“Sucker” by Carson McCullers

By Carson McCullers
“Sucker” by Carson McCullers
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and read for homeworkMonday, May 6, 2013
** Answer & Discuss Prereading Questions
Pre-reading Questions
1. Why are people attracted to people who are not
attracted to them?
2. Why do we sometimes pick on those who are
younger than we are?
3. Why do people often look to others for affirmation
of their own worth?
4. What would you like and not like about having
someone admire you unquestioningly and believe
everything that you say?
5. Why are some mean words harder to forgive than
6. What kind of person would you call a “sucker”?
Directed Notes: Complete While Reading
Mark places where Pete says or does
something that shows he is growing up.
Follow- up question:
How does this show that Pete is growing up?
Interpreting Words & Concepts
• feeling ashamed or disgraced
• having one’s pride, dignity, or status lowered
1. What is humiliating about the way
Maybelle treats Pete?
2. Do you think Sucker felt humiliated by
Pete’s bad treatment of him when he was a
little kid?
3. Why is Pete’s attack on Sucker after he breaks up
with Maybelle so humiliating for Sucker?
Interpretive Questions for Shared
Inquiry & Discussion
Why does Pete feel so bad about what happens
between him and Sucker, when he didn’t seem to
care much about Sucker before?

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