Scholarship Instructions

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2013-2014 USC Alumni Association
Scholarship Awards
[email protected]
Powered by:
Scholarship applications are available at:
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Program Overview
Brandon Tsubaki
Associate Director, Student Outreach
USC Alumni Association
| 3
Financial Aid Office
Thomas McWhorter, Dean of Financial Aid
Eileen Brzozowski, Assistant Director, Fiscal Program and Integrity
Jose Hernandez, Assistant Director, Aid Coordination
Christina Tangalakis, Senior Assistant Director, Financial Aid
| 4
Advertising Efforts
Outreach to:
• Academic Departments
• Student Affairs Departments
• Parent Groups
Relevant Alumni Publications:
• Around Town advertisements
• USConnection
Daily Trojan advertisements
Social Media
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Scholarship Timeline
October 1st: Scholarship application live for students
December 5th: Scholarship Training Teleconference
Mid-December: Fall Scholarship Statements are distributed
February 1st:
• Deadline for scholarship prefunds
• Deadline for student applications
• February-April: Optional interview period
• April 19th: Scholarship Nomination Forms due
• Late nominations forms will NOT be considered
• Early June: Clubs receive a list of approved scholarship
| 6
Nomination Form
| 7
Student Requirements
Current undergraduate student at USC
Full-time student (12 credit hours or more)
Completed at least one semester
Must have a USC GPA of 3.0 or higher
| 8
Type the URL into your browser navbar:
Username and password will be emailed to
clubs mid-January after receipt of full Prefund
| 9
Hover the mouse over “Alumni Association
Scholarship Application” to display the
“Entries” button.
Click “entries” to see all scholarship entries.
| 10
CLICK the GREEN square with a + in the
middle. This will bring up various search
fields to choose from.
| 11
Use the scroll bar to find your organization’s name.
CLICK your organization’s name so that a GREEN check mark
is next to it.
Go down the list and click any other fields you would like to
see. (i.e. First Name, Last Name)
| 12
Click the GREEN square again and the field box will
Click your organization’s name 2 times to populate your
applications. In the example below one would click “Town
and Gown Jr. Auxiliary of Orange County”.
| 13
Your applications are now populated.
To view an application click the appropriate row. Visible
fields will depend on what information you clicked to be
In the case below First Name, Last Name and the
organization’s name was selected.
| 14
Verify that the application is indeed for your club.
In this case, the application is indeed a Town and Gown Jr.
Auxiliary of Orange County application.
| 15
Use the scroll-bar to
scroll down to view the
rest of the application.
| 16
Using the buttons in the top-right
corner, you can email the application
to a colleague or print it for your
| 17
After February 1st, you may begin sending Alumni Nomination Forms to
[email protected] as soon as your recipients are
finalized. Please allow up to 3- 4 weeks for a response from the time
you submit your nomination.
Please note that all Nomination Forms must be submitted by April 19th.
Each organization may not contact its award recipients regarding the
intended award until the award has been approved by FAO and
| 18
Interviewing Tips
Alex Chang
Associate Director
Asian Pacific Alumni Association
| 19
USC Alumni Association Scholarships
[email protected]
Scholarship applications are available at:

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