My LDC Experiences in Science

Incorporating Literacy into the Science Classroom
Michelle Buroker
Scott High School
Kenton County School District
The Challenge …
How do we provide meaningful
opportunities for students, in science
classrooms, to demonstrate their
knowledge AND address the new
literacy standards?
Historically …
Science classrooms saw literacy as
lab reports.
The new literacy standards are too
vast for lab reports alone to
accomplish the task of meeting the
needs of our students.
Literacy Design
Literacy Belongs to everyone!
The LDC provides teachers with a framework
in which we can help students to connect their
understanding of content and demonstration
of understanding through literacy.
Nuclear Energy … Is It
Really Such a Bad Thing?
Within the unit on the atom,
nuclear chemistry is
discussed as it pertains to
fission and fusion and the
energy related to both
processes. This unit will help
to deepen the understanding
students have of nuclear
chemistry as they research
the topic of nuclear energy
and if it is an acceptable way
to produce energy.
Task 2
Argumentation Module
Three- weeks
from start to
Nuclear Energy … Is It Really Such a Bad
Teaching Task:
As the concerns over global warming increase, is
the use of Uranium and nuclear fission the best
method for producing energy for civilian use?
After reading scientific sources, write a report that
addresses the question and support your position
with evidence from the texts. Be sure to
acknowledge competing views and give examples
from past or current events or issues to illustrate
and clarify your position.
Task 2: Argumentation Module
Nuclear Energy … Is It Really Such a Bad Thing?
Things I found helpful …
1.) Provide hand-outs to keep
students focused on the
appropriate mini- task.
2.)Start out by identifying what
students think they already know
about the topic and where they
think they currently stand.
3.) Be very intentional in providing
facts ONLY before exposing them
to anyone’s opinion.
Task 2
Argumentation Module
Successes ….
Students were engaged in content beyond the classroom …
*Many students debated the topic even when we
weren’t talking about it in class. One student
became so interested in the topic of energy
that he did research on how to improve solar
Students gained experience in writing an argumentative
piece and deepened their understanding of what it means
to apply our science “classroom” knowledge to the world
around us!
Task 2
Argumentation Module
Challenges/ Concerns …
Engaging Content … places where this works!
The amount of time required!
*I believe this gets better as students become used
to the process and the understanding of the content
is worth it!
Science teachers are uncomfortable with teaching writing!
The Future …
I don’t believe these modules work in every
unit taught in chemistry; however, I do
believe they can be integrated throughout
the subject and used in such a way that our
students are writing more than they were
before. They are clearly demonstrating
science knowledge in a real world way.

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