Bullying is not acceptable

Bullying is defined as:
 Aggressive
behavior or
intentional harm-doing which is
carried out repeatedly and over
time in an interpersonal
relationship characterized by an
imbalance of power.
Bullying can also be:
 Harassment
 Hate
 Hazing
 Initiations
Bullying can happen
 At
 In college
 At home
 At work
 On the road
 Public places
 On the internet
 On cell phones
Bullying characteristics:
 Aggressive
 Intentional
 Repeated
 Power
over victim
Bullying is
 Humiliating
 Harmful
 Insulting
 Ridiculing
 Taunting
Bullying can include
Request for sexual favors
Suggestive or offensive jokes
Social exclusion
Bullying is often
 Based
on person’s sexual
orientation, gender identification,
religion, race, age, marital status,
disability, physical appearance or
characteristic, etc.
Bullying can be
Considered a hate crime. Victims may
seek legal advice and take legal action if
bullying is based on race, gender
identification, sexual orientation, religion,
or disability.
There are laws to protect all people
against hate crimes.
VGCC Code of Conduct
“Students of all college programs,
curriculum and non-curriculum, will be
expected to conduct themselves at all
times as mature and responsible
individuals and should show a high regard
for college facilities, property, and for the
personal rights and property of others.”
VGCC Code of Conduct
 “Students
may be suspended or
dismissed for conduct that is
considered in violation of the Student
Code of Conduct while on campus or
while participating in school-sponsored
activities either on or off campus.”
What can the victim do?
Report bullying/harassment to school officials
Keep record of contact or harassment to establish a pattern
of behavior
Save evidence from the harasser (email, voice-mail, notes,
internet postings, etc.)
Avoid being alone on campus
◦ You can call campus security for escort
Do not retaliate!
Seek legal advice if bullying continues
What can the witness do?
Report it to school officials
Encourage victim to report it to officials
Be a listening ear for the victim
Reassure the victim it is not his/her fault
If you are safe, stand up to the bully for the victim
Do not retaliate
Contact Campus Security
Email [email protected] to make a report
Main Campus,
◦ Building 2, Room 2113 in the Student Lounge
◦ Pick up any red phone on campus
◦ 252-738-3373
South Campus
◦ (919) 528-4737
Franklin Campus
◦ (919) 496-1567
Warren Campus
◦ (252) 257-1900
Call 911
Call 911 if you have been the victim of a
crime, or witness a crime, or there is an
emergency on campus, and make the
report immediately.
Then notify campus security that you
have called 911.
Seek Help
VGCC Counseling Services
◦ Main Campus, in Building 8
 (252) 738-3328
◦ Franklin Campus, in room F103
 (919) 496-1567, ext. 3603
 (252) 738-3603
◦ Creedmoor Campus, in room G112
 (919) 528-4737 ext. 3518
 (252) 738-3518
Seek Help
Dial 211
◦ This is a free resource and referral system
sponsored by United Way and is available to
anyone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
◦ Callers are put in contact with local agencies
and organizations related to a variety of
community services, such as family services,
health services, mental health services, legal
services, etc.

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