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Entity Lists
Robert Bailey, M.Sc.
Product Engineer
Adxstudio Inc.
CRM Views
Creating an
Entity List
Entity List
What are CRM views
and why do we want
to render them on
the portal?
Let’s create a simple
Entity List to display
leads in the CRM on
the Portal
A look at some of the
various options
available for entity
lists, extending their
OOB functionality
Map View, Calendar
View, and OData
Why Lists?
• Displaying information about records in the CRM to those
who do not have CRM access
• Displaying anything that constitutes a “list” that can be
sorted, searched or filtered
• Maps containing locations
• Event Calendars
• Custom Web Apps
Entity Lists
Lists of items
Makes use of Data in the CRM In the form of an Entity List
Records int eh CRM
filtered and arranged
according to a view
in the CRM,
displayed on the
Displayed as a Grid on the Portal
Attached to a web page – A web page displays a View
Can have associated details page for viewing or editing data
Include Link to Edit/View page
Filtered via CRM views
Contact-Level security via CRM relationship to Contact or
Displaying CRM Views
Creating a List of Leads
• All that’s needed is an Entity List
record in the CRM attached to a
web page
• Can use existing views or create
new ones
Entity List Entity
• Attributes & Relationships
Entity Name
Page Size
Web Page for Details View
Web Page for Insert
Filter Conditions
• Portal User
• Account
• Website
Displaying Record Details
• Use the details pages for create and view details to display
forms (or any kind of custom view you desire) for the
individual records surfaced with a list
• Adding a Create page will render a create button
• Adding a view details page will make the primary field (first
column) clickable
• View details page can be read-only or edit
Enhanced Filtering
• Filter by user contact or
parent account
• Build a filter condition into
the view, including a filter to
match any single contact or
account record in the CRM
• On the portal this contact or
account will be replaced with
the current user or current
user’s parent account
• Renders Records
that have addresses
(corresponding to
locations) as Map
• Requires Longitudes
and Latitudes for
each record
Calendar View
• Renders Records that
have a data as a
calendar view
• Must include a single
date as a minimum
• Supports start and
end times, locations,
summaries, etc.
OData Feed
• If enabled, an entity can be published to an OData Feed
• Feed URL: http://<yourdomain>/_odata/
• Supported Query Options, as well as Entity List OData
attributes, are documented on the Community Portal
• How to create a simple Entity List on the Portal
• How to add details and edit views to your Entity List
• How to filter your Entity List
• How to render your Entity List as a Map or Calendar
• How to surface your Entity List as an OData feed
Thank You
Thank you all for attending!
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