Ways to begin an essay

Ways to begin an essay
1. .背景介绍法
• TEM4的命题特征之一是给出一小段的背景
• Nowadays people are becoming increasingly aware of the
importance of health. And they have different ways to stay healthy.
For example, some exercise every day; others try to keep a
balanced diet. What do you think is the best way to stay healthy?
• Example:
• Today, with the improvement of living standard, people attach more
and more importance to health. They are trying to find various ways
to keep healthy. Some do physical exercises every day, but others
prefer keeping a balanced diet. As far as I am concerned, doing
physical exercises is a better choice to stay healthy.
• 考生对命题背景介绍的语言稍加修改,原义维持不变,最后一
• The Students Union of your university is planning
to hold an arts festival next semester, and they
are inviting students to contribute their ideas and
suggestions as to how it should be organized or
what should be included.
• I'm excited that our school will hold an arts
festival. I believe it will be to all the students'
liking as it can definitely make our dull lives more
colourful. My suggestion to the art festival is to
hold a painting competition.
• 顾名思义,抑扬是对立的,文章的开篇也会提
上。如2004年话题:Will Phones KiII Letter
• Nowadays young people tend to phone more
often than write to each other. So, that phones
will kill letter writing. Though phones are more
convenient than letter writing, in my opinion,
phones will not kill letter writing.
• A wonderful World appears before you when
you click the mouse on Internet. The benefits
of it have obviously made our daily life more
colourful, amazing and exciting. There is al- so
the fact that millions of young people have
made friends online. However, in my view, it's
better and wiser to make friends in real life.
• 引用一些谚语、格言、名人名言能有力地
Broadens the Mind。
• As a Chinese old. g goes, traveling ten t and
miles and reading ten thousand books is the
top ideal for people. Travel does broaden our
mind. It enables us to appreciate beautiful
scenery, value the culture and customs of a
people and learn the history.
• :The Best Way to Stay Healthy
• As a popular saying goes, ~health is better
than wealth. " Health nowadays has been
attached great importance to especially in
such a quick fix society. As to the ways to keep
healthy, some people prefer keeping a
balanced diet, while others prefer doing
physical exercise. I believe that doing physical
exercise is the best way to keep healthy.
• 这一方法首先以提问的方式提出论题越,然后以回答的方式给
• The Best Way to Stay Healthy,,
• Nowadays, the desire for good health is universal. You cannot
exaggerate the importance of good health too much. What do you
think is the best way to keep healthy'.2 As far as I am concerned,
the best way to keep healthy is to develop a good quality of mind.
• :The Importance of Keeping a Good Mood.
• Pressure seems to be a natural part of our daily life in the
competitive society. We live under great pressure from education,
career and families. How can we live happy lives? I think it is
important that we keep a good mood under whatever
5. 5.综合运用法
Will Phones KiIl Letter Writing?
Nowadays as people attach more and more
importance to the speed, phones are
becoming popular. It goes without saying that
making a phone call is far more convenient
and much faster than spending hours writing a
long letter. But will phones kill letter writing?
As far as I am concerned, I think letter Writing
can never be replaced.

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