Online Orientation (Powerpoint 2007+)

Except for one guest of each
associate member, or members
holding day guest passes,
guests are not allowed to hunt
on any ESC lease. See
Associate and Day Guest Pass
Established by ESC so a limited number of
members could bring guests to hunt upland birds,
turkey, or deer.
 Each year, ESC Board decides number and price of
Associate Memberships.
 ESC Board reviews and approves applications to
fill available spots.
 Granting and renewal of Associate Memberships
are not guaranteed or automatic.
Two separate categories of Associate
memberships based on type of game to be
 Deer Associate
 Quail Associate
 Turkey can be hunted
using either Deer or Quail Associate
ESC also offers Guest-day passes for each
Must be under 18 years of age.
Only one grandchild per member on the
Grandchild must be under direct control by
the grandparent.
Only one gun per grandparent/grandchild
hunting party.
Not valid for hunting on opening weekend.
Available for all game species.
To protect hunting privileges of all club
Members, ESC does not tolerate violation
of club rules.
Members are required to be with Guests at
all times.
Members are responsible for Guest
behavior at all times.
Guests must follow all ESC rules.
Trespass on neighboring property owners
will not be tolerated. A violation of this
nature will be considered a major violation
of club ethical rule of conduct, and may
result in the immediate dismissal of the
club member with no refund of dues paid.
All members shall have in possession a
current Edmond Sportsmen’s Club (ESC)
membership card while on Club property.
All members shall display the membership
card and drivers license to any other
member, Lessor, State Game Ranger, or
Federal Wildlife Officer upon demand. All
autos shall display a valid parking decal
while on ESC leases.
Book on line at
This is the ONLY method for booking
a hunt for the Edmond Sportsmen’s Club.
 Must know your LOGIN NAME and PASSWORD
All leases are booked for the entire day
 Reservations may be canceled if done prior to
the date of the scheduled hunt. Cancelations
after the hunting day has started may be only
accomplished by a board member. New
reservations may be made at any time,
provided the ESC rules and regulations are
followed. Reservations must be cancelled or
hunted. Failure to do either will be considered a
violation of ESC rules.
Opening Day
 Opening Day hunts are booked through a drawing held at a
September meeting.
 Any available Opening Day spots not booked through the drawing
can be booked six days in advance.
Regular Season
 Hunts can be booked a maximum of six days in advance.
 Quail hunts are limited to two dates in advance on the schedule.
 Deer / Turkey hunts are limited to four dates in advance on the
Combination Quail & Deer leases
 Weekend Closures
▪ For the three weeks that these hunting seasons overlap each
year, our combined leases are closed to Quail hunting on
Saturday and Sunday
 Weekday quail hunts
▪ Arrive on property no earlier than – 9:00 a.m.
▪ Depart by 4:00 p.m.
 Combined leases require both quail and deer lease numbers
Dove hunts
 Book the hunt using the quail lease number for the property
Hunts for Members, Associate Members,
and Day Guests are all booked in the same
The Club Member must book the Guest or
Associate. Each member purchasing an
Associate or Guest pass will have a family
member named either “Guest” or
“Associate” and hunts must be booked
using the “family member name”.
Bookings can be cancelled on-line at
When you cancel a hunt during deer and
turkey season, notify all of the members
and that are booked on the lease at the
time of the cancellation.
Several of our leases will be closed
completely to quail hunting during the deer
gun season. If you are not able to view the
lease on the lease scheduler it is closed and
will re-appear when the lease is open again.
Various Kansas leases will be closed during
the season because of landowner
agreements for deer season.
Username: FIRST NAME space LAST NAME
The last name will always be the last name of the primary card
holder, regardless of the child/spouse last names.
Each family members name will be listed on the main
members file. Bookings for family members and
Guest/Associates will occur from within the main members
Password: Membership number as shown on the
membership card.
Schedule:: This tab is used to begin the process to book a hunt.
Hunt Reports:: This tab is used to begin the process of reporting
the results of a prior scheduled hunt.
User: Your personal login name is displayed.
Lease: The drop down arrow will display either, all of the available
leases that can be booked today, or just one lease if you select one
from the list. If you have any trouble seeing a proper list, do not
pre-select a lease or game type, go directly to Get Schedule. Only
leases that can be booked on the date of your login will be
displayed in this list. Example: If you login on Friday and Deer
season doesn’t open until Saturday, none of the Deer leases will
be displayed in the drop down list but would appear on the actual
schedule when the season is open.
Game Type: You may sort the display of leases according to
game species. IE: Quail, Deer or Turkey. Or, you may leave this
field blank, and all the leases will be displayed. Note, if you do not
specify a game species the list of available leases may be very long
when more than one game type season is open.
