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Current Trends in Sustainability
The Tower Companies
Eugenia Gregorio
Director of Corporate Responsibility
June 4, 2014
Company Overview
• Family-Owned, Privately-Held Real Estate
Development Firm
• Local – Washington DC Metropolitan Area
• 100+ Employees w/ HQ in Rockville
• Develops, Owns & Manages Properties
• Over 5 million SF office buildings, 1,400
residential campus, retail shopping
• Leader in Green Building Industry
Company Vision
Our vision is a world where buildings inspire
and are instrumental in the success of their
occupants, and where people seek out and
prefer those buildings that create positive
social change by helping to sustain the
environment; better their health and wellbeing; and connect them to thriving
Building Portfolio
Sustainability Leadership
• U.S. Buildings account for
40% of energy usage and
GHG emissions.
• “Green” entered the
corporate vocabulary 15
years ago.
• Use LEED EBOM & Energy
Star as major tools for
building operations
• Triple Bottom Line Approach
Tower Green Building Initiatives
• LEED Certifications
– 90% of Portfolio
– 4 out of 13 projects certified
are LEED Platinum
– Use of Different Rating Systems
• EPA Energy Star Certifications
– 70% of Portfolio
– Tower Recognized as an
“Energy Star Leader”
– Average Portfolio Rating = 82
Tower Sustainability Initiatives
• 20% of Tower Employees
are a LEED APs or Green
• Real Time Energy
14% Reduction in 2 years
• GHG Inventory Reporting
• Green Lease for Renovation
Projects (Tenants/Common)
(Green Lease Leaders Award)
• Offset 100% with
Renewable Energy
Credits & Carbon Credits
• Electric Vehicle Car
Charging Stations
• Client Engagement
• Assist Clients with LEED
2014-15 Focus Areas
Energy Management
Rebates and Incentives
Renewable Energy Projects
Water Management
Client Engagement &
Green Teams
• CSR Annual Reporting
What’s in the Future?
Continue to find Innovative Technologies
Staff Education and Training is on-going
Sustainability education & support for occupants
Outreach, communications and reporting
Thank you!
Eugenia Gregorio
The Tower Companies
Director of Corporate Responsibility
2000 Tower Oaks Blvd. 9th Floor
Rockville MD 20852
[email protected]

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