Presentation 1.1

 Born around 460 B.C.E in Abdera, Thrace
 Traveled to Asia using the inheritance his father gave him.
 Visited Egypt, Diodorus and Siculus over a period of 5 years.
 Enjoyed visiting Egypt because of the vast number of scholars
 Became acquainted with Chaldean magi
 Returned to Greece and occupied himself with natural
 Highly esteemed by fellow citizens. He apparently foretold
events that would be proved true.
 According to some he died at the age of 90 in 370 B.C.E. while
other writers place his death at 104 B.C.E or 109 B.C.E.
 Born in 384 B.C.E in the city of Stagirus
 Father, Nicomachus, died when Aristotle was young
 Aristotle lived under the care of a guardian
 At 18, joined Plato’s Academy in Athens and stayed until the age of 37
 Established library in Lyceum
 Created many writings during his lifetime:
 Topics included:
 Physics
 Metaphysics
 Poetry
 Theater
 Music
 Logic
 Biology
 Politics
 Government
 Died 322 B.C.E in Euboea
 Democritus developed the idea that the end point of
all division was an atom. This basic matter particle was
thought to be indestructible.
 Aristotle vehemently opposed the Atomic theory
developed by Democritus. He believed that instead of
being matter being made of tiny particles (atoms) that
they were all fundamentally air, fire, water, and earth.
 Democritus and Aristotle greatly differ in their views
their theories are very different
Democritus believed that the atom did exist and it was
the smallest unit of matter
Aristotle believed that there could be no base unit of
matter. He argued against the existence of the atom.
Aristotle’s theory has been proven incorrect
Democritus’s theory has been proven correct.
 Both Democritus’s and Aristotle’s theories were
developed around the same time around 400 and 300
B.C. during the era of ancient Greek philosophy
 Democritus believed that everything was the result of
natural laws his actual theory is composed of atoms,
which are physically, but not geometrically indivisible
that between atoms there lays empty space that atoms
are indestructible and they will be always in motion.
Know people think greatly of Democritus philosophy
because he is known to influence modern science
more then any other pre-Socratic philosopher. Anyone
that is known for that will be well admired.
 Aristotle’s philosophy continues to be the object of
active academic study today. That right there tells that
he was viewed as a very smart philosopher and people
believed in what he believed in. He is credited with the
earliest study of formal logic. His philosophy impacted
political thought in various ways. Peoples views of his
philosophy come from the easy understanding it
provides. However the Christian church discouraged
him. He is considered one of the great foundation
figures of both philosophy and natural science.

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