Get Schedule: After you have made your prior sorting
directions you press this button to display all of the available
leases that fit the sort criteria you have selected.
The lease schedule will be displayed, beginning with the day
that you are logging in and continuing for 6 additional
consecutive days. This date range is the only date range that
you may book or cancel a hunt. The name of each available
lease and the lease number will be displayed followed by a dash
and a single digit number. The single digit number represents
the total number of people that can be booked on the lease.
If you possess a Guest pass or a Associate membership, you will
book your name for yourself and “Guest/Associate for your
Guest. If your guest is a family member listed on your
membership, book the family member under their name.
Under no circumstances should your name appear twice on the
same lease for the same date.
Beware, the system will not prevent you from exceeding
booking limits discussed in the Rules Section of Booking a
To cancel a hunt you must be logged in to your own
Only future hunts can be cancelled.
Locate your name on the lease and date you want
to cancel.
Place the mouse pointer on the X.
Bookings are designated by a green X.
The X will turn red x
Click and then confirm that you are deleting that
Go to to report the
 Use the Hunt Reports tab
You must report the harvest within 7 days of the
hunt or you will be blocked from booking future
 All members must report the harvest. Family
members/guests must also report the harvest, or
all listed family members will be blocked from
booking future hunts.
User: The name you are logged in under.
Report Status: Select either “pending” or
Search: The hunts either pending or completed will
be displayed and available for selection. Note,
hunts that have been completed can not be altered,
only viewed.
Survey Questions: Completely answer each
question on the hunt report. You must enter either a
“0” if you did not make a kill, or a number of kill in
each category of game, or the report will not allow
you to finish. Please include in your report all game
injured but not retrieved. This will allow us to better
survey the value of the leases.
Name of Guest: If you took a guest and are filing a
hunt report for that booking enter the first and last
name of the guest .
There are various other fields that we use to rate a
particular lease. Properly filling out each field and
making pertinent comments will be helpful.
Respect the property of others and get
permission before you use anything.
Pick up all your trash, including spent
If you clean birds on the lease property, bag
and remove entrails and feathers.
If you find trash on the lease, please
remove it.
Look for livestock in your hunting area and
don’t shoot at them or cause them harm.
If you find a gate closed, make sure it’s
closed when you leave.
If you find a gate open, make sure it’s open
when you leave.
Never put a lock on any gate without
permission from the landowner.
Don’t shoot within 150 yards of any occupied
house on the premises.
 Fire in remote areas is extremely dangerous to
property and livestock.
 Do not camp overnight on the lease without landowner
 Do not cook with open fires.
 Be cautious driving vehicles over dry grass.
Hunting requires safety consciousness at all
 If you get hurt while on a lease, it’s not the fault
of the property owner.
No drinking, no drugs – EVER!!!!!!
Report any problems you find to the
property owner.
 Damage
 Trespassers
 Vandalism
 Injured livestock
Protect the value of your ESC Membership by
making sure each guest has a permit.
 Sportsmanship and gentlemanly conduct go
hand-in-hand when you hunt on someone’s
 ESC and the property owner have agreed to limit
the number of hunters and not over-hunt the
Cooperation is the key to our relationship
with our property owners.
ESC and the property owners work
together to protect the rights of the
property owner and our hunting privileges.
When in doubt about what to do, honor
your commitment to ESC members to be a
responsible hunter.
Many of our members set stands, blinds, feeder’s
etc. Please respect that the member placed the
devices on the lease to enhance his hunt.
 It will be an ethics violation to disturb another
member’s property.
 The member is required to mark their property
with their name and membership number when
placing them on property.
 Placing a stand or blind does not prohibit another
member from sitting the stand when it is not
occupied by the owner.
Quail leases may only be hunted once per each
calendar month during the season.
 Quail leases may only be hunted a maximum
times of 3 hunting days per lease per season.
 The only exception for the 2011-12 hunting
season applies to the Johnson Lease. See the
lease cover sheet for more information.
 During times of extreme temperatures it is
recommended that you depart the lease early
enough to allow quail coveys to reform prior to
Generally speaking the utilization of offroad ATV/UTV style vehicles is prohibited
for hunting.
The board of directors may issue a permit
to use off-road vehicles in matters of health
or disability.
Please refer to the written rules dealing
with ATV/UTV use.
To access the complete 2011 Edmond Sportsmen’s
Club Lease Manual, log into the online booking site and go to the Lease Maps tab.
The Lease Maps tab will allow you to download and
print all of the rules and maps for this year’s
This presentation does not contain all of the rules.
Please be responsible and read the rest of the rules
and guidelines for this year’s membership.
The completion of a simple test is required to
activate your membership. Please click below
to begin the test. Upon the successful
completion (80%) your membership will be
activated and you will be able to logon and
print the membership lease package.
Click Here for Orientation Test

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