• Theodosius I the Great (died 395; 50th GGF of Tom Lowry) Roman
Emperor -- when the citizens of Thessalonica rioted to protest the
Roman Garrison he had 7000 of the citizens murdered
• Theodo of Bavaria (died 716; 37th GGF of Tom Lowry) His daughter
Uta became pregnant and blamed Bishop Emmeram (later St
Emmeram), leading her brother to murder the saint
• Roricon I du Maine (died 839; 39th GGF of Tom Lowry) Fathered an
illegitimate child with Rotrude, daughter of Charlemagne
• Louis the Blind of Provence (died 928; 32nd GGF of Tom Lowry) Had
his eyes gouged out after an unsuccessful attempt to overthrow
Berenger I of Italy
• Arnulf the Bad (died 937; 36th GGF of Tom Lowry) Robbed the
churches to fund his wars against the Hungarians
• Igor the Grand of Kiev (died 945; 33rd GGF of Tom Lowry) Killed by
the Drevlians while trying to collect taxes from them; they tied his
legs to two trees, bent the trees to the ground, then released them,
dismembering him
• Arnulf I of Flanders (died 964; 28th GGF of Tom Lowry) Invited
William Longsword, Duke of Normandy, to a peace conference, then
murdered him
• Olga of Kiev (St Olga) (died 969; 33rd GGM of Tom Lowry) Avenged
the death of her husband by placing Drevlians on ships, setting
them to sea, then torching them. Also known to have boiled many
of them alive
• Roger de Toeni (died 1040; 27th GGF of Tom Lowry) Captured many
Muslims during the Crusades. Each day he killed and butchered one
muslim captive, then fed it to the remaining prisoners
• Waltheof of Huntington (died 1076; 28th GGF of Tom Lowry) Beheaded for
conspiring against William the Conqueror
• Eudes I de Bourgogne (died 1103; 31st GGF of Tom Lowry) Attempted to
rob Archbishop Anselm (later St Anselm) as he passed through his land,
but wound up paying homage and going on Crusade
• Fulk IV Rechin (died 1109; 25th GGF of Tom Lowry) His wife, Bertrade de
Montfort, left him to become the consort of Philip I, King of France
• Enguerrand I de Coucy (died 1116; 26th GGF of Tom Lowry) Divorced his
wife to marry Sibyl of Château-Porcien , who was still married to the Lord
of Lorraine who was absent and in a war and she was pregnant by another
• William IX of Aquitaine (died 1127; 29th GGF of Tom Lowry)
Planned the First Crusade with Pope Urban in 1095; banished
2 wives to Fontverault Abbey, then abducted Viscountess
Dangereuse to marry her
• Thomas de Coucy (died 1130; 25th GGF of Tom Lowry) While
on Crusade he captured Muslims and hung them by their
• Henry I of England (died 1135; 28th GGF of Tom Lowry) Holds
the record for the most illegitimate children by an English
monarch (estimated at 25)
• Louis VI 'The Fat' of France (died 1137; 29th GGF of Tom
Lowry) He was so fat he could not mount a horse
• William X of Aquitaine (died 1137; 28th GGF of Tom Lowry)
Married the daughter of his father's mistress
• Raynald de Chatillon (died 1187; 24th GGF of Tom Lowry)
Pillaged Cyprus during the Second Crusade; captured by
Saladin and beheaded
• Theobald V the Good of Blois (died 1191; 25th GGF of Ethel
Maud Smith) Orchestrated the first blood libel in Europe,
burning 31 Jews at the stake
• Constance of Sicily (died 1198; 24th GGM of Tom Lowry) Gave
birth to her son Frederic II Hohenstaufen, future Holy Roman
Emperor, in a public square so there could be no question
about his legitimacy
• Baldwin I of Constantinople (died 1205; 22nd GGF of Tom Lowry)
Went on Crusade, took the city of Constantinople, then declared
himself King of Constantinople
• Manfred de Saluzzo (died 1215; 23rd GGF of Tom Lowry) Named his
illegitimate son Bastardino
• Isabella of Angouleme (died 1246; 26th GGM of Tom Lowry)
Accused of trying to poison King Louis IX, sought sanctuary in
Fontverault Abbey where she died two years later
• Simon de Montfort (died 1265; 23rd GGF of Ethel Maud Smith)
Seized the throne of England at the Battle of Lewes, only to be
killed at the Battle of Evesham a year later. His body was
dismembered and shared among the Barons who had defeated him
• Louis IX (St Louis) (died 1270; 21st GGF of Tom Lowry) Although later
a saint, he was fiercely anti-semitic, burning over 12,000 copies of
the Talmud in 1243 and expanding the Inquisition in France
• Roger de Mortimer (died 1282; 19th GGF of Tom Lowry) Killed
Simon de Montfort at the Battle of Evesham, then sent his severed
head to his wife, who proudly displayed it at a celebratory banquet
• Sancho IV of Castile (died 1295; 20th GGF of Tom Lowry) Executed
more than 4000 of his countrymen who supported his brother
• Philip IV the Fair of France (died 1314; 19th GGF of Tom Lowry)
Known as 'The Fair' for his looks, not his policies. He arrested all
the Jews of France to claim their money to fight his wars with
England, then expelled them from the country. In 1307 he
destroyed the Knights Templar, burning its leader, Jacques de Molay
at the stake in order to seize the Templars' assets
• Edward Bruce, High King of Ireland (died 1318; 18th GGF of Tom
Lowry) Killed in battle, his body was quartered and distributed
throughout Ireland, his head was sent to Edward II of England
• David de Brechen (died 1320; 20th GGF of Tom Lowry) Executed for
participating in a plot to assassinate Robert the Bruce
• Hugh le Despenser (died 1326; 19th GGF of Tom Lowry) Chief
advisor and paramour of Edward II of England, hanged in 1326 by
barons threatened by his power and influence
• Roger de Mortimer (died 1330; 17th GGF of Tom Lowry) Conspired
with his lover, Isabella of France, against her husband, Edward II.
Briefly ruled England, but ultimately hanged by Edward III
• Thomas de Berkeley (died 1361; 19th GGF of Ethel Maud Smith)
Participated in the murder of Edward II of England but was
• William I Douglas (died 1384; 18th GGF of Tom Lowry) Murdered his
uncle, William Douglas 'The Flower of Chivalry' to claim his lands
• Michael de la Pole (died 1389; 20th GGF of Ethel Maud Smith) Chief
financial officer for Edward III, he was impeached for embezzlement
by the Merciless Parliament
• Alexander Stewart (The Wolf of Badenoch) (died 1405; 18th GGF of
Tom Lowry)
• Thomas Wyatt (died 1524; 12th GGF of Ethel Maud Smith)
Imprisoned in the Tower of London for an alleged affair with Anne
• Henry de Percy (died 1408; 19th GGF of Ethel Maud Smith) Rebelled
against the king (Henry IV), killed at the Battle of Branham Moor, his
head hung from the London Bridge
• Walter Stewart (died 1436; 17th GGF of Tom Lowry) Plotted to
assassinate James I of Scotland, for which he was executed in
Edinburgh (disembowled while alive), then drawn and quartered
• Archibald Douglas (died 1439; 15th GGF of Tom Lowry) Both of his
sons were beheaded by James II at the 'Black Dinner' at Edinburgh
• William Crichton (died 1455; 14th GGF of Ethel Maud Smith)
Supported James II of Scotland against the Black Douglases. In
1440 he invited William Douglas, 6th Earl of Douglas and his
brother to dinner at Edinburgh Castle, presented them with a bull's
head at the dinner table, then killed them (The Black Dinner)

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