Select main species to diagram.
Diagram axes
Act2 generates stability diagrams on activity, Eh, pe, pH, and fugacity axes.
Eh-pH diagram
Move to the Plot pane. You can copy the
diagram and paste it into your documents.
Activity diagram
Fugacity diagram
Select Al+++ as the main species to
diagram and as the y-axis variable.
Choose pH for the x-axis.
Set temperature.
A Solubility diagram uses the activity of the main species as an axis variable.
Solubility diagram
Mosaic diagrams account for the speciation of
complexing ligands with pH and redox state.
Click on SO42− unit pulldown
and select speciate over x-y
Mosaic diagram
Mosaic diagram for arsenic-sulfur
system. Dashed lines show mosaic
boundaries for sulfur speciation.
H2S(g)/CH4(g) fugacity ratio is selected.
Choose an appropriate range of values.
Tact makes temperature-activity and temperature-fugacity diagrams.
Equilibrium point of the methane souring reaction,
calculated as a function of temperature.
CH4(g) + Anhydrite ↔ Calcite + H2O + H2S(g)
Temperature-fugacity ratio diagram

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