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What are blood cancers?
Research Advancements
Fire with Fire Video
School & Youth
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Our Mission
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) exists to find cures and
ensure access to treatments for blood cancer patients. We are
saving lives not someday, but today.
• LLS funds research to advance more breakthrough therapies
for blood cancer patients.
• LLS is the voice for all blood cancer patients, and is working to
ensure access to treatments for all cancer patients.
Our Powerful Chapter Network
61 chapters – more than twenty million
volunteers in the U.S. and Canada.
What is Blood Cancer? What is Leukemia?
About Blood Cancers
• More than one million Americans currently have a blood cancer.
• Blood cancers are the third most fatal form of cancer, only lung and
colon cancer kill more Americans.
Every 3 minutes, someone in the U.S. is diagnosed with a blood cancer
Every 10 minutes, someone loses their battle with blood cancer
• Leukemia is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in children
and young adults under the age of 20.
Focused on Cures
LLS is focused on finding cures. Today, we are
closer than ever to finding cures for many kinds of
blood cancer.
To date, LLS has invested more than $1 billion in
research to advance therapies and save lives.
Thanks to research and access to better treatments,
survival rates for many blood cancer patients have
doubled, tripled and even quadrupled since 1960
Between 2000 and 2013, almost 40 percent (31 of
81) of the new cancer drugs approved by the FDA
were first approved to treat patients with a blood
cancer. Many of these drugs are now being used, or
being tested, for other forms of cancer or other
serious, nonmalignant diseases
Since the 1960s, the survival rate for many blood cancers has
doubled, tripled and even quadrupled
5-Year Survival Rates
What Makes Us Unique?
LLS funds research to advance more breakthrough therapies for blood cancer patients.
LLS-funded researchers from University of Pennsylvania and Children’s Hospital of
Philadelphia continued to present more promising data three and a half years after
beginning a clinical trial demonstrating the first successful and sustained use of genetically
engineered T cells to fight leukemia. The team presented their latest findings at the
American Society of Hematology’s annual meeting in New Orleans.
The latest results of studies involving both adults and children with advanced blood cancers
for whom all previous therapies had failed, showed that among the first 59 patients who
received this investigational, personalized cellular therapy, known as CTL019, 89 percent
had a complete response rate.
LLS has invested $15 million in this team’s work, with an additional $6 million committed
through 2017.
Fire With Fire Video
More work needs to be done
Despite progress, more
than a third of blood cancer
patients still do not survive
five years after their
School & Youth Programs
School & Youth Programs provide students an
opportunity to experience service learning and
the power of spare change in the fight against
blood cancers.
More than 29,000 schools and 15 million
students from kindergarten to high school
throughout the U.S. and Canada participate –
25% of all schools!
School & Youth Programs reach
over 12 million families and
900,000 educators with an
empowering message of hope in
the cure for cancer.
The Cornerstone of School & Youth is Pennies for Patients
• Schools register for School & Youth to teach their students
leadership, teamwork, and the importance of giving back.
• Students, along with their parents, collect spare change
over a 3 week period of the school's choosing during
October through March.
• LLS provides everything a school needs to run the program,
including lesson plans that meet service learning and education standards, class & individual
collection boxes, educational video, posters, program guide, and prizes and awards for
classrooms and schools.
• LLS conducts educational kick-off assemblies to teach children about blood cancer and get
them excited about the Campaign. LLS also offers planning meetings to teachers and
student groups to help plan the Campaign.
• Each school is given an honored hero, a local child who is a survivor of blood cancer, to raise
funds in honor of. Many schools have students write letters or draw pictures for their
honored hero.
High School Program
• Getting high school students to think outside the box!
• Student organizations are asked to meet three
 Raise Awareness: how your school raised awareness
for blood cancer patients and the progress to find a
cure (photos, video, PowerPoint, etc.)
 Have a FUNdraiser: 2 provided by LLS and at least
one your school creates on your own.
 Community Connection -show us how you got the
word out to your community (newspaper, email,
announcement at sports game, etc.)
• Planning takes preparation! Planning meetings and
will get your group jump started.
Next Steps
Chapter conducts activities for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, which
may include volunteer service and fundraising.
Chapter submits monetary donation and HOSA EVENT REPORT form to
Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and receives written confirmation of the
Chapter submits a copy of the same form (one per activity) with
documentation to the state advisor by the published state deadline.
Event is judged at the state level and state-level recognition is presented.
State advisors verify information and submit an official list of chapters with
approved hours and monetary donations to National HOSA by May 15.
Chapters submitted by the State Advisor by May 15 are awarded
Certificates of Recognition or Certificates of Merit at the NLC.
• Connect with your LLS
chapter staff
• Set up planning
• Identify rival HS to
• Send funds to LLS upon
program completion
Our Hero
Students can see real results and how their involvement has actually helped save lives.
Meet Owen
leukemia survivor
At 3 years old, Owen
was diagnosed with
acute lymphoblastic
leukemia. Because of
lifesaving treatments,
Owen has reason to
smile and is
anticipating the fun and
excitement of
We have one goal: A world without cancers
A world without cancers not
someday, but today!

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