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When you hear the word “Canadian” what do you think of?
When you hear the words “party” what do you think of?
Now, what do you think of when you hear those two words
together “Canadian party”?
• Drinking Age: 19 (except Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec)
– Except in your own home under parental supervision
• Weird law: you cannot send, import or transport liquor into
any province within Canada (except wine, but you need
permission from the provincial liquor control board)
• Celebrations: Canada Day (July 1st), New Years
• Popular Drink: Caesar, Molson Canadian Beer, Canadian
Club Whiskey
• Popular Drug: Alcohol, Marijuana, Prescription Medications,
Cocaine/Crack, Crystal Meth, Ecstasy/MDMA, Heroin
The Canadian Experience
Drinking Games
• Canada does not promote alcohol
• More than 80% of students admitted
to playing a drinking game at some
point throughout their university
• Harmful because of binge drinking.
The Canadian Experience
A Social Experience?
• Canadian students admit to
drinking because of social
– Here in Canada you do no have
to drink to be cool.
• Unlike other countries, people
here often drink to get drunk.
– Forgetting the social and
respectable side to alcohol.
• Measurements are an important
tool for knowing how to control
your consumption.
The Canadian Experience
The Red Solo Cup
Canadian Law & Liability
Alcohol (Ontario)
• In Ontario, it is against the law…
• To order, purchase or consume alcohol if you
are under 19 years of age
• To consume alcohol in a public place, unless it
is a licensed premises
• To have open liquor in public or in your
• For an adult to supply alcohol to a person
under the age of 19
• Legal limit: 0.08 BAC
• It is deadly and illegal to drink and drive.
– New law in Ontario: 21 years and younger must
have a ZERO blood alcohol level when getting
behind the wheel
• Do not get into the car with someone who has been
Canadian Law & Liability
Drugs (Ontario)
• The only legal substances are alcohol
and tobacco (regulated).
• Subject to serious legal repercussions
for using, distributing, possessing,
and supplying.
• What if drugs are found at my party?
– Alert someone of authority like a police
officer, security, etc.
– Do not touch them (could put you in the
crosshairs of a legal situation)
How does it all compare
to the rest of the world?
United States
of America
• Drinking Age: 21
• Weird law: Alcohol is allowed to be sold in grocery stores. You can get a DUI on
a horse.
– In Ohio, it is legal to get a fish drunk.
In Colorado and Utah, you can’t purchase beer over 0.4% unless it’s from a liquor store.
In Iowa, it is illegal to pour any beverages down the sink without an officer present.
In Louisiana, it is legal to serve alcohol out of a drive-thru.
In New Orleans it is legal to carry to carry your drink from club to club.
In Pennsylvania beer cannot be sold in grocery stores.
In Las Vegas you can drink in public.
Celebrations: New Years Eve (New York), Mardi Gras (New Orleans), Las Vegas
Popular Drink: Beer, Rum & Coke
Popular Drug: Marijuana (legal in some states), Prescription Pills
Drinking Culture: Party Culture
USA - Michigan
Drinking Age: 21
Weird law: Michigan Blue Law
Celebrations: NHL Winter Classic
Popular Drink: Beer
Popular Drug: Marijuana
Drinking Culture: Party culture
• Drinking Age: 18
• Weird law: Drinking in excess is frowned upon, especially by
women. Only men propose toasts. People cannot drink within
72 hours of a major election.
• Celebrations: Cinco De Mayo
• Popular Drink: Tequila
• Popular Drug: Cocaine
• Drinking Culture: Party culture
• Drinking Age: 18 (minimum of 6 in private residence)
• Weird law: It is an offence to be drunk an din charge of a cow
(Scotland). In the UK it is illegal to be drunk in a pub.
• Celebrations: New Years/Hogmanay, Guy Fawkes’ Night,
Freshers Week, Football
• Popular Drink: Beer, Cider
• Popular Drug: Caffeine (legal), Methadone, Spice, “legal
highs”, Cocaine (Scotland)
• Drinking Culture: Mix of social and party culture
• Drinking Age: 18
• Weird law: It is illegal to be drunk in a pub. In Kilgarvan it is
legal to drink and drive.
• Celebrations: St. Patrick’s Festival, Christmas
• Popular Drink: Guinness, Stout Beer, Irish Whiskey
• Popular Drug: Alcohol, Marijuana, Cocaine
• Drinking Culture: Mix of social and party culture
• Drinking Age: 18
• Weird law: It is normal to have wine with dinner. It is legal to
drink in the streets.
• Celebrations: Bastille Day
• Popular Drink: Champagne, Pear or Apple Ciders, Cognac
• Popular Drug: Prescription Pills, Marijuana
• Drinking Culture: More social than party
Drinking Age: 18 (just recently)
Weird law: Soft drugs are legal.
