Chaldean Timeline
625 BCE- Nabopolassar began his rule.
612 BCE- Nabopolassar won a war against Assyria and freed Chaldea.
605 BCE- Nebuchadnezzar II became a military leader as a young man and concluded
Nabopolassar ‘s rule.
606/605 BCE- Nebuchadnezzar II served as a commander in chief and shattered the
Egyptian army while securing Syria.
605 BCE- Nebuchadnezzar II won the battle at Carchemish.
604 BCE- Nebuchadnezzar II receives the submission of local states (Judah)
and marched into Judah and destroyed the city of Ashkelon.
601/600 BCE- Nebuchadnezzar II lost a war to the Egyptian army and Nebuchadnezzar II
stayed in Babylonia to fix chariots. King Jehoiakim of Judah was faithful to king
Nebuchadnezzar II until he later rebelled.
598/599 BCE- Nebuchadnezzar II attacked Judah.
597 BCE- Nebuchadnezzar II captured Jerusalem and King Jehoiakim of Judah was killed
in battle.
594/593 BCE- the Babylonian chronicles breaks off (the Babylonian chronicles are, “a
contemporary record kept by the Neo-Babylonians priests of the chief events for each
587 BCE- Egypt and Judah attack again, Nebuchadnezzar besieged the city again for 18
months people are starving, vassal king Zedekiah tries to escape, his sons are killed he’s
taken as a captive, he destroys Jerusalem Jewish exile begins .
586 BCE- Nebuchadnezzar II armies destroyed Jerusalem .
562 BCE- Nebuchadnezzar II ended his reign as the king he held for 43 years.
137 BCE- Emperor Hispallus tried to banish Chaldean astrologers from the kingdom,
instead it actually became more popular and was increasingly accepted by the public.

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