Jackie Robinson

An Autobiography of Jackie Robinson,
I Never Had It Made
by Jackie Robinson
as told to Alfred Duckett
By Nolan Lamb
Jackie Robinson’s Timeline
• 1919- Jack Roosevelt Robinson was born on
January 31, 1919.
• 1920 -Jackie moves to Pasadena, CA
• 1937- Enrolls in Pasadena Junior College
• 1941- Leaves college plays for Honolulu Bears
in an segregated Minor Football League.
• 1942- Gets into the Army.
Jackie Robinson’s Timeline
• 1945-Joins Kansas City Monarchs ,meets Branch
Ricky and signs a big contract with Montreal
Royals. Branch Ricky is the Manager of the
Brooklyn Dodgers.
• 1946- Marries Rachel Isum and had Jackie Jr.
• 1949- Receives most Valuable Player Award.
• 1950 -Sharon Robinson was born.
• 1952- Son David Robinson was born.
• 1955- Dodgers win World Series.
Jackie Robinson’s Timeline
1957- Robinson retires from baseball.
1962- Introduce into the Hall of Fame.
1968- Jackie's mom dies.
1969-Jackie Jr returns from Vietnam wounded
and started taken drugs and.
• 1971- Jackie Jr dies in a car crash.
• 1972-Jackie dies
• 1997-Major League Baseball retires the number
42 league wide
Famous Quote from Jackie Robinson
Jackie Robinson Number Retired
• Book used
Jackie Robinson, An Autobiography “I Never
Had it Made”, as to Alfred Duckett

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