Stell - Brownsville Independent School District

BISD is rated overall Recognized for Community and Student Engagement*
Stell M.S.
is an overall
Exemplary Campus
under House Bill 5
Community and Student Engagement
* House Bill 5, Section 46; Texas Education Code Section 39.0545
Fine Arts Program
Bands include:
Symphonic, Concert,
Jazz band, Tenor Bass,
Junior Varsity,
Choirs include:
6th grade, Junior
Varsity, Varsity,
Varsity Mixed
Ballroom dance, Art 2
16 students placed in
Jr. VASE, 12 student
placed in the BISD Art
competition, 21
students chosen for
All-Region Choir, 48
students chosen for
Solo/Ensemble Choir
Stell Middle School, Luis G. Segura, Principal
Wellness and Physical
Education Programs
100% support for Red
Ribbon Week
95% student participation in
Students participated in the
following events Cycobia,
Pedal to Padre, Hooked for
Life, and 5K Runs: Dolphin
5K, Red Ant 5K, Harmony 5K
Students checked for
Employees offered Flu
vaccines, Blue Cross/Blue
Shield Health Screens
Food Services students were
served a nutritious breakfast
and lunch each day
Afterschool snacks were
provided to students
involved in afterschool
educational classes
Stell Middle School, Luis G. Segura, Principal
Community and
Parent activities were regularly held
and contacted via School
Messenger, emails, eSchool+ Home
Access, and flyers for preparation of
students for the STAAR
STAAR rallies
Classroom 101 used by teachers to
maintain communication with
Data, Title 1, TLI, SBDM, and CBLT
meetings held including parents
Academic/Assessment tutorials and
Accelerated instruction
opportunities targeting all students
regularly held
StellMS participated in: Community
Food Drives, Literacy Nights, Author
signings, Fall/Spring Early
Childhood Symposiums, Coat Drive,
Toy Drive, various 5K runs,
Fall/Spring Open Houses, Fall “Meet
the Teacher” night
Stell Middle School, Luis G. Segura, Principal
21st Century
StellMS student
participated in
College Awareness
Night, University
Day, High School
Magnet Program
Personal Growth
Plans (PGPs) were
created and copies
sent to parents for
all StellMS students
Author Readings and
book signings
Principal for a Day
Stell Middle School, Luis G. Segura, Principal
Dropout Prevention
96.8% attendance rate
for all students
95% attendance rate for
At-Risk students
Retention rate for student
less than 11%
At least 80% or more of
At-Risk student
participated in one or
more of these
interventions: BAC, BLA,
Lincoln Park, RTi, SSI,
Dyslexia Program, AtRisk Counselor, CIS Site
coordinator, Living with
Science, Compass
Learning, Think Through
Math and iStation
Stell Middle School, Luis G. Segura, Principal
Second Language
StellMS proudly participated in Charro Days
parade and BISD Children’s Parade,,
showcasing our Band, Cheerleaders, and
Dance Team
All students participated in the StellMS Pow
Wow celebration, and Black Heritage Month
ELAR curriculum and Teen Read week
activities provided further awareness for our
multi-cultural country
ELL students used computer assisted
interventions such as, Rosetta Stone,
Accelerated Reader, iStation, Think Through
Math, Living with Science, Compass Learning
ELAR teachers utilized SIOP strategies to
maximize all students achievement
Writing portfolios, interactive notebooks, and
exit tickets were required in all core subject
TLI teacher specialist met with parents
during weekly parental involvement
meetings, Fall/Spring district Bilingual
meetings, Fall/Spring Open House to discuss
Fluency goals, present strategies that can be
used at home to encourage fluency, and
strategies to assist with homework
Stell Middle School, Luis G. Segura, Principal
Digital Learning
StellMS faculty and staff participated in
Campus staff were trained and integrated
the following software: Eduphoria, Tango
Central, etazo, Tango Electric BeanStalk,
Think Through Math, Accelerated Reader,
Aware, Review360, Project share and
Students used, on a weekly basis: Think
Through Math, iStation, Compass
Learning, Rosetta Stone, etazo
US History, Science and Mathematics
classrooms integrated clickers, Socratic
(online response system using cellular
phones and/or iPads) as well as handheld
calculators in Mathematics class
Faculty and staff completed online
modules through Review360 on topics
including CyberBulling
Counseling staff provided classroom and
parental presentations and training to
students and parents/guardians
Students formed and anti-bullying club,
Warriors4Peace to promote anti-bullying
StellMS maintained a website to
disseminate information via the internet
Parents where encouraged to sign-up for
eSchoolPlus Home Access to promote
communication with teachers and monitor
their child’ academic performance and
Stell Middle School, Luis G. Segura, Principal
Gifted and
Talented Program
StellMS students were
showcased in: Brainsville
Competition, History Fair, One
Act Play, Destination
Imagination, Math Meet,
Robotics Competitions, and
various Chess tournaments
Opportunities existed for all
staff to participate in
Professional Development
opportunities for on-going G/T
BISD and StellMS G/T Program
was discussed with parents to
encourage nomination and
parental involvement during the
Fall and Spring Open House,
parental involvement meetings
and academic team meetings
Stell Middle School, Luis G. Segura, Principal

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