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Comenius project 2011-2012
Comenius project 2011-2012
Comenius project 2011-2012
Comenius project 2011-2012
Comenius project 2011-2012
Comenius project 2011-2012
LOMBARDY, land of…
Natural landscapes
Comenius project 2011-2012
LOMBARDY, land of…
Economic activities
Comenius project 2011-2012
LOMBARDY, land of…
Culinary specialities
Comenius project 2011-2012
LOMBARDY, land of…
Beautiful towns
Comenius project 2011-2012
in Varese are 81.751.
•There are seven lakes and seven hills with an altitude between 238
and 1150 m about the level of the sea.
•The geografic position of Varese is under the Holy Mountain, that
belongs to the Massif of field of flowers, where it’s situed an important
astronomic and metereologic station.
•Varese is one of the rainest city in Italy, with over 1500 mm in a year.
•The least winter autumn temperature goes frequently below zero.
The civilisation of Varese began in the 5th millennium but it had the real identity
of free municipality only under the Duke Francesco III d’Este (1780).
ESTENCE PALACE is the most important national monument, the summerautumn residence of the Duke. Behind the Palace there are the “ESTENSI
GARDENS, one of the most enchanting public parks in Italy.”
The HOLY MOUNTAIN (883mt) is one of the Prealpi rises, on the North of
Varese; it’s a place of Marian faith and worship and a property of UNESCO.
Comenius project 2011-2012
A short introduction
 Our school has been named “Edith Stein” in memory of a
jewish converted catholic nun, who had once received the
doctorate in philosophy and became a member of faculty
in Freiburg. She was gassed in the concentration camp of
Auschwitz on August 1942, during the Second World War.
 The acronym ISIS stands for “Istituto di Istruzione
Superiore”, that means “Institute of Higher Education”.
 The “Vitruvian Man”, a drawing made by Leonardo Da
Vinci in 1490, is the school logo. Can you recognise it in
the background?
Comenius project 2011-2012
A short introduction
 The ISIS of Gavirate derives from the union of the High School (Liceo
Scientifico) with the Technical and Commercial Institute (Istituto
Tecnico Commerciale per Geometri e Periti aziendali) and
Correspondents in Foreign Languages​​, starting from school year
 To these courses two additional curricula of Professional Institute
have been added: the Professional Institute of Commerce and the
Professional Institute for Social Services.
 In the school year 2005-2006 the Classic High School (Liceo Classico)
has opened becoming a part of the Institute.
 All courses are housed in a single building, equipped with all
necessary structures to effectively develop the educational
activities: classrooms, gymnasiums, laboratories, library, bar.
Comenius project 2011-2012
Our numb3rs
numbErs at a glance
1146 students
3 technical drawing classrooms
1 bar
1999 Birth Date of the ISIS
2 science labs
150 coffees served every day
7 institutes
1 library
36 clerks, technical and school assistants (ATA staff)
140 teachers
56 classrooms
2 information technology classrooms
Comenius project 2011-2012
2 sports hall and 1 gym
The institutes
 High Schools (Licei)
 Scientific Lyceum: based on a classical background with focus on
Maths and scientific subjects.
 Classical Lyceum: the “original” lyceum focused on classical
subjects like Greek and Latin literature.
 Technical and Commercial institutes
 Surveyors (Geometri)
 Business experts (Periti aziendali)
 Correspondents in Foreign Languages
 Professional Institutes
 Commercial
 Social Services
Comenius project 2011-2012
Students’ key places
The aisle, our
meeting place
Comenius project 2011-2012
Students’ key places
…Let’s discover more together!
Comenius project 2011-2012

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