Celebrations: Christmas (Sinterklaas)
Popular Drink: Heineken
Popular Drug: Marijuana (but it is legal!)
Drinking Culture: More social than party
• Drinking Age: 14, 16, 18
• Weird law: The laws are the most lax in the world. Until
recently, it was acceptable for employees to consume medium
quantities of alcohol during work hours.
• Celebrations: Oktoberfest
• Popular Drink: Beer (here it is as cheap as water!)
• Popular Drug: Ecstasy, Lethal Combinations
• Drinking Culture: Mix of social and party culture
• Drinking Age: 16
• Weird law: It is normal to have wine with dinner. Alcohol is
sold day and night. In Rome, you cant drink with 3+ people in
the streets.
• Celebrations: Alpini (annual gathering), Carnevale
• Popular Drink: Grappa (wine), Limoncello
• Popular Drug: Marijuana, Cocaine
• Drinking Culture: More social than party
Drinking Age: 18
Weird law: Before 2011, beer was not considered alcohol.
Celebrations: Russians just love to celebrate!
Popular Drink: Vodka
Popular Drug: Heroin
Drinking Culture: Party culture
• Drinking Age: 18
• Weird law: They changed their law in 2006 to ban underage
• Celebrations: Chinese New Year
• Popular Drink: Maoti
• Popular Drug: Ketamine
• Drinking Culture: Party Culture
• Drinking Age: 20
• Weird law: Open containers of alcohol are allowed in certain
streets and in trains. Alcoholic beverages are sold from
vending machines. Drinking is a public place is not
• Celebrations: Hanami
• Popular Drink: Shochu, Sake, Japanese Whiskey
• Popular Drug: Marijuana, Ecstasy
• Drinking Culture: More social than party
• In Pakistan it is illegal to drink alcohol.
• Only method of obtaining alcohol is bootlegging (which is
• There are ties to religious beliefs. When outside the country
some people are compelled to break their religious beliefs
while others strictly stick to them.
• Drinking Age: 18
• Weird law: In a Lebanese home, it is important to not bring
alcohol with you or to even speak of it unless offered by the
• Celebrations: Baalback International Festival
• Popular Drink: Arak
• Popular Drug: Cocaine, Ecstasy
• Drinking Culture: Party Culture
• Drinking Age: 18
• Weird law: The more alcohol a man consumes, the more he is
respected. Being able to drink and remain sober makes a man
a hero.
• Celebrations: Argungu Fishing Festival
• Popular Drink: Guinness
• Popular Drug: Cannabis
• Drinking Culture: Party Culture
• Drinking Age: 18-25 (varies by state)
• Weird law: 95% of women abstain from alcohol.
Consumption of alcohol is prohibited in Maipur, Mizoram,
Nagaland, and Gujarat.
• Celebrations: Diwali
• Popular Drink: Scotch, Whiskey
• Popular Drug: Cannabis, Cocaine, Hashish
• Drinking Culture: Party Culture
• Drinking Age: 16, 18, 21 (area specific)
• Weird law: In some states, youth are allowed to drink on
private premises as long as they are with an adult guardian.
Former PM Bob Hawke held a record for the fastest
consumption of a “yard” of beer – he drank 2.5 pints (1.4
litres) in 12 seconds.
• Celebrations: Melbourne Cup
• Popular Drink: Beer
• Popular Drug: Cannabis
• Drinking Culture: Party Culture
• Drinking Age: 18 (19 in some areas)
• Weird law: The legal limit for drivers is 0.00 and is strictly
enforced. Drinking is now against the law in the majority of
football (soccer) stadiums.
• Celebrations: Carnival
• Popular Drink: Cachaca
• Popular Drug: Oxi (derived from cocaine)
• Drinking Culture: Party Culture
Where else?
“Living With Beer Goggles”
Health Effects of Alcohol
Health Effects of Drugs
Marijuana, Cocaine, Adderall
• Being under the influence impairs
your judgment.
• Regardless of a person’s gender,
being intoxicated/under the influence
VOIDS the right to give consent.
• Without consent you could face a
variety of social, emotional, and legal
“Don’t Be That Guy/Don’t Be That Girl”
Facebook Page: “Don’t Be That Guy // Don’t Be That Girl”
Twitter: @UWindsorSAEC
Planning Your Canadian Party
• Groups of 5-10 people
• Given 20 minutes to prepare then present
• Plan your perfect “Canadian” party adhering to what you learned
throughout the presentation
• Include some sort of cultural element to your party
• Make sure you try to account for problems…be prepared!
• The “Perfect Party” receives a prize!
Thank You
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Molly Harper
(Substance Education Coordinator)
303 West Leddy Library
519-253-3000 Ext. 4885
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Twitter: @UWindsorSAEC

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