drugs and alcohol power point

Alcohol/Drug Addiction
Types of Addiction
• Tobacco
• Alcohol
• Drugs
*Natural high
Alcohol and Your Body
• Types of Alcoholic Beverages
– Fermentation
– Ethanol, Methanol, etc…
• Alcohol in Your Body
– Central Nervous System(CNS)- consists of the brain, and
spinal cord
– Depressant- a drug that slows body functioning.
• Alcohol and Your Brain
• Alcohol in the Blood
– Blood Alcohol Concentration(BAC)- is the amount of
alcohol in the bloodstream
• Individual Reactions to Alcohol
Immediate Effects of Alcohol
• Losing control
– Intoxication- is the physical and mental changes
produced by drinking alcohol.
– Alcohol poisoning- the damage to physical health
caused by drinking too much alcohol. Can be
– Hangover- the uncomfortable physical effects
caused by alcohol use, including headache,
dizziness, stomach upset, nausea, and vomitting
• Injury and Harm
Long-term Effects of Alcohol
• Alcohol’s effects
– Cirrhosis- a deadly disease that replaces healthy liver
tissue with useless scar tissue
– Tolerance- a condition in which a person needs more of a
drug to feel the original effects of the drug
– Alcohol abuse- the inability to drink in moderation or at
appropriate times
• Alcohol and Pregnancy
– Fetal Alcohol Syndrome(FAS)- may include mental
retardation, organ abnormalities, and learning and
behavioral problems.
Alcohol and Decision Making
• Alcohol Influences Social Decisions
– Inhibition- a mental process that restrains your actions, emotions, and
• Alcohol and Violence
• Alcohol, Driving, and Injuries
– A Deadly Decision
• Reaction time- the amount of time from the instant your brain
detects an external stimulus until the moment you respond
• Pressure to Drink-Internal/External
• Deciding not to Drink
– Stopping the Injuries
• Physical Dependence
• Psychological Dependence
– Alcoholism- a disease in which a person is physically and
psychologically dependent on alcohol.(chronic Illness)
– Physical Dependence- the body’s chemical need for a drug
• Factors that Contribute to Alcoholism
• Overcoming Alcoholism
– Recovery- learning to live without alcohol.
What Are Drugs?/Drugs as medicine
• What is a drug?
– Drug- any chemical substance that causes a change in a person’s
physical or psychological state
• How drugs enter your body
• Prescription Medicine
– Medicine that can be bought only with a written order from a doctor
• Over-the-Counter Medicine
– Any medicine that can be bought without a prescription
• Drug Interactions
• Side effects and Drug Allergies
Drug Abuse and Addiction
• Drug Addiction
– The uncontrollable us of a drug
– Drug abuse- the misuse of a drug on purpose or the use of any illegal
– Dependence- needing the drug in order to function properly.
• Physical Dependence
– The body’s chemical need for a drug
• Psychological Dependence
– A person’s emotional or mental need for a drug
• Drug addiction and Relationships
• School Problems due to drugs addiction
• The cost of drug addiction
Stimulants and Depressants
– Any drug that increases the body’s activity
Cocaine and crack cocaine
– Any drug that decreases activity in the body
– What is Marijuana?
The dried flowers and leaves of the Cannabis Plant
Many names
Effects are different from person to person
Tetrahydrocannabinol(THC)- the active substance in Marijuana
– The Long-term Effects of Marijuana
Decrease ability to think and concentrate
Decrease energy
Same effects as Cigarettes
Opiates, Hallucinogens, Inhalants, and Designer Drugs
What are opiates?
Any drug that is produces from the milk of the opium poppy
Extremely Addictive(Strong high)
Hard to break addictions(Withdrawal)
Have many medical uses(but still misused)
Example- Heroin
What are hallucinogens and inhalants?
– Hallucinogens-Any drug that causes a person to hallucinate
– Inhalants-any drug that is inhaled and absorbed into the bloodstream through the lungs
– Flashback- an event in which a hallucinogen’s effects happen again long after the drug
was originally taken.
What are designer drugs?
A drug that is produced by making a small chemical change to a drug that already exists
Examples- Ecstasy, GHB, Ketamine
Staying Drug Free/Getting Help
Reason to stay drug free
Staying Healthy
Staying in Control
Making good decisions
Staying out of jail
Saving your money
Knowing when you need help and getting it!!!
Helping someone else
Treatment centers
Intervention- a gathering in which the people who are close to a person who is abusing drugs try to get the
person to accept help by relating stories of how his or her drug problem has affected them
A facility with trained doctors and counselors where people who abuse drugs can get help for their problems
Detoxification- the process by which the body rids itself of harmful chemicals
Support groups(AA, NA)
Recovery is never one step
Refuse Drugs-Refusal Skills

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