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Introduction to
National Science Learning Centre
and National STEM Centre
Yvonne Baker
Chief Executive Myscience and
Director, National Science Learning Centre
The Case for STEM
“STEM sectors enjoy higher than average productivity, and 65 per cent of UK
exports are from high tech firms. High level STEM skills support advanced
research and innovation, so contributing to economic growth. High level
STEM skills therefore contribute disproportionately to GVA, and to the UK’s
international economic competitiveness. “
The supply of and demand for high-level STEM Skills, UKCES December 2011
“Three out of four (72%) of businesses rely on people with STEM skills ….
STEM study opens doors to a range of exciting opportunities by developing
generic skills which are valued by all businesses, as well as the technical
competencies needed for specific occupations. Seven in ten employers (69%)
value the analytical skills, and 61% the problem-solving skills, developed
through rigorous a education in science, maths and engineering.”
CBI Education and Skills survey, 2010
STEM is an international issue
The UK is making progress,
but more to be done
- Professor Sir Gareth Roberts “Set for Success” report
- STEM Ambassadors programme established
2003/4 - National network of Science Learning Centres founded
by DfE and Wellcome Trust
- National Science Learning Centre opens its doors
- National Centre for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics
(NCETM) begins work
- National STEM Centre opened
- Big Bang Fair piloted
Enthusing young people is
vital, but teachers remain key
• “No education system can exceed the quality of
its teachers” – McKinsey 2007
• “The future of science depends on the quality of
science teaching today.” – Wellcome Trust
• “The best science teachers … set out to ‘first
maintain curiosity’ in their pupils.” - Ofsted, 2013.
The National Science Learning Centre
• Purpose-built facility on
University of York campus
• Managed by Ltd,
jointly owned by Universities of
York, Leeds, Sheffield and
Sheffield Hallam
• Residential facilities as well as
high quality laboratories and
teaching rooms.
• Aim – to give teachers and
technicians access to high
quality, subject specific CPD
throughout their careers
• Unique partnership of government, charitable trusts,
employers and professional institutions, supporting
teachers’ engagement in STEM-specific CPD
• Current partners – BAE Systems, BP, Rolls-Royce,
Department for Education, Wellcome Trust, IMechE
• Supports teachers’ interaction with NSLC through
– ENTHUSE Bursaries – contributing towards costs
of participation in NSLC CPD
– Supporting CPD in Scotland, Wales and Northern
– Partners’ involvement in CPD events
– Teacher recognition scheme and Alumni
– ENTHUSE Awards and Celebration Event –
recognising and celebrating great STEM teaching
across the UK
• Since being established in 2008
– Over 10,000 teachers and technicians received
– 72% of all UK state-funded secondary schools
– Over 4,000 UK schools reached
• Future priorities include reaching those schools
which need help the most, primary education and
support for vocational routes.
Along with other support, ENTHUSE
is making a real difference
A level entries
1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
Biology (16-18)
Chemistry (16-18)
Physics (16-18)
Science Learning
Centres opened
An increasing body of evidence showing positive impacts on
teachers, schools and ultimately young people –
• Teachers
– Increased confidence and enhanced subject knowledge
– Improved retention and, in some cases, career progression
– Increased uptake of STEM post-16
– STEM as a context across the school/college
Young people
– Improved achievement in STEM
– More likely to pursue STEM
– Better understanding of ‘where STEM can take you’’
Much has been achieved but
there is more to be done ….
• increasing need for STEM educated workforce in all
• continuing concerns over supply of STEM skills
• ‘big challenges’ – energy, climate, food security, transport,
rebalancing the economy
• changing education landscape – keeping science education,
and STEM careers, high on headteachers’ agendas
That is why the NSLC, and the teachers and schools with which
we work, are so grateful to the IMechE and other partners for
your support.
National STEM Centre
• Co-located with National
Science Learning Centre
at University of York
• Aim - to provide easy, free
of charge access to highquality resources,
information and guidance
to support teachers in
enhancing young people’s
engagement with STEM
subjects – Science,
Technology, Engineering
and Mathematics.
The National STEM Centre
now has…
• Over 8,000 digitised, quality assured resources on
its eLibrary – all of which have been assessed by
education specialists and are curriculum linked
• More than 25,000 resources in a physical resource
Centre and archive – all freely available to view / try
out by teachers of STEM subjects, trainee teachers
and others wishing to support STEM
• In excess of 80,000 hits per month on the website
• 65,500 registered users from all phases of
Working with IMechE and its
• Valued partner in Project ENTHUSE –
– Enabling more teachers and technicians to benefit from
subject-specific CPD
– Contributions to NSLC courses and other events.
– Working with ENTHUSE partners to support STEM
education across UK.
Resources to disseminate through National STEM Centre
Continuing to raising the profile of STEM, and in particular
STEM careers with young people, teachers, families and
policy makers.
For more details/to get involved,
please feel free to contact –
• Yvonne Baker, Chief Executive
• E-mail:
[email protected]
• Gemma Taylor, Technology CPD Lead
• E-mail:
[email protected]

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