Poster Session Slides

Electronics Box
Compiled by Phyllis Davis,
Head of Youth Services
of the Matteson Public Library
Basic Electronics
Exposing kids to electronics at a young age can
help to interest them in STEM-related fields.
Using kits that do not require soldering is a
library-friendly way to help kids develop skills.
Using “smart” kits to support learning at early
stages helps kids to gain confidence and the
willingness to take new risks and try new things.
12 Snap Circuits Jr. kits
(for teaching classes of 24 children age 8 and up!)
Basic electronics photos courtesy of
2 Additional Kits donated by Elenco!
75 in 1 Electronics Lab
Little Bits
are a set of 10 color-coded modules that snap
together magnetically to create larger circuits
Photo courtesy of
• This field combines sewing and electronics.
• It attracts girls to electronics, computer
programming, and engineering.
• Sparkfun will be sponsoring Makerbox in
July by providing us with E –Textile
components for workshops and open
Basic Equipment
All e-textile photos courtesy of
LilyPad (Arduino)
Sparkfun Inventor’s Kit
for Arduino
Uses the same microcontroller as lilypad and requires no soldering
Squishy Circuits
• This project uses a non-toxic playdoh-like
substance to conduct electricity.
• The “dough” is made from a recipe of common
household ingredients.
• This is a cheap, fun, and colorful project that
can be used safely with very young children.
Squishy Circuits Kit
Pictures courtesy of

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