・F・4・010-8011-1220・[email protected]・Pusan National University
LEE Ji-won・F・4・010-3439-9600・[email protected]・Pusan National University
OH Young-seok・M・2・010-9990-0866・[email protected]・Pusan National University
PARK Young-chan・M・4・010-2551-1080・[email protected]・Pusan National University
CHOI Yeong-a・F・M1・010-8261-0511・[email protected]・Pusan National University
♣poet promenade...(1)
Working on empty pedal.-Listen to the Song of Bike.1
There goes two rolling silver wheels
No engines, no oils
Only with two legs
There is emptiness in the middle of the two silver wheels
Emptiness makes spokes and pedals exist
and makes it useful
The energy of emptiness makes a bike go forward
I always wanted to be like the empty center of the silver wheels
I have been dreaming
Like those silver spokes gathered in the center
and make a bike go forward,
my imagination would be dedicated to the empty center
So that out of the mundane world I could run a round wheel of splendid poetry
Oh, the emptiness in the wheel makes me work hopeful pedal constantly
the emptiness that forms inside of the wheel
makes me sing a life, round like silver wheel
Through the empty center in rolling silver wheel
there goes manifest sky, fierce wind
A Roc's wings come and go
♣poet promenade...(2)
The Road of Salmon.
Turning back.
That's the movement of road.(Tao)
The lain grasses get up,
the birds fold their spreaded wings,
the water reverts to the raindrops and go to the root,
and we memorize.
The salmons go up rough streams.
Where do the salmons go with overtaking the world?
the death is stiff.
the life is weak and soft.
the salmons bounce, the salmon bounce.
Hey, movement of the road. Can't you hear?
Can't you hear the crying of the first baby of the world?
A-Studio :
B-Studio :
C-Studio :
Prof. SATO + Dr. HIMENO Yuka・Oita Univ.
Prof. Chen Jing+Miss. Ding Xuesong・Tongji Univ.
Dr. MINOURA Eiko・Kyushu Univ.+ Prof. PARK Chang-bae・PNU
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