Saint Thomas Academy Jr. Gold Hockey

Saint Thomas Academy
Jr. Gold Hockey
2013-2014 Season
Information Packet
Program Overview
• Saint Thomas Academy support
– The Academy fully supports the Jr. Gold Hockey program
and encourages the boys to participate
– All players are required to follow the Saint Thomas
Academy athletic eligibility and chemical use policies
• The team plays under Sibley Area Youth Hockey
Association in District 8
– Those who played youth hockey in a different association
will need to get a waiver. Please let me know ASAP if this
applies to you
• Forms needed in order to get on the ice for the first time
– USA Hockey registration confirmation page
• must be done before he gets on the ice or you will need to sign a Waiver of Liability Form
Copy of your Birth Certificate if you did not play with District 8 last year
Contact Information Form
Consent to Treat
Code of Conduct – Player
Code of Conduct – Parent
Waiver from home association
• This is needed if you have not played for the Sibley Area Youth Hockey Association
• Contact your home association president and tell them that you need a “Waiver for School
Attendance”. They will get you the form with their signature. If your home association is not
within District 8, you will also need to get your District Director’s signature. Once you have
those two, I will get the rest of the form completed.
Season Overview
• Teams will be on the ice an average of 3 times per
week for practices and games
• We will play 16 league games and 2 tournaments and
the district tournament at the end of February.
– If we have an A team or 16U team, they will play 24 league
games with one tournament and depending on standings
may qualify for the post season tournament.
• All skaters are required to take the concussion pretesting.
– Please follow the instructions on the separate email you
received from the school
Tryout Process
• We plan to form two (2) Jr. Gold teams
– Based on ability, we will form an A or B team and a 16U
team. This will be decided during the tryout process
• Please contact Monica Strout @
/ if you/your son is
[email protected]
interested in the Jr. Gold program
• We will attempt to have a spot for each skater but
may need to make cuts based on the number of
• Eligibility: DOB prior to 6/30/98
Tryout Calendar
• Tryouts are held at Saint Thomas Ice Arena
– 11/10/12 @ 4:10pm – 5:10pm
– 11/16/12 @ 4:30pm – 5:30pm
– 11/17/12 @ 4:10pm – 5:10pm
• Bring a plain dark and light jersey to tryouts
• If you are trying out for the high school team and
don’t end up on the roster, please contact me so
we can get you evaluated.
Season Costs
• $1,000
– Covers all practice ice, games, tournaments, and
registration and administrative costs
– $500 due at registration/tryouts
– $500 due by December 16
– Limited need based aid may be available
• The Jr. Gold hockey program runs on the volunteer
efforts of the parents. We need a lot of volunteers to
make this a successful season.
• Key positions that your team will need:
Team Manager
Clock, Score sheet, Penalty Box
Head Coach for 16U
Assistant Coaches for both teams
Many other positions within the team
If you have any questions please contact
Monica Strout
STA Jr Gold Program Coordinator
[email protected]
Saint Thomas Academy enforces the following policy:
During the calendar year, regardless of the quantity, a student shall not: (1) use or possess a beverage
containing alcohol; (2) use or possess tobacco or smokeless tobacco; or, (3) use, consume, have in possession,
buy, sell or give away any other controlled substance.
1. The bylaw applies to the 12-month calendar year.
2. It is not a violation for a student to be in possession of a controlled substance specifically prescribed for his
use and the school nurse has been notified that the student has the substance in his possession.
3. A violation may affect a student’s status on a team.
First Violation: After confirmation of the first violation, the student loses eligibility for the next two consecutive
interscholastic contests or two weeks of a season in which the student is a participant, whichever is greater. No
exception is permitted for a student who becomes a participant in a treatment program.
Second and Subsequent Violations: After confirmation of the second or subsequent violation, the student
loses eligibility for the next 12 consecutive interscholastic contests in which the student is a participant or four
weeks, whichever is greater.
Denial Disqualification: A student is disqualified from all inter-scholastic athletics for nine additional weeks
beyond the student’s original period of ineligibility when the student denies violation of the rules, is allowed to
participate and then is subsequently
found guilty of the violation.
If a student has a confirmed chemical violation (tobacco, alcohol, and/or controlled substance), he is not
permitted to serve as a team captain during the school year the violation occurs and the following school year.
The school year begins on the first day of the first athletic practice in the month of August.

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