Charitable Foundation 2014 Convention Presentation

• give an overview of the Foundation and the
benefits to Kiwanis clubs and members
• seek views on a Foundation fund raising
Foundation Purposes
 Provide or apply money or benefits to KIAD or
Foundation approved Eligible Projects for Eligible Entities
 Eligible Projects – are consistent with Kiwanis International Objects and
approved by KIAD Board
 Eligible Entities – are charitable at law and an ATO approved tax
‘Deductible Gift Recipient’ operating in Australia
Key Factors
established by KIAD on 9 February 2013
not-for-profit public ancillary fund for public charitable purposes
company limited by guarantee (KIAD only member)
Trust Deed and Constitution registered with the ATO and ASIC
ATO endorsed as – Discretionary Investment Trust; ‘Deductible Tax
Recipient’ (DGR) and Income Tax Exempt Fund
 subject to ASIC and Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission
(ACNC) governance requirements
 Foundation donations made only to Eligible Projects by Eligible Entities
 five Directors (all active Kiwanians) - majority meet ATO
‘Responsible Persons’ criteria
 Foundation receives donations in two bank accounts:
Eligible Projects Fund - Club donations
Gift Fund - tax deductible public, corporate and
individual Kiwanis member donations
 statutory reporting requirements (with penalties for noncompliance) and two-way liaison with KIAD
Fund Raising
 Require annual Fund-raising, Investment and Risk Assessment strategy
 2014/15 Strategy includes:
KIAD $10,000 grant as seed capital for investment purposes –
accrued interest retained by Foundation for grant purposes
KIAD reimburse administrative expenses to allow 100% value of
on-going donations from Clubs and members, public and corporates
develop other donation sources including cash and bequests
Eligible Projects and Eligible Entities
Present and Past
HeartKids ‘Grants-in-Aid’
MNT (Member & Public donations)
NSW Bushfire Appeal (2013)
Typhoon Haiyan Appeal (2013)
Queensland Floods Appeal (2011)
Victorian Bushfires Appeal (2009)
Asian Tsunami (2005)
HeartKids Australia
UNICEF Australia
Salvation Army
UNICEF Australia
Qld Premier Disaster Relief
World Vision Australia
Benefits to Clubs
 Gift Fund assists Clubs’ fund raising from individual Club
members, public and corporate for both current and
future new Eligible Projects for Eligible Entities
developed by Clubs where
Remember the criteria  Projects are consistent with Kiwanis International Objects and approved
by KIAD Board
 Entities – are charitable at law and an ATO approved tax ‘Deductible Gift
Recipient’ operating in Australia
Benefits to Clubs
 Approved projects attract income tax deductions - assists to:
 increase awareness of Kiwanis in your local community and service
 offer opportunities for membership growth – either full
membership or as a ‘Friend of Kiwanis’
 promote notion of belonging to reputable global organisation of
volunteers supporting national and local programs
 source external funding for approved new projects
 Club publicity of new projects in ‘Australian Kiwanian’ – sharing
your experiences with other Kiwanians and the public
 Offer ‘point of reference’ benefits to social media users to
prospective donors – such as Mother’s Day MNT Appeal
Foundation Assistance to Clubs
 assist Clubs verify new project is Eligible Project compliant and satisfies
statutory requirements
 obtain KIAD Board approval for new project as an Eligible Project for an
Eligible Entity
 receive project donations from Club or donors either as a direct deposit,
cheque, credit card (including regular instalments) and issue receipts
to each donor
 record each donation for each approved Club project in separate accounts
 release accumulated funds to the approved recipient in accordance with
Club requirements
 in medium-term to make Grants to Clubs for Eligible Projects and Eligible
Entities (timeframes and process to be developed)
Club Assistance to Foundation
Currently Foundation donations received for
HeartKids and MNT approved projects
Clubs can assist expand donations and gifts:
 to both current and new Eligible Projects for Eligible
 to allow Foundation to accumulate funds for investment
purposes to allow future grants to be made
Question for Delegates
Would you support a proposal for Clubs to make an optional annual
contribution to the Foundation (based on total Club membership) to
allow an accumulation of funds for investment and grant purposes?
 Based on $10 per member this would raise a maximum of $10,000 pa
 This proposal is similar to existing Club assistance to Kiwanis International
Foundation (KIF) BUT
 Clubs would be urged to continue their support to KIF which every year
offers grants to individual Clubs towards shared costs for projects
primarily assisting young children. AND
 In 2009 KIF donated $20,000 towards a children’s playground in Marysville part the bush fire recovery program
Are there any Comments or Questions?
Next Steps
 Convention Delegates now requested to simply write
Yes or No on the ballot paper
 Your opinions are not binding but will allow both the
Foundation and KIAD to develop future strategies.
Thank You.

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