The effects of Bad influences on college students

Randolph Antúnez
Dr. Figueroa
Ingl 3103
This work looks forward to make an advice to
college students mostly about bad influences
they can encounter in their environment.
Actually there are a lot of different things that
people can find in colleges that are actually a
bad influence for them and can guide them in
the so called "wrong way" which makes you
take bad decisions.
In this part you could find some previews findings from other
studies made about the same topic.
There are a variety of studies and I only selected about 5 different.
Now a little preview:
A Bad Influence is something that is no good for you as a person.
It can be found on your environment or also it can be a person or
group of persons. An example of a bad influence is a friend that
consumes drugs and incite you to do the same. One of the places a
teenager can find a big "amount" of bad influences is the college.
Specially if you are a freshmen because it's your first time in
college. Perhaps the most common bad influence in college is the
alcohol. According to a study made by David Timberlake said that
teens are very likely to develop alcoholism problems specially
when they have a genetic disposition towards alcohol. This study
says that it can be a big error to send a student with this type of
disposition because it will probably begin to have problems with
As indicated above, the alcohol is a big problem
between college students. A lot of them are likely to
have problems with alcohol or maybe become strong
drinkers. Also other drugs are commonly used on
campus which makes another problem for teens and
another thing about to worry for their parents.
According to a study made: "Alcohol and other drug
use is a factor in many accidents, injuries, vandalism,
and crime on campuses and is frequently a key factor
when students encounter problems with their
coursework." Also this study said that: "Alcohol, of all
substances used, causes the most problems on college
campuses." So this is a good reason to say that an
alcoholic friend is a bad influence for you as a person.
Here is a chart that I found that was very interesting about
alcoholic students.
"College Students Encounter Problems When Others Drink Too
60.5 % had study or sleep interrupted
53.6 % had to take care of a drunken student
29.3 % had been insulted or humiliated
20.1 % experienced an unwanted sexual advance (women)
18.6 % had a serious argument or quarrel13.6 % had
property damaged
9.5 % had been pushed, hit, or assaulted
1.3 % had been a victim of sexual assault or date rape
Basically this numbers prove again that heavy drinkers are a
bad influence and even a risk for others on college.
The methodology is the part that was used to
do the research. The type used was the
Quantitative methodology which can be
defined as the type of methodology based on a
quantity of things. This type of research is
commonly used in social research which is the
type of research that is being done here. After
the information is gathered, it is analyzed and
that is where you see the real results of your
The scale used to measure was the Likert scale.
This type of scale obligates the person taking
the survey to think about their answers.
There is no medium point between answers it
is Strongly Disagree or Disagree and in the
other hand we have Strongly Agree or Agree.
Here is a little about the findings that I had.
1.In the group of Freshmen students (17-18 yrs)
both males and females all answered the same in
all the statements.
2. In the group of Sophomore students (18-20 yrs)
both males and females answered the same on
every statement. The only difference is that
females divide her opinions from males by a 50%
in their opinions about the statement that refers to
learn from bad student's errors.
For the whole analysis read the project.
First I want to let you know that out there are a lot of bad
influences that can affect us all if we don't deal with them and try
to do our best to avoid them. Bad Influences can end up a lot of
things in your life such as some friends, have a a bad relationship
with your family and in college it can throw away your studies
and make you repeat them.
As part of my research. I had to do surveys. It counted with 10
statements and it was made using the Likert scale to have more
precise answers. As part of my findings I can say that almost
every group, divided by university year, had the same way of
thinking. Every group had only one statement that made a big
difference in the way of thinking. Freshmen had a way of thinking
that was pretty similar between males and females. The change
comes in the Sophomore group. Here males and females divide in
a 50% percent because they don't think that you can learn at all
from bad influenced students' mistakes.
There is an analysis about each statement on
the work. It has some curious findings that I
didn’t think that I would have.
To finalize I gave a little heads up for the ones
that read my work which is that I hope that the
ones that read my work really can get a little
advice and try to avoid those "Bad Influences"
that are around everywhere specially college
that is where we got to learn and start to build
our future.

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