You can still apply for a parking permit, but it not be granted until you

Welcome to John Jay High School’s
Teen Driving Night
Teen Driving…A Family Affair ©
Presented by CAPE
Attendance at this presentation is mandatory for students wishing to obtain a parking
permit in September, 2011.
*** Due to the sensitive nature of the content of this program, some
material may not be suitable for young children.***
Thank you…
 For setting your cell phone to silence
 For your attention as we learn this important
material together
 For remaining seated
 Special thanks to CAPE, Our Speakers, & Our
Volunteers & Staff who have made this night
Students interested in obtaining a parking pass for the John Jay High School
student parking lot must meet the following criteria:
 Students must be in Grade 12 during the 2011-2012 school year.
 You must be a licensed driver in the state of New York.
 Complete and turn in an application with a copy of your license and
registration. Applications will be available at the conclusion of Teen Driving
Night 5/19/2011 and are online at
 If you lose your application, you can go online to print a new one out.
Criteria continued
 You need to be academically eligible, have acceptable attendance and discipline.
Academically eligible means not more than two (2) failed courses during quarter 4 of Jr. year, an
overall average of 70.
 Acceptable attendance means not more than 10 illegal cuts from classes (including study
hall) during quarter 4 and not more than 5 illegal truancies from the school day during
quarter 4 of Jr. Year.
 Acceptable discipline means no major disciplinary infractions, involvement in end of year
negative behavior, repeated suspensions including in school suspensions.
 You also are responsible for illegal parking violations. Students have been told NOT to park on
campus illegally many times --beginning in September of 2010. Students who parked illegally
on campus during the year as juniors were contacted, may have received a referral and the
parking violation was noted. Each parking violation will result in 1 school week of parking
ineligibility. Week one begins Sept. 6, 2011. (Example, a student who parked illegally 3 times
is not be eligible to park until Monday September 26th, 2011.)
Criteria continued
•Attend the “Teen Driving…A Family Affair” class with a parent/guardian
(provided for free by the Council for Addiction Prevention and Education).
•Your library book fines, and text book returns need to be in as well.
Application packets will be available as you
leave tonight’s presentation.
You can turn them into Mrs. Mulvey in
Attendance (Room 154) beginning tomorrow.
Parking permit letters will be mailed home by
August 1st.
•Are the parking passes first come first serve? What if my birthday is later and I
haven’t taken my road test yet? Yes! You can apply and there WILL be a pass for
you. You can still apply for a parking permit, but it not be granted until you turn in a
copy of your driver’s license. We will keep your information on file for you.
•If I am ineligible/denied for a parking pass what can I do? Will I ever be
able to get a parking pass? If you are denied your parking pass, there will
be directions you will need to follow in your letter. You will be able to get your
pass. You will need to make other arrangements to arrive to school on time, or
take the school bus. You will need to follow the directions in your letter so you
can get approved as soon as possible. Parking on campus without a pass will
only result in further denial of your permit.
 What happens if I have a parking pass but need to use a different car that
day/switch cars/get a new car? Don’t forget to take your sticker out of your car!
You will need to see Mrs. Mulvey with the registration of your new vehicle before
school, so she can reassign the sticker to your new car.
If you are unable to recover your parking sticker for some reason, see Mrs. Mulvey with
your new registration, she will issue you a paper permit which you must display on your
 What do I do if I lose my parking pass? See Mrs. Mulvey in room 154 first thing
in the morning.
 Where can I park? ONLY BETWEEN WHITE LINES. There is a map included
in the parking packet you will get tonight.
 Can I share my parking pass? NEVER share your pass for safety reasons. If you
share/give away your pass, you will lose your privilege.
 Will my parking sticker come off of my window? Yes!
 What do I do if I come in and can’t find a parking space due to snow one day?
See an SSO in the parking lot and he will help you. Do not create your own

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