NGO Aid Map: Who is Doing What Where?

NGO Aid Map
“Who is doing what, where?”
By making data available to
NGOs, government, businesses
and the public, we hope to
improve accountability,
transparency, and coordination
– which in turn can lead to
improved, more effective
Purpose of NGO Aid Map
Demonstrate InterAction
members’ commitment to
transparency and accountability
Facilitate partnerships and
improve coordination among
NGOs, private sector,
governments and donors
Help NGOs and other actors make more informed
decisions about where to direct resources
Serve as a tool for advocacy and influencing policy
Participation, Visibility, Feedback
• Over 2,300 projects from 95
• Close to 50,000 visits from
over 160 countries
• Most traffic generated from
the direct link, Google
searches, and Facebook
• Many blogs and other online
media outlets promoting
NGO Aid Map
Transparency & Accountability
“I learned more about what was
happening in Haiti in ten minutes
of perusing the site than in the
past ten months.”
-Business owner
“The map shows the scope of each agency's humanitarian work
on the ground, which makes it a valuable tool for transparency
and accountability.”
-Oxfam America
“The depth of information being displayed will set the bar high
for other organizations…to supply similar information.”
-Anonymous feedback from the site
Partnerships & Coordination
“It is a great tool to understand what
the donor landscape is and where
international NGOs are concentrating
their efforts. It allows us to better
understand where there are overlaps
and who the organizations should be
coordinating their work with.”
-Feedback from website
“It will be a good tool for us in the field to know who else is
involved in communities around Haiti. Good job and I hope
this kind of design is done in other areas of the world.”
-Church World Service
Partnerships & Coordination
“As we seek to work in partnership
with other NGOs, we would refer to
the site to understand which NGOs
work in each specific geographical
area and their areas of expertise. As
an agency that has had a long-term
presence in Haiti, we’re often asked
to refer other organizations
operating in Haiti. This tool allows us
to respond to such requests as it
provides so much relevant
information…all in one place. In this
regard, it offers “one-stop shopping.”
-Save the Children
Improved Decision Making
“Haiti Aid Map is the first tool we
reference when planning an
assessment or when seeking to
identify potential partners. It
gives us a quick overview of who
the major players in a geographic
area and a snapshot of what they
are implementing - and helps us
to identify underserved
geographic gaps and potential
partners with similar
-Mercy Corps
Advocacy &
Influencing Policy
Still trying to determine whether
users are using it for advocacy
purposes and influencing policy.
Additional Uses
• Students and universities use
the data for research
• Media and general public use
the site to share information
on NGOs’ work through blogs
and other media outlets
• Members and others
promoting their work through
the site, Facebook and Twitter

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