2006 Pontiac G6 Case Study No Generic Communication

2006 Pontiac G6 - No Generic
2006 Pontiac G6
This vehicle was located at
Haggerty Buick Pontiac.
The concern is that the vehicle will
communicate with the tech 2
scantool, but would not
communicate with APPLUS
2006 Pontiac G6
2006 Pontiac G6
The first step is to review
communication schematics for the
vehicle you are working on.
This is a GMLAN communication
Data Link Communications
2006 Pontiac G6
The second step is to OHM test
between DLC pins 6 and 14.
A BOB was attached to the vehicle
at the DLC.
The ohm value we would like to see
is 60 ohms.
2006 Pontiac G6
The red ohmmeter lead was placed
in pin 6 and the black lead was
placed in pin 14.
The ohm value noted on the
DVOM was .505 Mohms or 505,000
2006 Pontiac G6
The third step is to locate any
modules that may house the
terminating resistors.
The BCM and PCM have been
located and identified as these
Powertrain Control Module
Body Control Module
2006 Pontiac G6
The BCM C2 was then
disconnected with the connector to
the PCM left intact.
The ohm value on the DVOM was
120 ohms. (correct)
Disconnect at the BCM
2006 Pontiac G6
The BCM was then re-connected
and the PCM C3 connector
The ohm value on the DVOM was
120 ohms. (correct)
The PCM connector was
then re-installed. Generic
communication was
There will be rare cases where a
simple disconnect and re-connect
may solve a communication issue .
It is interesting to note that this
was the first request for testing on
this subject vehicle.
No further concerns or issues were
Generic communication has been
Monitors must run and pass before
returning to the emissions test

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